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Four Types

Himalayan Salt


Dry Salt Inhalers

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

Cold Corona Ozone

Chlorine Free Shower Filters

Shower Water Filters

Zeolite Molecule

Clinoptilolite Zeolite

Dr Wheatgrass Products

Dr Wheatgrass Products

EMR Protection

EMR Protection

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Cremation Urns

Salt Cremation Urns

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan Salt Chunks

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State Of The Art Ozone GeneratorCold Corona Ozone Generators

500 mg/p/h

For Personal Use


Must Have

Simple to Take With You For Clean Water Wherever You Go Portable

Remove Toxins and Impurities in Your Air, Water and Food Healthier

Remove Mould and Bad Smells Naturally Don't just mask them

Make Your Water, Air and Food Pure`n´Clean Save $$$$$$$$

Make Your Own Bottled Water You will taste the difference

Remove Pesticides From Fruit and Vegetables Help Detox

Disinfect and Sanitize after Flood or Fire Safe and Clean

Computer Controlled for Continuous Use Set and Forget

Reduces Calories in Food Weight Loss


Fluoride Free Water Ozone Will Not Remove Fluoride

For That You Need A PureEasy Water Filter

Take A Look At The Compelling Evidence For Fluoridated Water

Major General Rudy

Substantial Evidence Against Fluoridated Water


Tennessee Warning About Fluoride To Parents Of Infants

NHMRC has recently reviewed the latest scientific research on water fluoridation.

The Case Against Fluoride

EPA Unions Want Fluoride Banned

Selected Fluoridation Videos

For Much More Information About The Dangers Of Fluoride Visit

Queenslanders For Safe Water

State of the Art Cold Corona Ozone Generators
The Pure`n´Clean Ozone Water Purification Systems Require No Chemicals
Very Cost-Effective For Long-Term Applications.
Buy Your Own Pure 'n' Clean Multi Purpose Computerised Ozone Generator

The Prices Below Include Delivery

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Please Note* All machines are only suitable for use in countries with electrical power voltage between 220 and 240 volts AC.

Ozone Multi

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

500 mg/p/h

For Household Use


Ozone Multi 500 Mg/P/H

Normal Retail Price $289.00

Buy It Now $189.95

Model 10,000GA

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

A Massive 10-12,000 mg/p/h

Plenty For Those Big Jobs


Industrial 10,000 mg/p/h

Normal Retail Price $2,190.00

Buy It Now $1,790.00

Model Industrial Air

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

A massive 7,000 mg/p/h

Plenty For Those Big Jobs


Industrial Air 7,000 mg/p/h

Normal Retail Price $1,199.00

Buy It Now $799.00

Model 10,000GM

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

10,000GM A Massive 10-12,000 mg/p/h

On Wheels For Those Big Jobs


Industrial GM 10,000 mg/p/h

Normal Retail Price $2,399.00

Buy It Now $1,990.00

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Now You Can Easily

>> Enjoy Chlorine Free Showers

>> Protect Yourself From Electo-Magnetic Radiation

>> Detox With Zeolite, Rid Your Body Of Toxins Now

>> Discover The Magic Of Our Amazing Himalayan Salt

>> Enjoy Better Breathing With A Himalayan Salt Inhaler

>> Enjoy The Natural Benefits Of Dr Wheatgrass Products

>> Alkalyze Your Body With A Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick

>> Light Up Your Life With A Natural Shaped Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

>> Discover The Magic Of Pure Clean Fluoride Free Water And What It Can Do For You

>> Improve The Quality Of Your Air, Water And Food With A Cold Corona Ozone Generator

SafeSalt Australia Affordable Healthy Products

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