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BaconBacon and Ham Recipes


Bacon must always be cut in thin slices. Raw ham just a little thicker. The rind must be removed. It is greatly improved by soaking in milk or milk and water for hour before cooking, to mellow.

Dry thoroughly before cooking.

For frying a thick, clean pan is necessary. The cooking must be done slowly. Never cook bacon quickly. Turn while cooking and it is cooked when the fat is transparent.

Scalded Bacon.-If bacon is old, dry and salty, it must be well washed. Put into cold water in a pan. Bring slowly to boiling point. Remove immediately.

METHODS OF COOKING Baking, Broiling or Grilling, Frying.

Baking.-Prepare rashers as directed. Lay on a tin plate with 1 dessertspoon water. Place in moderate oven, cook slowly 10 minutes, turning once, until the fat is transparent.

Broiling or Grilling.-Prepare rashers as directed. Dry.

Lay on a greased griller and broil over an open fire or grill under gas or electric griller for 2 minutes on each side. Turn twice more until fat is transparent. Dish on a hot dish and serve at once.

Frying.-Prepare rashers as directed. Dry, place in a cold, thick pan. Cook slowly 2 minutes on each side, then turn frequently until fat is transparent. Serve at once on a hot dish.


Prepare bacon rashers as directed. Dry thoroughly.

Scrape with a knife until the slices are quite thin. Cut into 3in. lengths. Roll round into a neat roll. Place dozen on a small skewer and put under the griller for about 6 minutes, or between 2 plates in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes. Cut a piece of toast 4 inches by 3 or 4 by 5 inches. Pour any bacon fat over toast. Lay 3 rolls neatly on. Garnish with a little parsley. The small rolls may accompany grills, baked poultry and rabbit, etc. They may be cooked by steaming.


Take lb. of bacon or ham, cut into very thin rashers; spread on each slice a nice-flavoured mince of cold meat; roll up slices; put a skewer through or tie. Bake in oven till crisp, or fry it in pan; remove string and serve on toast. A prune stuffed with chutney may be used instead of mince.


Clean cold pan; ham must be sliced and laid in pan without any other grease unless very lean. It should be turned often and cooked gently until fat part is transparent.


Butter pie-dish, put a layer of boiled sliced potatoes on bottom, next a layer of minced ham, or cold meat seasoned with pepper, salt, onion, and 1 tablespoon of sauce, then a layer of hard-boiled egg, repeat layers, then cover top with layer of Onion Sauce. Place in oven to heat through and brown for 30 minutes.


Soak bacon in cold water for 1 hour before cooking, then scrape well. Put in cold water and bring to the boil slowly. Remove all scum as it rises, and allow to simmer very gently until tender, allowing 25 minutes to half an hour to the pound. Bacon cannot be cooked too slowly. If not too tender it may be left in the water till nearly cold.


The same joint may be cooked by steaming by placing in a deep plate standing in a steamer or stand on saucer, etc., in a large saucepan. Keep saucer well covered with boiling water, allow 40 minutes to the pound by both methods. The steamed joint is palatable and full of flavour. When tender remove the skin. Press a clean cloth on top to absorb moisture. Sprinkle with fine brown breadcrumbs.


After washing ham thoroughly in cold water, sprinkle with baking soda, and scrub with small brush. Rinse in cold water, trim and place in baking pan, skin down. Make a paste by adding slowly 1 cup of water to 4 cups of flour. Roll paste into a thin sheet sufficiently large to cover flesh side of ham, tuck down close to skin. Fill pan one-quarter full of hot water. Stand in oven, bake 4 hours. When done remove paste and skin, place ham on a hot dish, grated crumbs over fat sides, place frill on knuckle. A 10 lb, to 12 lb. ham would take 4 hours.


Wash a 12 lb. ham. Soak, for a few hours, scrape perfectly clean. Place ham in boiler, cover with cold water, bring to the boil, remove scum, simmer gently for 3 hours, Take up, remove skin. Stick 12 cloves in a round circle in centre of ham, sprinkle fat surface all over with brown sugar. Place in oven, pour over slowly half a pint of pineapple juice from a small tin of sliced pineapple. Bake in a very slow oven 1 hour. Baste frequently. Remove ham on to a large dish with paper frill arranged round the bone. When ham is removed cook the sliced pine in the baking dish 20 minutes. Cut slices in half and serve with ham. If small use whole slices.


1st Method.

Soak for about 12 hours, if it seems very dry; a much lesser time if it is fresh, about 2 hours. Wash it thoroughly. Trim away all rusty parts. Put it in a boiler with enough cold water to cover it and bring it gradually to the boil, removing the scum as it rises. Add 1 cupful of lard or dripping. This prevents evaporation and maintains a steady heat.

1 tablespoon of brown sugar or treacle will improve the colour. Let it simmer gently until tender, allowing 20 minutes to each pound and 30 minutes over. When done take it out of the boiler. Slip off the skin, brush the top with a clean cloth to absorb moisture, sieve with fine brown bread crumbs. Place ham in a moderately hot oven for 15 minutes:

Allow to cool a little before carving. If the ham is to be served cold, let it remain in the water until cold unless fully cooked. This makes it more mellow. Remove skin. Place in oven 15 minutes to absorb moisture. Sprinkle with brown breadcrumbs. Place paper frill round knuckle.

2nd Method.

Prepare ham, put into a bricked-in copper, cover with cold water and bring slowly to the boil; continue boiling-for 12 lb., to an hour; then remove fire from under copper, or turn gas out; cover copper with lid and two heavy sacks and allow ham to stand until water is cold. The ham turns over in the saucepan when fully cooked.

Remove skin by placing finger under the skin at broad end of ham, and lift off to the knuckle.

Place a paper frill on knuckle, trim loose ends, and sieve brown breadcrumbs over.


Take a ham and soak; then lake out and thoroughly cleanse. Put it into a big saucepan or boiler, and well cover with cold water, and allow to simmer gently for 1 hour. Put into a stewpan a layer of sliced carrots, turnips, onions, and celery, and a bunch of herbs, dozen peppercorns, piece of mace, bay-leaf. Pour over as much stock as will well cover the vegetables. Put the ham in; put the lid on and simmer gently for 5 hours, according to size of the ham. Allow the ham to remain in liquor till cold. Then take out, remove rind, and trim off the fat evenly, and put into the oven for about 5 minutes. Press it all over with a dry cloth to free it from fat. Paint over with glaze, or toss dry breadcrumbs all over.


The preparation of the ham is the same as if for boiling. It is then put in the steamer over cold water, if the ham be dry and old; the water is then brought to the boil, and the ham cooked rather longer than if boiled. If the ham be new, it may be put in over hot water.

A piece of ham can be nicely done in a potato steamer; for a whole ham, a good-sized oval steamer is required.

A piece of bacon may be steamed in the same way. If, extra flavour is desired, some vegetables and other ingredients, may be put in the water under the steamer.

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