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The Rolls Royce Of Shower Water Filters

Finally A Shower Water Filter That Invigorates The Water And The User

A CHLORINE FREE Shower, Plus Reduces Fluoride For A Clean Odourless Healthy Shower.

Chlorine Free Shower Filters Packaging

Simply The Best Shower You Will Ever Have!

With Our EcoFriendly, Poison Free, PURESPA Shower Water Filters

Simple To Install

If you are looking for a healthier, sweeter smelling bath room at reasonable cost, this filter is for you.

Plus You Will SAVE MONEY On Soap Shampoo, And Conditioner.

No more showers with that horrid swimming pool smell.

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Save A Massive $70.00 Or More Per Unit

Only While Stocks Last

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Model Number HBB-SF

Shower Water Filter

Shower Water Filter

Normal Retail Price $159.95

Buy It Now $89.95

Outside Australia
Replacement Filters
Outside Australia

Model Number HBA-SF

Sorry Discontinued Model

Shower Water Filter

Cartridges Still Available

Only 46 Remaining

Replacement Cartridges
Outside Australia

Chlorine is considered by scientists as one of the most toxic elements found in nature, yet you come in contact with it every day!

We even drink and bathe in it.

(Chlorinated Water MSDS)

People try to avoid chlorine by filtering or ozonating tap water or by drinking bottled water however only part of the problem is being addressed as most of our daily chlorine exposure is from showering!

If you are looking for a healthier, sweeter smelling bath room at reasonable cost, this filter is for you.


Colour Chrome
Temperature Range 4ºC - 65ºC
Pressure 20-80 psi
Cartridge Life 8-12 Months (40,000 liters)
Replacement Cartridge Yes


Just Imagine A Chlorine Free Shower.

Removal Rate

NO. Items Unit Raw Water Filtered Out Removal
1  Lead


0.047 0.001 98.9%
2  Mercury 0.00475 0.00012 97.5%
3  Cadmium 0.0334 0.0015 95.5%
4  Chromium 0.088 0.012 86.4%
5  Residual Chlorine 0.4 0.005 99.4%
6  Trichloromethane 0.0476 0.0061 87.2%
7  Carbon Tetrachloride 0.00058 0.0001 91.4%
8  Chloramine No Data No Data 70.0%

Most shower filters sold here in Australia only have 1 or at maximum 2 filtering medium (mainly only KDF and/or carbon and SALT. Salt is not a filtering medium it is an absorbent material but not a filtering medium) whereas PURESPA Filters use 4 - filtering medium, don't be fooled into buying inferior units.

Independently most shower filter purchasers have purchased around 2 or 3 units, only to be disappointed by the claims, UNTIL they buy a PURESPA Filter, regarded as the very best on the market, for ease of use, ease of installation, a cleaner and fresher, showering experience, so why waste more $$$ on inferior units?

Don’t be disappointed, get your PURESPA Filter today and see why many thousands of users keep using our filter.

Here's what others have said!

Chlorine Free Shower Filters


We are devoted to supplying you with the best water filtration equipment and other natural products possible. Pure, clean, safe water is currently one of the world's leading health issues.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of adult diseases and 50% of children deaths are related to the quality of water. The high amount of impurity, suspended, rust, heavy metals, chlorine, firedamp-trichloride, germs and viruses are all detrimental to your health.
People are becoming increasingly conscious of the fact that not only is the food we eat affecting our quality of life, but also the quality of the water we drink and use daily is equally crucial to our health if not even more important.
We absorb more chlorine whilst bathing and showering in hot water than by drinking it. Hot water produces toxic fumes that we inhale.
In addition, firedamp-trichloride and tetrachloride-carbon present in non-filtered water are well-known agents that can cause cancer. Chloride and heavy metals are detrimental to the internal organs of the body, i.e. the intestines, it also increases flaky skin and dandruff, hastens aging of the skin, promotes lifeless hair, pimples, eczema and many other external afflictions and particularly harmful for infants skin

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Disclaimer: It is important to mention that this product is not a medicine and is not being promoted by us as such. The above information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any illness. In any case of illness it is highly recommended to contact a qualified medical practitioner.

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