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Ancient, Naturally Stunning And Energizing

Himalayan Salt Crystal Chunks - 5 kg. Bag (Colossal)

Himalayan Salt Chunks

Super Special

Giant 5kg Chunks

In Zip Up Cotton Bag

5kg Of Chunks

Size: Colossal (50-100mm) Weight: 200-500gr

At Our Prices Himalayan Salt Chunks Are

No Longer Just For The Rich

No One Can Match Our Quality Products

And Our Products Are Guaranteed 100% Genuine

Himalayan Rock Salt.

Plus Unlike Other Sellers All Our Himalayan Salt Products

Are ISO Food Safe Certified

ISO 22000

Our Himalayan Rock Salt Chunks are hand-mined from foothills of the virtually untouched Himalayan Mountains. It varies in colour from crystal clear white to varying shades of pink and deep reds. All of our Himalayan salt is "Food Grade", making these chunks ideal for making solé from very top quality Himalayan salt obtainable, it also possesses 84 essential trace elements and minerals found naturally in the human body. These elements help promote good health, are accessible to the body as minute colloidal size particulates because of the crystalline structure these elements can be easily metabolized and absorbed by living cells.
Characteristics: All Natural Red, Orange & White Crystals, High Mineral Content.
Uses: Perfect for Sol
Solution, Crystal Potpourri, Aromatherapy, Bath, Dishwasher, Spa, Sauna Feng Shui, and can also, be heated and placed on various parts of the body.

Some refer to Solé as ‘liquid sunlight’ or ‘liquid light energy’.
Size: Colossal (50-100mm)
Weight: 200-500gr

These amazing rock crystals have immense beauty, healing and therapeutic qualities, especially when heated.

  • If heated slightly, they can be placed directly on your head to relieve headaches.

  • When added to your bath, they become a relaxant to get rid of aches and pains.

  • As a sole, it makes a great mouth wash or douche, can be used to make a poultice and various other uses for saline water.

NOTE: Himalayan salt can get very hot and it retains heat, so if heating the crystal rocks, be very careful when handling them to prevent burning the skin, if the heating process gets them too hot.

Our Himalayan Salt Chunks are packed in 5 kg organza cotton easy carry bags.

Unlike most salts, Himalayan Salt is unadulterated by pollution and was formed by nature hundreds of million years ago during continental collisions, the ocean beds were raised to the height of what is now the Himalayan mountain ranges.

  • Genuine, pure Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt is found in veins that may vary in colour from "pure white" to "white with a pinkish hue" to peach. On rare occasions it may even contain red or black specks. This is perfectly natural and simply reflects the mineral and trace element content.

  • Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt is renowned to contain 84 minerals and trace elements. Due to the salt’s remarkable crystalline structure, the minerals and trace elements are available in minute colloidal size particles and can easily be absorbed by human cells and metabolized.

  • Nothing is added or taken away from our Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt. It contains NO additives or free-flowing agents of any kind. Our Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt is 100% pure, unrefined, wholesome and holistic and has an amazing taste!

Himalayan Salt, is mined by hand, from the Himalayan mountains foothills, this protects the crystal formations. In addition the company we purchase all our Himalayan Salt from is sourced from one of the only companies to have their products officially certified with a food safe ISO Certificate. That is reassuring to know!

Behind the soft warm glow of  each Himalayan Rock Salt Chunk is a mini natural powerhouse that will constantly improve and contribute to your well-being.

Himalayan Rock Salt Chunks Are SIMPLY AWESOME!

Beware Of Inferior ProductsBeware:-The Side Effects Of Using Himalayan Salt May Include:

Increased Energy, Better Health, A Feeling Of Well Being

Can You Name Any Medicine With These Side Effects?

They Make A Great Yet Inexpensive Gift For The Ones You Love

Show Them You Care

Give An Inexpensive Gift Of Good Health

A Gift That Will Last. They Will Love You Even More.

We Guarantee To Supply You With

The Highest Quality Salt Available On The Planet

You Will Discover Why Himalayan Salt Is

The Mother Of All Salts

Hand Mined, Hand Ground, Unrefined.

Contains NO Artificial Colouring, Additives Or Added Iodine

It DOES Contain 84 Trace Elements And

Nature's Love In Every Crystal

Unlike Sea Salt Himalayan Salt Contains NO Pollutants

 You Are Also Guaranteed

The Best Possible Price Along With Super Fast Delivery

Our Product Like All Genuine Himalayan Salt

Contains Natural Iodine And Other Major Elements

Like Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Calcium And Many More

Plus Natural Trace Elements.

All Distributed In Natural Proportions.

Nothing Is Added Or Taken Away

Once You Taste This Amazing Salt

You Will See Why

It Was Once Worth Its Weight In Gold

Read On And You Will find out How Common Table Salt

May Be Slowly Killing YOU And Your Family?

Isn't It Time You Found Out How Before It's Too Late?

Natural Sea Salt is a great alternative, but Himalayan Salt is far superior.

It's time to make the CHANGE to Himalayan Salt, GOD's gift to us all.

Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest organic salt on this planet and contains 84 minerals and trace elements essential for the human bodies growth and well being. A most interesting aspect regarding the mineral contents is that the human body contains the same minerals in almost the same proportions and replenishes the mineral requirements of our bodies in a natural and safe way.

Himalayan Salt Offers Numerous Health Benefits

To All Mankind And All Living Creatures.

Do you feel that your body is lacking something?

If you don’t use Himalayan Salt in your diet, it probably is.


No Salt No Life - No Good Salt No Good Life

Pink Himalayan SaltPink Himalayan Salt GranularView Our ISO Certificate

Avoid Disappointment Don't Buy From Anywhere Without This

Holistic Himalayan Salt

The Purest Salt On Earth

The Salt With Amazing Health Benefits As Nature Intended Salt To Be

Spoil Yourself Every Day. Your Body Will Thank You For It

It's Healthy And Inexpensive

The Product You Will Receive Is Genuine 100% Pure

The Hert Smart

Healthy, Alternative To Common Table Salt

YOU will taste and feel the difference

Discover The Magic Of Healthy, Heart Smart Himalayan Salt

Regular consumption provides your body with 84 natural mineral trace elements, living vibrational energy, that balances body fluids, support proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

  • Pure, potent salt created long before industrialized pollution

  • Mineral rich and easily absorbed into the bloodstream to feed cells

  • A natural way to replenish electrolytes and trace minerals

Beware Of Inferior ProductsThe Side Effects Of Using Himalayan Salt May Include:

Increased Energy, Better Health, A Feeling Of Well Being

Can You Name Any Medicine With These Side Effects?


Which One Shares Your Life?

Holistic Himalayan Salt = The Salt That Heals

"With Nature's Love In Every Crystal" Or

Common Table Salt = The Salt That Kills

Show You Care Only Serve Your Loved Ones

Energy And Goodness Not Poison

According to researches at the Institute Für Funktionelle Umweltdiagnostik (IFUD) iodized salt reduces our life energy by 17%, while Himalayan salt increases our life energy by 27%.

Makes A Great Yet Inexpensive Gift For The Ones You Love

Give An Inexpensive Gift Of Good Health

A Gift That Will Last. They Will Love You Even More.

Holistic Hert Smart Himalayan  Salt

The Purest Form Of Natural Salt On Earth

Makes Even The Best Food Taste Better

Our Himalayan Salt also known as Halite; is a pristine, salt that is mined by hand it is derived from the foothills of the pristine Himalayan Mountains.

Harvested by hand from ancient sea salt deposits then stone ground and is the most pure type of salt available on earth.

Himalayan Salt crystals are high in minerals and vary in colour from absolute white, different shades of pink, to deep red, the red colours are the result of high iron and mineral content, it is derived from seams erupting from stratum laid down over 250 million years ago Himalayan Salt contains 84 of the 92 elements naturally occurring in Mother Earth.

This is significantly more mineral content than the 54 elements derived from ordinary sea-salt.

Due to the great pressure under which it was created Himalayan Salt is the most efficient provider of mineral nourishment.

Great pressure over considerable time results in a crystalline structure infused with terrestrial elements.

The resultant salt molecules are receptacles of elemental virtue garnered from ages long before industrial pollution, a pristine superfine mineral-rich source of elemental nourishment of the highest purity and potency.

Use it for all types of culinary applications, bath salt, body scrubs, home-made soap, spas and aromatherapy.

Our Himalayan Salt is Gourmet Food Grade, the highest quality available.

Himalayan Salt is purer and higher in mineral content than any other salt and mostly used as a healthy alternative for common table salt for cooking and baking.

BookRead about it in the book Water&Salt, The Essence of Life, by Dr. Barbara Hendel M.D. and Peter Ferreira.

Himalayan Salt formed millions of years ago when the Himalayan Mountains were born, comes to you in it's  original, pure, clean, primeval state.

When used as a food, this salt provides more health benefits than regular sea salt.

Although sea salts are naturally occurring and have higher mineral content than commercially made sodium chloride or "table salt", harsh chemicals are used to remove environmental pollutants present in the sea water before the salt is suitable for food consumption. This processing damages the geometric structure of the salt crystal and removes vital trace minerals.

NO Pollutants.

Himalayan Salt has been protected from all pollutants for millions of years and is the closest natural match to the natural salt produced in the human body.

Salt Of The Earth Gives Life

The tradition of salt mining around the world is well documented. Those who have had access to salt also had access to power. In the past 150 years, salt has lost a lot of its importance. Modern methods of mining and chemical treatments have turned the 'white gold' into an almost worthless substance.

Biophysicists have recently started to conduct scientific research on natural, crystal salt. They discovered something astonishing: natural salt consists of up to 84 elements, the same elements found in the human body.

Today's Table Salt: Turned From White Gold to White Poison (Denatured Salt)

Life as we know it would be impossible without salt; nevertheless the consumption of the incorrect salt is gradually destroying us.

What is the reason for that? Because the bulk of the salt we consume (table salt) has had all the goodness that is still contained in Himalayan Salt removed from it. Commercial table salt is merely sodium chloride. Holistic Himalayan salt contains not only sodium and chloride, in addition to other natural elements and trace elements, identical to the elements from which our bodies are constructed and found existing in the "primordial ocean" from where all life on Earth began. Contained in our bloodstream is the salty brine of the primordial sea; a dynamic liquid solution made up from water and salt, in the same proportions found when life materialized from the primal sea. This brine courses through of our veins and blood vessels regulating and balancing our bodily functions.

Most cooking and table salt has had all the vital trace minerals that make it so very important to our well-being. For millions of years Himalayan salt has been matured underground under extreme pressure, well protected from exposure to pollution.

Himalayan salt's unique construction also contains vibrational energy plus minerals and trace elements in colloidal form - that are easily absorbed by our cells.

Himalayan Salt does not tax the body. It is very difficult to absorb too much Himalayan salt because there are bodily processes that regulate its retention. Natural Himalayan Salt provides a healthy balance and doesn’t contribute to high blood pressure.

Himalayan Salt is a collection of elemental compounds that form into molecules that are inter-connected, allowing the vibrational energy of the 84 trace elements to be in harmony with each other, adding to the promotion of a healthy balance.

Nothing influences our well-being as much as natural salt.

Here's why:

·         It is the highest grade of natural salt.

·         Under an electron microscope, it has a perfect crystalline structure.

·         It is mined by hand hand-washed and stone ground.

·         It is immune to electromagnetic fields.

·         It contains no environmental pollutants.

·         There is no limited shelf life.

Contains all 84 elements found in the body Plus Stored Vibrational Energy.

Apart From Using As Table Salt How Else Do You Use It?

Salt Lamps

·         Super Sole Drink

·         Cooking

·         Bathing

·         Wound Cleaning

·         Pain Relief

·         Steam Inhalation

·         Dental Hygiene

·         Skin Maintenance


Put boiling water in the keg, then add sufficient Himalayan Salt to float a potato. Next day when the brine is perfectly cold put in the meat.

Fantastic to cook with. The flavour is incredible.

Use it as a rejuvenating bath salt.

Mix grains with your favourite oil or moisturiser for an invigorating body scrub.

More Old Style Himalayan Salt Recipes

What is Himalayan Salt?

Unlike common '"table" salt that is sold in the supermarket, which is merely sodium chloride with chemical additives.

Himalayan Salt can actually be considered as food. When we mention salt, we imply that it is salt in its original composition: natural, wholesome, holistic and unadulterated, formed in the Mother Earth over millennia.

It’s natural and contains all the elements that we are composed of. From the periodic table of elements we are familiar with 94 natural elements (stable as well as unstable). Aside from immobile gases, 84 of these elements are incorporated into it.

Consequently, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt contains all the natural trace elements and all the natural minerals found in the human body. We look upon it as containing almost the entirety of all natural minerals and trace elements.

How Holistic Salt Becomes Sodium Chloride (Common Table Salt Refining Process)

Now day’s natural healthy salt gets "cleaned chemically" reducing it to the unnatural concoction of sodium chloride. The fundamental trace elements and minerals are separated as contaminants and sold as fertiliser making common table salt into a perverted, noxious substance in no way related to natural salt. Comparable to refined white sugar, this now refined salt, once looked upon as being a very precious substance, is now chemically transformed into a white toxin. Being a destructive substance sodium chloride continually looks for equalizing components, in order to neutralize our pH, sodium chloride requires its natural equivalent so as to facilitate this effect. Natural components, like calcium, magnesium, potassium in addition to other trace elements and minerals, exhibit, from a bio-physical perspective, precise vibrational patterns, in order to guarantee the body’s geometric formation. When absent we become unresponsive and devoid of energy. Salt should be utilised for its vibrational patterns that are similar to that of our body and not simply to add flavour to our foodstuff!

Common Table Salt: How it Taxes the Body

Many of us experience a deficiency of salt regardless of the fact we only require 0.2 grams daily, yet sodium chloride over-burdens many of us. If our consumption is below 0.2 grams, salt craving begins. In the U.S.A. the average daily intake per person is between 11.5 and 20 grams. The body can only get rid of between 5 and 7 grams via the kidneys, varying a little due to constitution, age and sex, it is recognized by the body as a destructive cellular toxin, an unnatural material that it must expunge as fast as possible for its own protection, resulting in constantly overburdened organs of expulsion. Virtually all preserved produce uses salt. Consequently the addition of salt to this previously salted food, subjects the body to more salt than it is able to expel so it attempts to remove it by using precious cellular water to engulf the sodium chloride in order to neutralize it by ionising it and converting it into its basic elements namely sodium and chloride. To enable this to occur, the perfectly structured cellular water in the body is forfeited so as to counteract the sodium chloride. Resulting in the loss of the now dried body cells.

Common Table Salt (Denatured Salt)

Common Table Crystal Under Microscope

All its natural elements and goodness is removed in the course of industrial processing. The resulting product is no more than Sodium Chloride. This results in unnatural crystals that are dead and isolated from each other. The body must expend incredible amounts of its valuable energy reserves. In order for it to utilise these crystals. Resulting in a harmful loss and zero gain. The common salt deposits in our bodies look comparable to the ones in this photograph, isolated and lifeless.

Sea Salt (With Pollution)

Sea Salt Crystal Under MicroscopeThe vast proportion of sea-salt is processed the same as common table salt. With our oceans being more and more polluted, making sea-salt far from perfect and it is made up of unbalanced, isolated crystalline structures, detached from the natural elements enveloping them. As a result the essential minerals, no matter how many essential minerals it may contain, the majority of these minerals can’t be absorbed by the body unless the body expends an incredible amount of energy in order to utilise them. The total gain is minuscule with an even larger loss of energy.

Himalayan Salt (With Stored Vibrational Energy)

Himalayan Salt Crystal Under Microscope

The crystalline constituents are in harmony revealing small divisions with no rough edges or shading. The crystals are not separated from the 84 natural minerals but harmonious linked to them. The energy segment, in the form of minerals, is even and consequently can simply be metabolised by the body. When ingested, it has an essential energetic influence on the organism. Resulting in no energy loss and a net energy increase for the body. Every Himalayan Salt crystal is full of life.

In Summary

The result of the above research demonstrates how well developed and vital the crystal of Himalayan Salt is. It actually has life-generating power for the body and nervous system.

Himalayan Salt (With Stored Vibrational Energy)

Pure and natural it has been under enormous pressures for millennia. This immense force is what has created the pink crystals. The greater the force the more faultless the crystalline structures become. Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is primarily an information provider and not just a spice, the transmission of information into the cells is made possible via this crystalline formation. The elements ensnared within the crystals are in particulates so minute they are able to penetrate living cells and be metabolised.

Himalayan Salt and Ayurvedic Medicine (Traditional Cures)

The salt that should be on everyone's table.

Traditional Ayurvedic medicinal practitioners regard Himalayan Salt to be the only salt that can be regarded as being therapeutic.

Containing the ideal balance of colloidal minerals as found in the primal sea from which the first living cell evolved.

Himalayan Salt is regarded as far superior to sea salt because our 21st century oceans are so polluted.
It is the essential nutrient, which regulates bodily fluid balance and allows our cells to detox.

Processed salt contains 95% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemical additives, including aluminium. This bastardised industrial product is toxic to the human body as it disrupts rather than promotes this critical balance.

Himalayan Salt is the very best natural salt available, by delivering high levels of mineralisation, and energy-enhancing electrolytes it promotes your health daily.

It offers all these benefits plus many more and it also has a sensational taste.


Ayurvedic Medicine Suggests These Are Some Of The Benefits:

·         Controls cellular fluid content.

·         Regulates the pH balance in your cells, above all brain cells.

·         Assists with blood sugar regulation.

·         Boosts the absorption of food particles throughout your intestinal tract.

·         Aids respiratory and sinus health.

·         Muscle cramp prevention.

·         Promotes skeletal strength. Providing the essential minerals for improved bone density.

·         Naturally promotes good sleeping habits.

·         Helps improve libido.

·         Improves vascular health.

·         Combined with water it is essential for the control of blood pressure.

·         Balanced electrolytes.

·         Natural athletes’ foot treatment.

·         Promotes Oral hygiene.

·         Helps decrease the effects of aging.

In traditional medicine salt is recognised as a universal remedy and has been recognised as such for a good many years. Owing to its qualities Alchemists believe it to be "the 5th element" along with earth, fire, air and water, due to the fact that its qualities are only comparable to ether, which is recognised as the fifth element. We are instinctively attracted to the ocean wanting to revisit the vibrational conditions, in order to revitalize and rejuvenate. Along with industrialization, roughly two hundred years ago, we began our detachment from natural traditions. Luckily, we are trending back to healthy natural, holistic ways and returning to the use of natural salts. People universally are seeing the curative consequences of using Himalayan salt. It is now found in cosmetics, used for bathing, inhalation for the relief from respiratory system illness and an assortment of other problems.

The Neutralizing Properties

Allopathic medicine, utilises the healing properties of salt. Europe's oldest salt works are the royal salt mines located in Wieliczka located only 12 kilometres from Krakow, Poland, it is also home to a hospital carved out of the salt mountain, 225 metres beneath the surface, just for people with lung conditions, asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Thousands have been effectively treated here. The recovery rate is an astonishing 90% plus.

Aids the Secretion of Animal Proteins

Additional studies have resulted in a number of interesting allopathic outcomes, in one particular study the subjects drank a daily dose of one-teaspoon of solé, of the one-hundred-twenty-three subjects after 4 weeks 80% showed the protein secretion in the urine had increased considerably, indicating that the energy derived from the solé with its intrinsic, natural dislike toward proteins, aids the secretion of the normally hard to remove proteins from the body.

Without Salt No Thinking and No Other Activities are Possible

Salt or its inherent elements in ionised form are essential for even the most basic internal bodily procedures to occur. For instance, it’s the job of the nervous system to convey the stimulus that’s recorded via sensory input to the brain. The brains response is to pass this information on to our muscles enabling us to respond to the particular stimuli. An electrical potential is created on the wall of the cells where potassium ions leave the cells due to their positive charge after which the sodium ions, which also possess a positive charge can’t enter owing to their dimensions. Internally the cell is now negatively charged and externally positively charged. Once nerve cells are stimulated, the membrane abruptly changes to polar opposite and as a result is able to absorb sodium ions. Instantaneously the electric potential is transformed and released, by means of nerve impulses, whereby these impulses are transformed into thought and action. This process is impossible if the elements potassium and sodium provided by salt aren’t available. The simplest of acts require millions of directions in the form of impulses. Thought is nothing more than electromagnetic frequencies; salt enables the transmission of instructions to the organs and muscles.

Salt’s Conductivity

When the natural elements of the salt are missing, we experience a chronic energy deficit, or deficit of information. Salt can’t be considered a medication, as that would imply apples are a medication. Salt is a vital nutrient with extraordinary abilities and virtues essential for keeping us alive. The necessary bio-chemicals and frequency patterns can be found in natural Himalayan salt.

For Aquariums

Use as a Natural fish tonic. Adds essential electrolytes. Improves gill function. Promotes disease recovery.

Provides essential electrolytes freshwater fish need to reach peak colouration and vitality.

When To Use:
Use when setting up a freshwater aquarium or fish bowl, changing water and treating fish disease.

Directions For Use:
As a general tonic and stress reducer: Add 1 rounded tablespoon for every 19 litres of aquarium water.
To enhance tropical fish disease treatment: Add 1 rounded tablespoon for every 19 litres of aquarium water.

Freshwater fish actively maintain a natural balance of electrolytes in their body fluids. Electrolytes are essential for the uptake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia. The lack of electrolytes may cause serious health problems. Provides the essential electrolytes fish need to thrive in an aquarium.

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