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AFL Football Star Steve Wright* Gives Dr Wheatgrass The Thumbs Up

(*Senior Coach, Highett Football Club, Victoria; Ex-player South Melbourne, Sydney Swans; Ex-coach North Ballarat, TAC Cup, SANFL)

“Last season, 2008, was a difficult year for the players, because of the lack of pre-season training, general fitness and ground conditions. Even with these setbacks, we didn’t appear to suffer many soft tissue injuries or have players out for any length of time because of these injuries.

In all my other coaching experience I have not seen or used a product as good as Dr Wheatgrass' for treating injuries.”

Level One Sports Trainers Love Superbalm!

So does former Hawthorn FC Professional Trainer, Ken Edwards

Highett FC Trainers' appraisal of Dr Wheatgrass' 2009 Season Performance

Muscle Fatigue And Cramps
My son plays Junior AFL, playing mainly in the midfield spends most of the game running. In the last couple of years, in the last 1/4 or so of the games, he has started to cramp in the calf's, mainly the Right. Also, another factor that has popped up is that it mainly only happens in the night games. (possible dehydration also??) We started treating it with the Dr Wheatgrass (SuperBalm), and almost from the first few goes, he said he noticed a difference. We started using everyday, on both calves. His comments were that he noticed a lot less fatigue in the lower legs when excessive running done

Over a period of a month or so, the cramping has virtually disappeared, he still cramps when he pushes his body real hard, but the severity or intensity has lessened..  A HUGE Improvement.
The biggest test came a week ago, he had a game, a hot day and I hadn't had the time to rub in some of the Wheatgrass. The Sports Medicine guy came over to Clancy and offered to rub his problematic calf, which he did, and only that one. By 1/2 way thru the last quarter of footy, the problem calf was fine, no problems what so ever, but the other one, which didn't get the wheatgrass or rub that day, was starting to cramp and became a problem.
That day settled it for me, I am a true believer in the product, and sell its good work to anyone that will listen and when the talk comes around to treating injury, its always the first product I swear by.
A true convert.

REGARDS and Thankyou
P. M. Queensland, Australia. 6 May, 2010

Shin splints, osteitis pubis, plantar fasciitis etc.
With Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm I can say it does help. I use it for my plantar fasciitis and it has helped along with my knee pain as well. I use it around my adductors, abdominals and groin area as well and if use it on a regular basis it has shown to be helpful. Not sure if it is a complete cure for OP but it helps with it and really helps if you have other injuries like the ones I have stated including shin splints.

B. S. Western Australia. 14 March, 2010

Progress report (1)
I can say that there has been improvement in both OP pain and Plantar Fasciitis pain while I use the cream. I have also noticed it took away pain from my other injuries (the odd shin pain from shin splints I had and ITBS and the knee pain i get) Currently I am contemplating whether it is working long term or not. I can say for certain it is a good temporary reliever of pain.

B. S. Western Australia. 19 May, 2010

Progress report (2)
I can say using
Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm has helped my progress with all of my injuries. I feel using this cream after a Miritis massage has done a lot in my progress as I have severe OP. I can say for sure it temporary takes away the pain from the groin when I use it and I am in the process of seeing if it worked long term.

I have felt I have got the best results from using it with plantar fasciitis (foot / heel injury) and I would much rather rub in some cream (when) I get pain instead of taking pain killers which do nothing to help the long term.

B. S. Western Australia. 24 May, 2010

Muscle Soreness, Bruising

We have been using Dr Wheatgrass cream for several years now for all skin irritations and some for muscle soreness. It reduces the pain to virtually nothing within a few minutes of application. With muscles, if applied prior to exercise it can help prevent injury. If applied immediately after an injury it prevents the injury from bruising.

T. B. 16 October, 2009

Motorcycle injuries

Dr, I slipped down from the motorbike at a speed of 70kms per hour. Your super balm sachet helped me a lot it was a miracle. I applied on the scratches and it is so effective on pains immediatley I applied on the bruises. Thank god I could drive the bike without pain. The credit goes to Dr Wheatgrass, it is a wonder.

Dr. L. V. India. 5 October, 2009

Muscle Soreness

I must say the spray on the skin has really amazing effect...even with muscle soreness after intense physical activities...haven't come across any other natural product in the same league.

H. Y. Y. 17 May, 2009

Shoulder Injury - Torn Muscle

I had an operation on a torn muscle in my right shoulder. For nearly 12 months after the operation I was still having a lot of pain. I had to have a pillow under my arm to sleep at night and doing any work with my arm caused pain. I was ready to see a specialist for pain management when I was introduced to Dr Wheatgrass cream. I had it rubbed into my shoulder twice a day and also did light exercise. Now after five months I can lift my arm over my head and am free of pain.

K. H. AFL Trainer. Nambour, Queensland. 10 April, 2009

Sprained Ankle


Sprained right ankle at cricket training. X-ray taken. No fracture. Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm applied at the hospital and 3 times that night at home


Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm was applied 4 times today the ankle strapped that evening. Swelling reduced by 50% and pain level also reduced.


Strapping taken off and Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm applied twice. Swelling down 70% from Thursday night and pain reduced.


Walking without any pain and swelling reduced by 80/90% from Thursday night.


Pain free and commenced running.

Continued for the next week to rub Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm every day.


Night able to do pre-season training with the team. No pain and little swelling.

J. W. Highett Football Club, Melbourne. 4 April, 2009

I have tried your Dr Wheatgrass spray on a very swollen ankle after a fall (approx 3 times normal size), it was completely gone the next day! No ice used. I recommend your products to everyone.

S. R. Sydney, Australia. 10 February, 2009

Head Hematoma (Bruise)

In November I had attended a triathlon in Brighton where I saw a stall advertising the Dr Wheatgrass products. On the Saturday, the day before the triathlon, I had been hit quite hard in the head and had a large lump on my head which was very red and obvious to all. I noticed the stall and the pictures on display. I spoke with Malcolm and he informed me of the benefits of using the product. I used the super balm and within about one hour the lump and redness had disappeared significantly and by the next day I was able to attend work and no one noticed or commented, it was only when I mentioned it did a staff member notice. I can highly recommend the use of the product and thank Malcolm for his advice. Thanks.

D. R. Melbourne, Australia. 21 January, 2009

Hip Injury

I am using the balm 3 times a day for my hip injury and so far I am receiving some relief. It has to be the balm as I haven’t changed anything else.

G. R. Queensland. 9 August, 2010

First aid

We've had several years of experience using your Dr Wheatgrass products. It's the thing that we most often reach for in the first aid box. My husband recently burnt the back of his hand on a hot starter motor. A huge blister started to appear - cold water treatment and Dr Wheatgrass cream were applied and the following day there wasn't even a blister. I have had numerous wasp stings and the cream almost instantly relieves the intense pain and also reduces swelling. We've used it for the relief of strained muscles, sunburn, mouth ulcers and in fact just about any pain you can think of. It's something I would never want to be without. We keep it in the workshop, house, car glove box and handbag, and even take it camping with us. The biggest problem is remembering that it is so useful and to use it! If in doubt, try it out. Thanks for such a practical product.

L. S. Australia. 15 May, 2008

Ankle fracture

You may remember me telling you that one of the girls here broke her ankle playing netball and you suggested using Dr Wheatgrass around the top and bottom of the plaster, amazing as it may seem, this action helped her with the pain and the healing process, so much so that the plaster came off earlier than expected and the surgeon is now debating the need for the plate and screws he inserted at the time and is planning to remove it after Christmas, Thank You for the advice.

E. D. Melbourne, Victoria. 2 November, 2008

Hamstring Injury

I have been using Dr Wheatgrass cream to treat a number of football injuries. The cream appears to benefit soft tissue injuries.

About six weeks ago I had a player who strained his hamstring at training on a Tuesday night. The muscle was painful on palpation, and stretching. He also had a marked weakness on muscle contraction and was painful on contraction against resistance. I started treatment with Dr Wheatgrass cream by massaging the painful area, and applying ice. I advised the player that he has hamstring strain and would not play next Saturday. I would continue to treat the hamstrings injury on Thursday night.

On Thursday night the player was pain free, and had regained full strength in the muscle. I provided more treatment with Dr Wheatgrass cream and then put the player through a number of running tests. He passed all the tests and felt no discomfort in the muscle.

The player played the following Saturday with no effect on the hamstring muscle and has continued to play the rest of the season. Thank you for your product.

Malcolm Matthews, August, 2007, Head Trainer, Highett Football Club, Highett, Victoria, Australia. Contact: 0429 171 171


Yet another personal victory for Dr Wheatgrass cream. Some weeks ago, I was getting into my car after work. Just as I was almost in the car, someone called out to me. I quickly turned around and banged the bridge of my nose on the car door. Stars, tears, cold sweats etc. Nearly knocked me out. It was bleeding, swelling and I could hardly breathe. It was almost impossible to wear my reading glasses from the pain. I expected it to be black & blue from bruising. I immediately applied Dr Wheatgrass cream when I arrived home from work. 3 hours later - no pain - no swelling - no bruising etc. Next morning you would not know that it had happened except for the broken skin on my nose.

K. S. Brisbane, Australia. October, 2003

Back Pain

I did a lot of heavy work by moving stones in my garden. I suffered pain in my upper and lower back and was intending to book into the chiropractor after the weekend. A friend rubbed some of Dr Wheatgrass cream on my back and I was totally amazed when about one hour later the pain was gone. I will be buying this product as a standby for any future occurrences. Thank you.

J. C. Australia. September, 2007

Cat Scratches & Injections

hi there just to let you know that i was badly scratched by my cat my forearm and wrist'..I grabbed the gel and put in on the 8 punctures being an old lady as you know from my mails blood will stay sometime in the skin the next morning they had subsided and no bruises. when everi have a needle i always come home and apply the cream ..when i finish those i will try the jar .thanks greatly

J. S. Australia. October, 2007

Hamstring Injury

After suffering from a recurrent hamstring injury for months, I started using Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream and my hamstring problems disappeared within a week. I would recommend this product to anyone with a soft tissue injury. Yours sincerely,

G. H. Melbourne. November, 2007

Knee Injury, Shin Splints

My names michael and i paly footy with the highett footy club. at the begining of the season i strained my lateral ligament in my knee quite badly and the trainer malcom and the doctor both said i would be out for 6-8 weeks minimum. Mal then starting putting the wheatgrass cream in the affected area and within 4 weeks i was up and playing again. i jsut wanted to say how amazing this product is. i am now using it on sore spots on my body after tough rowing sessions, and i am just amazed at how well this works. i also contracted a nasty case of shin splints in the later half of the season for footy aswell and the wheatgrass ensured i missed only 2 games. so i thank you for creating such an amazing product!!

Michael. Melbourne, Victoria. 17 October, 2007

Level One Sports Trainers love Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm!

Roy and Kerrie Gibson
Level One Sports Trainers
6 Seaforth Crt

Dr. Chris Reynolds
Medical Adviser
Wheatgrass Pty Ltd
PO Box 3294
Caloundra DC QLD 4551
25th September 2009

Dear Chris,

Many thanks for your supplies of
SuperBalm in sachets and dispensers. We are the Sports Trainers for Maroochydore Junior AFL Club and Kawana Junior AFL Club.

Over the past season we have trialled wheat grass on all age groups. We had great feedback from the kids and parents that we have used wheatgrass on.

We used the cream initially on corked thighs and they thought we were a bit mad, but the next week the same boys came back and asked for some more of the magic cream as they were amazed at the results.

We have used this on parents and umpires and we have received great feedback from them as well.

As suggested we combined wheat grass with goanna oil for pre game massaging to prevent cramping and we found that they did not receive any cramps where otherwise were suffering by 4th quarter.  We found the reduction in bruising and inflammation substantial.  We have used this on our own children and ourselves with the same results.

We will be continuing to use and recommend this product to others in the industry.

Kind Regards,

Roy and Kerrie Gibson
Level One Sports Trainers

7 April, 2010  ...by the way we use your product all the time on our boys/girls....

20 May, 2010 Just a note on some more feedback. We have a boy who plays for Maroochydore under 14’s he is also a Sunshine Coast power player.  He was suffering from severe cramping in his calves and after treating him with wheatgrass before and after his games it has cleared up.
19 August, 2010 Thankyou so much again for supplying wheat grass super balm for the kids in AFL this year. It is funny how this word of mouth has grown from the kids last year we introduced to wheat grass balm and now parents alike are asking for this to be used on their child’s injuries, they even talk to me on face book about it. We have also tried your product on shin splints this year for the umpires and found it to be beneficial as well.
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Professional sports trainer Ken Edwards praises Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm

Dr Wheatgrass Testimonial

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Highett FC Head Trainer praises Dr Wheatgrass

This year the trainers at the Highett Football Club used Dr Wheatgrass products as our first choice of treatment for  the following conditions. We mainly used Dr Wheatgrass cream and Dr Wheatgrass Spray.


This year we started a practice of using Dr Wheatgrass spray, cream, and Spenco Second Skin for treating blisters. On game day we used Dr Wheatgrass spray & Second Skin to cover the blister, and during the week the player would use Dr Wheatgrass cream. We found that this would clean up and heal the skin within a couple of weeks.

Blood Nose.

Dr Wheatgrass cream was applied up the player’s nose and bleeding would stop soon after. It was interesting that after the cream was applied the player was able to return to the field and not have any more bleeding.


Dr Wheatgrass cream was applied to all lacerations immediately to stop bleeding. Once bleeding had stopped, which was in about a minute, the wound was cleaned, more Dr Wheatgrass cream applied, and the laceration covered so the player could return to the field. No player was sent off after this treatment because of the blood rule.

Soft Tissues Injuries.

This year most of the massage was done using Dr Wheatgrass cream. and Promax. Also we started a practice that if a player wanted ice on an injury, Dr Wheatgrass cream was applied first. Towards the end of the season we noticed a number of players were only requesting Dr Wheatgrass cream.

Joint Injuries.

This year all joint injuries were treated with Dr Wheatgrass cream, especially sprained ankles.  It appears that by applying Dr Wheatgrass cream that there is not as much swelling as I would have expected and that the players was out for a shorter length of time.

Thank you for your products and support through out the year, and we look forward to the next season.

Malcolm Matthews Head Trainer, Highett Football Club, PH 0429 171 171

Caitlin Roach Assistant Head Trainer, Highett Football Club Back To Top

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