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Himalayan Salt Tiles

Tile Dimensions - Approx 20x20x5cm
Weight - approx 4.2kg

Himalayan Salt Tiles
Himalayan Salt Bricks

Brick Dimensions - Approx 20x10x5cm
Weight - approx 2.1kg

Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan salt Bricks, Tiles and Chunks can be used to make Spelotherapy salt rooms that creates a natural healthy therapeutic environment said to be a drug free alternative for people who suffer from asthma, respiratory conditions or immune system disorder.

A room or area having its floors and walls erected by using Himalayan Rock Salt Bricks and Tiles where people sit and breathe ionized atmosphere produced through the ionization process of Himalayan Rock Salt.

Lights behind Himalayan Rock Salt walls warms the salt and produces an abundance of negative ions and create a beautiful, soothing and relaxing environment.

Also used in spas, gyms and yoga rooms and to decorate receptions and fireplaces.

The bricks and tiles can also be utilised as a platter to serve foodstuff (such as cheese and sushi), as the brick releases a slightly salty along with distinctive mineral flavours.

Cooking On Himalayan Salt Blocks/Tiles

The most important things to know when cooking on a Himalayan Salt Blocks are:

• Tempering your salt Block before using will help with the integrity of the Himalayan Salt Block.
• The Himalayan Salt Block must be completely heated before using If the Block isnt hot enough it will over-salt and undercook your food
• Do not use oil on the Block. Himalayan Salt Blocks are a natural product with imperfections and lines, if oil seeps into the lines and imperfections, not only does it have a chance of catching fire, it will eventually go off.
• Fast cooking foods are the best to cook with on the Himalayan Salt Block. Foods like steak and thin cuts of meat, seafood and quicker cooking vegetables like asparagus, zucchini, capsicum etc. You wouldnt want to cook a roast or any type of foods that take a long time to cook.
• Once you preheat the block, you can cook on it for several hours. Be careful as it does take a while to cool down back to room temperature.

Temper your Himalayan Salt Block before using it to cook.
Himalayan Salt Blocks can be heated or cooled to extremely hot or cold temperatures. Because of its natural imperfections and lines, it is important to temper your salt block slowly. Heating a salt block too quickly can cause it to crack or break. However, if you take care of your salt block and heat it correctly, especially the first few times it is being used, it will last a very long time and it will improve as a cooking surface.

How to Temper your Himalayan Salt Block
1. Place your block in the oven on a low rack
2. Turn the oven on to the lowest setting, around 70C and leave it for 30mins
3. Increase the temperature by 30C and leave for another 30mins
4. Repeat this process every 30mins until the temperature reaches over 260C
5. Turn the oven off and leave the salt block in there with the door closed until it completely cools to room temperature
Your salt block might make some cracking sounds and you may see some more lines once tempering it. This is normal.

Heating your Himalayan Salt Block on the Stove:
1. Make sure it is clean and dry and it has been 24hrs since it has been wet
2. Place your Himalayan Salt Block over the gas burner or if using an electric stove, place a metal grate or something like that in between to allow air flow between the elements
3. Turn the heat on low and leave block on there for about 15-20min (depending on the size of your block, larger blocks may take a little longer)
4. Increase the heat to medium and leave for another 15-20mins
5. Increase the heat to high and leave for another 10-15mins
6. Using a laser thermometer, make sure the block is 260C. If you dont have a thermometer, sprinkle a few drops of water on the salt block and make sure they dance and evaporate immediately.
7. At this point it is ready to use. Be careful not to touch the Salt as it will maintain heat for a long time.

Caring for your Himalayan Salt Block
DO NOT put your block in the dishwasher as it WILL disintegrate
• Let your Himalayan Salt Block cool naturally and completely after cooking, it needs to be completely cool before cleaning.
• Salt is naturally antibacterial and is easy to clean. Do not put soap on it and use as little water as possible. The more water that is used, the more it will wear away
• Scrub it down with a scourer pad or a sponge to remove any food residue
• Do a final wipe with a clean, slightly wet sponge and towel dry with a clean towel.
• Allow to air dry for atleast 24hrs before next use.


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