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100% Genuine Food Grade A Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is the mother of all salts

  • Hand Mined. Hand Ground. Unrefined.
  • No Artificial Colours. No Additives. No Added Iodine.
  • Contains 84 Minerals & Trace Elements.
  • Cruelty-Free. Not Tested on Animals.
  • No Child Labour used.
Himalayan salt pile on a while background

SafeSalt Australia is all about health

SafeSalt Australia is a leading provider of premium Himalayan salt, dedicated to enhancing health and wellness. 

Our commitment lies in offering high-quality Himalayan Salt sourced from the ancient deposits of the Himalayan Mountains, ensuring exceptional purity and a rich mineral content. 

This natural and versatile salt caters to various applications, from culinary uses to spa treatments, home décor and providing health-conscious consumers with a superior alternative to traditional table salt. 

SafeSalt focuses on delivering Gourmet Food Grade Himalayan Salt, promoting healthier choices in cooking and baking.

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