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Four Types

Himalayan Salt


Dry Salt Inhalers

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

Cold Corona Ozone

Chlorine Free Shower Filters

Shower Water Filters

Zeolite Molecule

Clinoptilolite Zeolite

Fluoride Free Water

Fluoride Free Water Filter

Dr Wheatgrass Products

Dr Wheatgrass Products

EMR Protection

EMR Protection

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Cremation Urns

Salt Cremation Urns

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Alkaline Water

Alkaline Structured Water

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100% Genuine Food Grade 'A' Himalayan Salt

No One Can Match Our Quality Product

Plus Unlike Other Sellers All Our Himalayan Salt Products

Are ISO Food Safe Certified For Your Safety

ISO 22000

We Guarantee To Supply You With

The Highest Quality Salt Available On The Planet

The Best Himalayan Salt Available In Australia

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Available To Australian Customers Only

All Bulk Prices Do Not Include Delivery

1 Tonne

1000kg Bulk
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Bulk Buy
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Bulk Buy
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Bulk Buy
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Light Pink Himalayan SaltHimalayan Salt Pink GranularSuper Special

Super Value

Giant 2.9kg Sample

From Only $4.85 Per Kg

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2x1.45kg Reseal Stand-Up Pouches

2x1.45kg In Each Lot
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$4.85 per kg is calculated on a 7 pack purchase less $84.00 postage

 100% Genuine

Himalayan Salt

Do Your Body

A Huge Favour

Himalayan Pink Salt Himalayan Salt PinkFine Grinder
Himalayan Salt Pink Granular Himalayan Salt Black (Kala Namak)

Maybe Just Try A 500gr Pack For Only $5.99

Or A 90gr Sample

For Only 1 Cent

Please Note The 1 Cent Sample Limited To 1 Per Customer

Buy Yours Now

90gr 1 Cent SAMPLE

500gr Stand Up Pouch


1kg Cotton Bag

1.45kg Stand Up Pouch


Best Buy 10kg

Himalayan Rock Salt ChunksSuper Special

Super Value Giant 5kg Of Chunks

5kg Of Chunks

Size: Colossal (50-100mm) Weight: 200-500gr

Our Product Like All Genuine Himalayan Salt

Contains Natural Iodine And Other Major Elements

Like Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Calcium And Many More

Plus Natural Trace Elements.

All Distributed In Natural Proportions.

Nothing Is Added Or Taken Away

Once You Taste This Amazing Salt You Will See

Why It Was Once Worth Its Weight In Gold

Holistic Hert Smart Himalayan  Salt

The Purest Form Of Natural Salt On Earth

Makes Even The Best Food Taste Better

NO Pollutants.

Himalayan Salt contains all 84 elements found in the body Plus Stored Vibrational Energy.

Apart From Using As Table Salt How Else Do You Use It?

Salt Lamps

         Super Sole Drink



         Wound Cleaning

         Pain Relief

         Steam Inhalation

         Dental Hygiene

         Skin Maintenance


Put boiling water in the keg, then add sufficient Himalayan Salt to float a potato. Next day when the brine is perfectly cold put in the meat.

Unrefined Himalayan Salt Should Be The Salt Of Choice.

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>> Discover The Magic Of Pure Clean Fluoride Free Water And What It Can Do For You

>> Improve The Quality Of Your Air, Water And Food With A Cold Corona Ozone Generator

SafeSalt Australia Affordable Healthy Products

Disclaimer: It is important to mention that this product is not a medicine and is not being promoted by us as such. The above information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any illness. In any case of illness it is highly recommended to contact a qualified medical practitioner.

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