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Black Himalayan Salt Also Known As Kala Namak.

Kala Namak Black Himalayan SaltIt is a special type of mineral salt with a distinctive / sulphurous flavour.

Black salt or Kala Namak is not black, but more a reddish-grey, because of the presence of trace minerals and iron. It is not interchangeable with pink himalayan salt because of its distinctive flavour.

According to India's classical medical science, Ayurveda, Black Himalayan Salt (Kala Namak) is full of therapeutic benefits. It is rich in iron, and is used as a cure for flatulence and heartburn. Black salt is considered a cooling spice used as a laxative and digestive aid.

According to Ayurveda doctors, Black Himalayan Salt (Kala Namak) is the most beneficial form of salt because unlike ordinary salt, it doesn't increase the sodium content of blood and is therefore recommended for patients with high blood pressure and low-salt eating dieters. It is also a rejuvenator while aiding digestion and improving eyesight. It is said to aid in digestion and soften the bowel.

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is actually a complex mineral compound with a strong sulphur content. The flavour hits quickly then dissipates to leave a rich mineral salt taste. It is actually a pearly pinkish gray rather than black. Chemically, black salt is sodium chloride, with iron, sulphurous compounds and trace minerals. Uses: Use in authentic Indian cooking.

Black salt is used extensively as a condiment or added to chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savoury snacks. Chaat masala, is dependent upon black salt for its characteristic aroma and flavour.

Black salt can be a great spice for many different foods and is great for the body; here are some uses for black salt:

• On fresh cut fruit
• Soups
• Salads
• Good for help with digestion
• Can help to improve eyesight
• Helps to lower high blood pressure
• Can help cure heartburn
• Fish
• Some meats

Other Uses For Black Salt

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is considered a cooling spice in Ayurvedic medicine and is used as a laxative and digestive aid.

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is also believed to relieve intestinal gas and heartburn.

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is appreciated by vegans in dishes that mimic the taste of eggs.

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is used, for example, to spice tofu to mimic an egg salad.

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) is also regularly used in small quantities in chutneys, raitas, pickles and many other savoury Indian snacks, adding a very different flavor than just using regular salt.

Try sprinkling BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) on fresh cut fruit such as apples and bananas for a delicious treat.

Benefits of Black Salt
BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) Aids digestion

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) Helps improve eyesight

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) Helps to lower high blood pressure

BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) Combats flatulence and heartburn

DESCRIPTION: Kala Namak –Black Salt is a dark, crushed rock salt with a strong sulphur smell and taste reminiscent of hard-boiled eggs. It is All Natural.

ORIGIN: Kala Namak – Black Himalayan Salt (Kala Namak) is hand mined in Pakistan.

ADDITIVES: Kala Namak –Black Himalayan Salt contains no anti-caking or free flowing additives or conditioners.


APPLICATIONS: Kala Namak–Black Himalayan Salt is a gourmet salt.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: Analysis demonstrated that BLACK HIMALAYAN SALT (Kala Namak) contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. The following lists the most predominant elements revealed by analysis.

Kala Namak Analysis  

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