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Success Stories And Testimonials - 1  (A-D) 2 (D-P) 3 (P-W)

All testimonials are personally reviewed by Dr. Chris Reynolds and are posted only if deemed genuine. (Headers in bold type denote 2 or more testimonials)

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis & Anal Fissure


Radiation Burns - Breast Cancer

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Shingles (Herpes Zoster)


Slow-Healing Skin Lesions

Split Lip

Sports & Other Injuries

Steroid-Damaged Nails

Steroid-Dependent Eczema

Sun Damaged Skin

Sunspots (Solar Keratoses)



Ulcerative Colitis

Vaginal Disorders


Plantar Fasciitis Testimonial

I just had to write and thank you personally for your Wheatgrass Cream. I've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over 3 years without any relief, from a variety of treatments, until I began using the cream. I applied it twice a day and noticed a reduction of my foot pain within a week.

Currently I'm pain free. I can't begin to tell you how excited and happy I am with your product. It's allowed me to get on with my life and do things outdoors with my family again, because walking is no longer painful for me. I will never be without your Wheatgrass Cream.

It's a staple in our home.

Thanks again,

Mary C. Mo. USA

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Plantar Fasciitis & Anal Fissure Testimonial

This stuff is great! I have had 95% relief from plantar fasciitis and 100% relief from anal fissure - two long standing problems that the doctors had given up on treating short of surgery. I tell everyone about the Wheatgrass Cream. My Mother is using it for residual problems with shingles and my Aunt is trying it for her sciatic nerve. Thank you, thank you.

D. M. Ma. USA

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Psoriasis Testimonials

My 15 yr old daughter, Charlotte, has suffered dreadfully with psoriasis for the last  4/5 years. Her arms became almost completely covered with it and it was also on her legs, stomach, chest and back, though to a slightly lesser degree. She also has it in her scalp.  She has spent the last few years missing out on swimming and ensuring she is covered up at all times including summer, school discos, sleepovers and shopping for clothes left her feeling quite depressed as she was unable to buy the fashionable tops her peers were wearing.

I came across Dr.Wheatgrass on the internet - I have spent many hours on this, in the hopes of finding something to help Charlotte! After looking at the website I sent you an email saying that I was rather sceptical having tried many different things, from many different sources and spent hundreds of pounds only to be disappointed each time. You kindly replied  telling me to look at your 'professional' website as opposed to the marketing one and advised us to use the wheatgrass products for at least 6 months to give them a good try but that psoriasis was a 'difficult one'!  By now I was so concerned about Charlotte- her psychological as well as physical state- with no effective help from anywhere - that I decided to spend more money and ordered some wheatgrass spray,cream and supershots.

That was in October 2008 and now 6 months later the improvement is amazing. The psoriasis on Charlotte's arms has almost disappeared apart from the odd patch round her elbows. Much of it has cleared on the rest of her body as well. I can't believe that after all this time and all the brick walls we've come against that something is actually working! Until now Charlotte would not even walk around the house without long sleeves but is now wearing t-shirts!  Her school prom is on May 14th and  6 months ago she was saying she would be unable to go (prom dresses with long sleeves?) but 2 weeks ago she went and tried on dresses and looked beautiful! What I really am leading up to saying after this rather rambling email is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  so much for this  remarkable product that has at long last helped my daughter when all else has failed.

I realise that this can be a lifelong problem but we obviously hope it will disappear completely in the near future. Meanwhile , hopefully, as Charlotte has a more positive self image, her self belief and confidence will grow. I know this sounds dramatic but I really feel I want to shout this from the rooftops! If there is anyway I can help promote this product in England please let me know.  With gratitude,

J. B. UK. 17 April,2009

I am writing to say THANK YOU!!!! I bought your cream about 2 mths ago initially for my anal fissure which it did help ease & I preferred it as the usual zinc based creams aggrivated my natural vaginal Ph level, this did not. But I wanted to tell what an absolutely amazing cream this is for my psorasis. I have a form which splits creating open wounds and is annoying at best. It forms on my joints of my fingers, & toes and finger tips. As soon as I see the scales forming all I do is apply and in hours....HOURS!!....it disappears. Same when a split forms, all I do is apply and within hours its healed and I keep applying until the scales have gone (usually within days). I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is that you have researched this wheatgrass and formed this product. Thank you, it has helped me immensly. It has taken me years to find a product that actually worked. I am thoroughly impressed.

S. P. Australia. 3 October, 2006

At this point I really don't care what any of the skeptics have to say. I know what I am experiencing and I am more encouraged by the progress than I have been in many years. I am very greatly in your debt for your interest and for giving me a chance to try the wheatgrass. As I have told you before, even my dermatologist (who is one of the most respected in Iowa) has said in the past that I have been the hardest case to treat he has ever seen. He has had patients with more and wider spread psoriasis than mine, but they have responded to treatment much better than I ever have. He has even tried the cortisone injections with the expectation they would reduce or eliminate the worst plaque areas. They did not respond at all.

....and on 2 February, 2004 after 12 months' treatment with Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray

I have now been using the wheatgrass spray for one year. I stopped using the three topical steroids I applied daily when I started using the wheatgrass spray. The first thing that I noticed was a distinct thinning of the plaques. Before very long all of the thick plaques were gone. I was somewhat concerned when I seemed to be developing new small lesions and the large one on my back looked as if it was spreading but with no thick plaque. Then I was informed about the rebound effect that many people experience after stopping topical steroid use. Through the months my large lesions have become smaller and many of the little ones have disappeared completely. I have developed normal skin in the center of the large lesion on left leg. I no longer have any thick plaque areas at all. My wife says she has not seen nearly as much dead skin on the sheets and a reduction of dust, which is mainly dead skin, in the house. She usually applies the wheatgrass for me because it is very difficult for me to reach the area on my back.

If my lesions continue to improve as they have been I look forward to most of them completely disappearing in time. Even if they do not, the absence of the thick plaque, the reduction of itching and the fact that the lesions no longer bleed, drain and hurt as they once did is a miracle to me. Add to that the fact that the wheatgrass contains no potentially dangerous steroids or dangerous chemicals convinces me that the wheatgrass is a winner at every level.

C. P. Iowa. USA. 14 October, 2003

Psoriasis And Eczema (Long)

I am 30 years old and have had psoriasis as long as anyone can remember. Mum and dad began the battle against it while I was blissfully unaware of what it was and I continue to fight it to this day. My main patches appeared first on my scalp and behind and in my ears followed by a generous covering of my torso as I got to my teenage years and arms and legs during my twenties. By my late twenties it had invaded under my nails too, making my nails thick (and very ugly) and causing them to detach from the nail bed and hence catch and pull on anything!!

I think I can honestly say that I have tried absolutely everything ever recommended for psoriasis from emollients and moisturisers to corticosteroids and UV therapy as well as homeopathy, vitamin therapy and acupuncture. Although each had varying success, none of them have given me any lasting relief. I am now completely steroid resistant (it does nothing when applied externally or taken internally other than make what remained of my "good" skin go very pale and thin!) and no real further medical avenues of treatment are available. My younger brother who has fought the battle with eczema all his life is in a similar situation with no treatment able to provide him with any relief and his hands and feet in particular so dry, cracked and bleeding that even wearing shoes or trying to write with a pen is a very painful, and often messy (due to blood) experience.

I began an internet search looking for any further ideas for either of us to pursue to try to even relieve the itchiness and stumbled across the wheatgrass active web site. As the cream and spray were inexpensive (especially compared with what we had been using previously) and the worst they were likely to do was nothing, rather than have a whole lot of nasty side effects like the steroids and UV therapy can, I bought some for both of us and we began our experiment.

Within the first few days I noticed that I was much less itchy than usual and my brother saw real improvement in the dry state of his skin. After a week I was completely itch free (I had never had this experience before in my entire life!!) and my brother was comfortably wearing shoes and socks with no side effects. After two weeks his hands and feet looked almost "normal" again and by the end of three weeks you couldn't tell he had eczema! Mum and dad came to visit him about a month after he started using the Dr Wheatgrass and neither could believe what they were seeing!! He continues to be generally eczema free, with occasional flare ups that are quickly brought under control with continued use of the Dr Wheatgrass. His 6 month old son, who was demonstrating early signs of having inherited his dad's eczema, loves ite too and now has lovely clear, baby pink skin all the time!!

My psoriasis continued to be under better control with the number of new patches appearing each week getting less and by about 4 weeks of using the Dr Wheatgrass I was noticing a decrease in the number of patches. My patches have continued to slowly shrink and then disappear. The most amazing part for me is the way that applying wheatgrass active to the patches on my front (easy to reach) also caused the patches on my back (unable to reach!) to shrink and fade. I am now down to 5 remaining patches on visible skin and a few small ones in my scalp. All of the remaining ones are much smaller than they were and continue to gradually fade. The only itchiness I experience these days is from the mozzie bites I get!!! I can't praise Dr Wheatgrass highly enough. It has given my brother and I back our lives and self confidence, no more having to answer small children's questions of "Why is you skin falling off?". The real advantage of the Dr Wheatgrass lies in the lack of unwanted side effects, the only side effect either of us have noticed is that all of our skin is wonderfully soft and smooth and that's a side effect both of us are happy to deal with.

People have noticed the changes in both of our skins and many others have now found the relief that DermaWheat can have. One of my best friends was involved in a nasty accident about 12 months ago where she ended up badly cut by plate glass and had to have surgery to repair the damage. The scars she was left with on her arms were not pretty and she was very self conscious of them. We decided to give the Dr Wheatgrass a go on the scars and they are now much less raised, closer to normal skin colour and for her the best part is that they don't "pull" any more. Anyone who gets to close to me seems to get coated in Dr Wheatgrass!!

M. E. New South Wales. May, 2005

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Radiation Burns - Breast Cancer

Having had breast cancer surgery in March 2009 and then radiation therapy, my breast was not healing, I tried many different creams even cortisone and still no result. My nipple area was so sensitive and painful, I started using Skin Recovery cream and Superbalm cream in November 2009 and after approx. 30 days, I have no pain and my skin is even starting to look normal. Thank you so much Dr Wheatgrass I can have a pain free Christmas.

S. G. Queensland, Australia. 22 December, 2009

Was kind of bruised after the radiotherapy - the skin under my arm and under the breast had peeled - I am using the skin recovery cream (Wheatgrass) and it's really helping. It's getting better now.

U. M. Australia. 15 February, 2009

My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Fortunately she has made a full recovery but did have to go through Radiation Therapy. I have used your product for a few years now and noticed it mentioned that it can be used for the radiation burns. I bought mum a bottle and sent it to her...She was very, very pleased with the results as was her doctor. Her healing is amazing and I only wish we had taken photos to show you, unfortunately modesty prevailed! My mum mentioned the Wheatgrass Cream to the doctor and he said he was going to start recommending it to patients. Thank you again for helping my family with your fantastic product..it is amazing! Yours sincerely.

L. F. Australia. 28 March, 2008

Learn more from this double-blind clinical pilot study where Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream was used successfully to prevent and treat skin toxicity during breast cancer radiation therapy.

"Wheatgrass extract as a topical skin agent for acute radiation skin toxicity in breast radiation therapy: a randomised controlled trial."

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

My mom has been using the supershots for a week and for the first time in 17 years she has no pain from her rheumatoid arthritis! She loves this product! In fact the whole family is doing better because of the supershots. Thank you very much!

B. J. USA. 5 March, 2008

You asked me a while back to keep you updated on my moms Rheumatoid Arthritis. Good news! She is doing very well. Since starting wheatgrass, she rarely has pain anymore. When she does it is due to a cold front moving through, so we believe that the RA is nearly done with her after these 17 years. I think the pain she gets now is mainly due to damage already done by RA and osteoarthritis. Thanks!

B. J. USA. 29 June, 2008

I just wanted to give you an update on my mom's rheumatoid arthritis and ask you a question. My mom just received her blood test results and great news - her sed rate is down to 34. Normal is between 0 and 20. This is the lowest it has been in 18 years! We believe that this is all due to wheatgrass supershots. It is the only thing she has done differently. Her sed rate went down a few years ago when she started Minocycline therapy (390? down to 75), but then it remained steady. Now, after having been taking wheatgrass since February it has taken a nose dive. Thank you!

B. J. USA. 5 September, 2008

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Seborrheic Dermatitis Testimonial

We were recently given a sample of your product. It was great! I used the cream on my forehead which had developed a scaly rash. I could not believe that in two days the rash was gone and skin is smooth. Excellent product.

Dr. S. W. Queensland. Australia

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Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Testimonial

On 18 Apr.'09, I was diagnosed with "shingles". I had experienced the outbreak for about 4 wks. I had tried everything from antibiotic to fever blister creams with no noticeable results. The blistered area (on the left side of my face...cheek near my nose) got larger and more painful. I was told that there was absolutely nothing the doctor could do besides give me a pain medication where I could at least get some sleep, and relief from the burning and itching.

I began using Dr. Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream on or about the 19 Apr. '09. By 25 Apr. '09, the area of the blistering had all but disappeared...and had quit hurting.

Today is 27 Apr. '09, nothing is left of the shingles except for a slight redness where the worse blistering had been. I've been using nothing but your product. Shingles are TERRIBLE people who suffer from them need to use your product!

G. W. Texas, USA. 28 April, 2009

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Sinusitis Testimonial

I've suffered long-term chronic sinusitis, which has failed to respond to repeated treatments of traditional antibiotics, steroids etc.
After just 2 weeks of administering the wheatgrass spray, I've experienced a significant improvement in my condition - with no nasty side-effects!

M. D. Melbourne, Australia. 2 February, 2009

I used your product (spray) for 6 weeks for my sinusitis the last friday I received the X-RAY and my sinusitis disappeared practically. Your product is fantastic.

A. G. Venezuela. May, 2005.

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Slow Healing Skin Lesions

Having a sore on my leg for some 5 years, which would itch so much i would have to scratch it making it bleed, after two years I made first trip to Doctor "A." who took a Biopsy it came back benign and then the doctor burnt it off with Liquid Nitrogen & was told that it would not come back, but it came back within a week later.
Went to Doctor "B"  different practice who gave me a tube of steroid cream which stopped it itching but would not heal, after three or four visits & the same amount of tubes I lost my faith in the medical profession & suffered it for another two years plus.
My wife reading an article in a local Newspaper about Dr Chris Reynolds & Wheatgrass, she talked me into going to see him, who gave me three sachets of wheatgrass super balm, after the second day the itching had completely gone & before i had used the first sachet  the actual sore had gone leaving a slight red scar tissue that is below skin surface, we are amazed at the healing affect of wheatgrass & are still using it daily, also the super shots my wife & I take daily.

P. B. Queensland. Australia. 11 June, 2009

Skin Lesion 

Non-healing skin lesion 5 years. Healed in 4 weeks with SuperBalm

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Split Lip

This young male suffered with a very painful split lower lip for 12 months. Being an affable, fun-loving person, the chronic wound seriously affected his quality of life because it hurt to smile, let alone laugh so he isolated himself from his friends. He had sought numerous remedies including steroid creams, anti-fungals, antibiotics and emollient creams - all of which were unsuccessful.

I gave him some wheatgrass extract in a cream base to be applied twice daily with review in two weeks. When he returned, the wound had completely healed as seen in the picture on the right. Because it stung when applied to the wound, he only used it once!

Dr. C. L. Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Split lower lip

Split lower lip
6 August 04. Split lower lip. Chronic wound - present approx. 12 months. Painful. Patient unable to laugh or smile 20 August 04. Wound healed one week after one application of wheatgrass cream.

Sports And Other Injuries

AFL Football Star Steve Wright* Gives Wheatgrass The Thumbs Up

(*Senior Coach, Highett Football Club, Victoria; Ex-player South Melbourne, Sydney Swans; Ex-coach North Ballarat, TAC Cup, SANFL)

“Last season, 2008, was a difficult year for the players, because of the lack of pre-season training, general fitness and ground conditions. Even with these setbacks, we didn’t appear to suffer many soft tissue injuries or have players out for any length of time because of these injuries.

In all my other coaching experience I have not seen or used a product as good as Dr Wheatgrass for treating injuries.”

Level One Sports Trainers Love SuperBalm!
So does former Hawthorn FC Professional Trainer, Ken Edwards
Highett FC Trainers' appraisal of Dr Wheatgrass' 2009 Season Performance

Dr. Wheargrass NewMuscle Fatigue And Cramps
My son plays Junior AFL, playing mainly in the midfield spends most of the game running. In the last couple of years, in the last 1/4 or so of the games, he has started to cramp in the calf's, mainly the Right. Also, another factor that has popped up is that it mainly only happens in the night games. (possible dehydration also??) We started treating it with the Wheatgrass (SuperBalm), and almost from the first few goes, he said he noticed a difference. We started using everyday, on both calves. His comments were that he noticed a lot less fatigue in the lower legs when excessive running done.
Over a period of a month or so, the cramping has virtually disappeared, he still cramps when he pushes his body real hard, but the severity or intensity has lessened..  A HUGE Improvement.
The biggest test came a week ago, he had a game, a hot day and I hadn't had the time to rub in some of the Wheatgrass. The Sports Medicine guy came over to Clancy and offered to rub his problematic calf, which he did, and only that one. By 1/2 way thru the last quarter of footy, the problem calf was fine, no problems what so ever, but the other one, which didn't get the wheatgrass or rub that day, was starting to cramp and became a problem.
That day settled it for me, I am a true believer in the product, and sell its good work to anyone that will listen and when the talk comes around to treating injury, its always the first product I swear by.
A true convert.
REGARDS and Thankyou

P. M. Queensland, Australia. 6 May, 2010

Shin Splints, Osteitis Pubis, Plantar Fasciitis etc.

With Superbalm I can say it does help. I use it for my plantar fasciitis and it has helped along with my knee pain as well. I use it around my adductors, abdominals and groin area as well and if use it on a regular basis it has shown to be helpful. Not sure if it is a complete cure for OP but it helps with it and really helps if you have other injuries like the ones I have stated including shin splints.

B. S. Western Australia. 14 March, 2010

Progress report (1)
I can say that there has been improvement in both OP pain and Plantar Fasciitis pain while I use the cream. I have also noticed it took away pain from my other injuries (the odd shin pain from shin splints I had and ITBS and the knee pain i get) Currently I am contemplating whether it is working long term or not. I can say for certain it is a good temporary reliever of pain.

B. S. Western Australia. 19 May, 2010

Progress report (2)
I can say using superbalm has helped my progress with all of my injuries. I feel using this cream after a Miritis massage has done alot in my progress as I have severe OP. I can say for sure it temporary takes away the pain from the groin when I use it and I am in the process of seeing if it worked long term.
I have felt I have got the best results from using it with plantar fasciitis (foot / heel injury) and I would much rather rub in some cream (when) I get pain instead of taking pain killers which do nothing to help the long term.

B. S. Western Australia. 24 May, 2010

Muscle Soreness, Bruising

We have been using wheatgrass cream for several years now for all skin irritations and some for muscle soreness. It reduces the pain to virtually nothing within a few minutes of application. With muscles, if applied prior to exercise it can help prevent injury. If applied immediately after an injury it prevents the injury from bruising.

T. B. 16 October, 2009

Motorcycle Injuries

Dr, I slipped down from the motorbike at a speed of 70kms per hour. Your super balm sachet helped me a lot it was a miracle. I applied on the scratches and it is so effective on pains immediatly I applied on the bruises. Thank god I could drive the bike without pain. The credit goes to wheatgrass, it is a wonder.

Dr. L. V. India. 5 October, 2009

Muscle Soreness

I must say the spray on the skin has really amazing effect...even with muscle soreness after intense physical activities...havent come across any other natural product in the same league.

H. Y. Y. 17 May, 2009

Shoulder Injury - Torn Muscle

I had an operation on a torn muscle in my right shoulder. For nearly 12 months after the operation I was still having a lot of pain. I had to have a pillow under my arm to sleep at night and doing any work with my arm caused pain. I was ready to see a specialist for pain management when I was introduced to wheatgrass cream. I had it rubbed into my shoulder twice a day and also did light exercise. Now after five months I can lift my arm over my head and am free of pain.

K. H. AFL Trainer. Nambour, Queensland. 10 April, 2009

Sprained Ankle


Sprained right ankle at cricket training. X-ray taken. No fracture. Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm applied at the hospital and 3 times that night at home.


Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm was applied 4 times today the ankle strapped that evening. Swelling reduced by 50% and pain level also reduced.


Strapping taken off and Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm applied twice. Swelling down 70% from Thursday night and pain reduced.


Walking without any pain and swelling reduced by 80/90% from Thursday night.


Pain free and commenced running.

Continued for the next week to rub Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm every day.


Night able to do pre-season training with the team. No pain and little swelling.

J. W. Highett Football Club, Melbourne. 4 April, 2009

I have tried your wheatgrass spray on a very swollen ankle after a fall (approx 3 times normal size), it was completely gone the next day! No ice used. I recommend your products to everyone.

S. R. Sydney, Australia. 10 February, 2009

Head Hematoma (Bruise)

In November I had attended a triathlon in Brighton where I saw a stall advertising the Dr Wheatgrass products. On the Saturday, the day before the triathlon, I had been hit quite hard in the head and had a large lump on my head which was very red and obvious to all. I noticed the stall and the pictures on display. I spoke with Malcolm and he informed me of the benefits of using the product. I used the super balm and within about one hour the lump and redness had disappeared significantly and by the next day I was able to attend work and no one noticed or commented, it was only when I mentioned it did a staff member notice. I can highly recommend the use of the product and thank Malcolm for his advice. Thanks.

D. R. Melbourne, Australia. 21 January, 2009

(View an actual case and article about soft tissue injuries by Dr. Chris Reynolds)

Hip Injury

I am using the balm 3 times a day for my hip injury and so far I am receiving some relief. It has to be the balm as I haven’t changed anything else.

G. R. Queensland. 9 August, 2010

First Aid

We've had several years of experience using your wheatgrass products. It's the thing that we most often reach for in the first aid box. My husband recently burnt the back of his hand on a hot starter motor. A huge blister started to appear - cold water treatment and wheatgrass cream were applied and the following day there wasn't even a blister. I have had numerous wasp stings and the cream almost instantly relieves the intense pain and also reduces swelling. We've used it for the relief of strained muscles, sunburn, mouth ulcers and in fact just about any pain you can think of. It's something I would never want to be without. We keep it in the workshop, house, car glovebox and handbag, and even take it camping with us. The biggest problem is remembering that it is so useful and to use it! If in doubt, try it out. Thanks for such a practical product.

L. S. Australia. 15 May, 2008

Ankle Fracture

You may remember me telling you that one of the girls here broke her ankle playing netball and you suggested using WG around the top and bottom of the plaster, amazing as it may seem, this action helped her with the pain and the healing process, so much so that the plaster came off earlier than expected and the surgeon is now debating the need for the plate and screws he inserted at the time and is planning to remove it after Christmas, Thank You for the advice.

E. D. Melbourne, Victoria. 2 November, 2008

Hamstring Injury

I have been using Dr Wheatgrass cream to treat a number of football injuries. The cream appears to benefit soft tissue injuries.

About six weeks ago I had a player who strained his hamstring at training on a Tuesday night. The muscle was painful on palpation, and stretching. He also had a marked weakness on muscle contraction and was painful on contraction against resistance. I started treatment with Dr Wheatgrass cream by massaging the painful area, and applying ice. I advised the player that he has hamstring strain and would not play next Saturday. I would continue to treat the hamstrings injury on Thursday night.

On Thursday night the player was pain free, and had regained full strength in the muscle. I provided more treatment with Dr Wheatgrass cream and then put the player through a number of running tests. He passed all the tests and felt no discomfort in the muscle.

The player played the following Saturday with no effect on the hamstring muscle and has continued to play the rest of the season. Thank you for your product.

Malcolm Matthews, August, 2007, Head Trainer, Highett Football Club, Highett, Victoria, Australia. Contact: 0429 171 171


Yet another personal victory for WG cream. Some weeks ago, I was getting into my car after work. Just as I was almost in the car, someone called out to me. I quickly turned around and banged the bridge of my nose on the car door. Stars, tears, cold sweats etc. Nearly knocked me out. It was bleeding, swelling and I could hardly breathe. It was almost impossible to wear my reading glasses from the pain. I expected it to be black & blue from bruising. I immediately applied WG cream when I arrived home from work. 3 hours later - no pain - no swelling - no bruising etc. Next morning you would not know that it had happened except for the broken skin on my nose.

K. S. Brisbane, Australia. October, 2003

Back Pain

I did a lot of heavy work by moving stones in my garden. I suffered pain in my upper and lower back and was intending to book into the chiropractor after the weekend. A friend rubbed some of Dr Wheatgrass cream on my back and I was totally amazed when about one hour later the pain was gone. I will be buying this product as a standby for any future occurrences. Thank you.

J. C. Australia. September, 2007

Cat scratches & Injections

hi there just to let you know that i was badly scratched by my cat my forearm and wrist'..i grabbed the gel and put in on the 8 punctures being an old lady as you know from my mails blood will stay sometime in the skin the next morning they had subsided and no bruises.wheneveri have a needle i always come home and apply the cream ..when i finish those i will try the jar .thanks greatly.

J. S. Australia. October, 2007

Head injury (View pics)

Hamstring Injury

After suffering from a recurrent hamstring injury for months, I started using Dr Wheatgrass Recovery Cream and my hamstring problems disappeared within a week. I would recommend this product to anyone with a soft tissue injury. Yours sincerely,

G. H. Melbourne. November, 2007

Knee Injury, Shin Splints

My names michael and i paly footy with the highett footy club. at the begining of the season i strained my lateral ligament in my knee quite badly and the trainer malcom and the doctor both said i would be out for 6-8 weeks minimum. Mal then starting putting the wheatgrass cream in the affected area and within 4 weeks i was up and playing again. i jsut wanted to say how amazing this product is. i am now using it on sore spots on my body after tough rowing sessions, and i am just amazed at how well this works. i also contracted a nasty case of shin splints in the later half of the season for footy aswell and the wheatgrass ensured i missed only 2 games. so i thank you for creating such an amazing product!!

Michael. Melbourne, Victoria. 17 October, 2007

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Wheatgrass & Steroid - Damaged Nails

29 y.o. female. Atopic eczema/dermatitis since childhood.

Steroid - Damaged Nails

Severe nail damage due to prolonged daily topical steroid use (approx 12 years). Note pitting, deep ridges and scooped out appearance of the nail bed. The patient was unable to cease steroids because of the severe rebound she suffered whenever they were reduced.

Wheatgrass extract in a cream base was applied twice daily. Topical steroids were gradually reduced and eventually ceased altogether. There was no rebound and the nails recovered completely. No further steroid use required.
Dr. C. L. Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

The Patient's Testimonial:

I have been suffering atopy since early childhood. I saw many doctors but they gave me similar treatments; which was to apply topical steroids. I tried some folk medicines but did not find any remarkable effects and considering they were very expensive I did not continue with their use.

My eczema appeared on each joint, my palms and my fingers. Especially my fingers were in the worst condition and sometimes I could not sleep because of severe itching. Through the years the skin on my hands had become damaged and because of long-term use of the steroids my nails were in poor condition and my skin had become discoloured. For a long time I had been embarrassed to show my hands.

Last year I visited Melbourne to study English. The strong sunshine and the dry climate made my condition worse. One day I visited Dr Reynolds at Swanston Clinic, whom my relatives and friends in Australia had recommended.

I assured myself that the wheatgrass spray was what I was looking for while I listened to his explanation. I was looking for a product that did not contain steroids and was safe, effective and economical.

I learnt the importance of developing my immune system and how to look after my skin. Through the discussions with Dr Reynolds and some trial and error I found an effective way of using the spray.

In the first month the effect was not so remarkable but gradually my skin began to improve. In the third month the skin became moistened and the skin colour was gradually getting close to normal. Four months after I began to use the spray I felt my nails were becoming smooth and on the sixth month my hands became beautiful. By this time I could shake hands without hesitation. I had the best condition in my life 7 months after I began to use the spray. My family was also happy to see my new hands after I returned to Japan.

I believe the benefits of using the wheatgrass products are that they are very safe, economical and effective. Also they do not have strict rules for their use.

I have been using the spray to maintain my condition. The turning point was when I saw Dr Reynolds and began to use the wheatgrass spray in Melbourne.

Lastly, I hope many people who are suffering from atopy can have the same experience. With many thanks.

J. H. Japan. 5 August, 2004

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Sun Damaged Skin Testimonial

I recently received a sample of this skin cream. IT IS WONDERFUL!

I have had rough & bumpy skin on my neck and chest for many years (12) of Harley riding along with my husband. I have suffered many a sunburn while touring the highways. After using your product for less than 30 days, now, when I run my fingers over these skin areas, they are extremely smooth and soft. The warts are completely gone.

I plan on using wheatgreass skin recovery cream on other areas of my body and face. I am simply amazed at the results obtained in such a short time and only having used 2 small sample packets. I am very grateful for your website and feel fortunate to have found your product.

Sincerely wishing you the best of luck in future business endeavors and I hope sometime soon your skin recovery cream is available for retail in the US !!!

CC Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Dear wonderful cream manufacturer who has made my hands soft to touch. My name is Sarah and I am just a tad wrapped in your wheatgrass cream. It is just fabulous! I have constantly had problems with creams all of my life. I use them for a week or so then I become allergic to them, coming out in little red spots. Not so with your cream - THANK YOU! My husband was hating holding my hands because they were so rough. The cream also cleared up an odd problem my mother was having on her chest. She had bright red spots that were very sore, that were not responding to any creams she tried from the chemist. The wheatgrass cream showed significant improvement in a few days.

S. H. Tasmania

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Sunspots (Solar Keratoses)

I treated the back of my hand as directed with a well known cream (fluorouracil) for a period of 20 days to remove keratoses and suspected basal cell carcinomas. This cream ulcerates the skin as part of its expected effects, however I suffered a more extreme reaction, leaving my hand badly swollen and my skin quite damaged.
Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm was recommended by a friend. It had an immediate soothing effect, with no further skin irritation, and no adverse effects of any kind. After just a day or two my wife noticed how improved my hand was. Large, open, weeping cracks in the skin were closing and the swelling was starting to recede. My GP seemed quite amazed, and noted the treatment.
After a period of two weeks, my skin lesions had healed over and after a couple of months the scarring and redness diminished to be barely noticeable. A year or so earlier I had  treated my other hand with fluorouracil and I recall the recovery took much longer.
Now I use Dr Wheatgrass regularly after sun exposure, even on sensitive areas such as the face. Whereas I used to have scaly keratoses on my forehead, my skin is now reasonably smooth.
All members of the family now use Dr Wheatgrass for dry skin, cracked heels and after-sun exposure instead of more expensive brand name creams.

M. F. Queensland. 12 November, 2010

Hi Dr. Chris, thought you might be interested to hear my recent experience with your Skin Recovery Cream.
I had read some interesting reports on your forum re. the effectiveness of your extract on skin conditions. Merely as an experiment, I began applying your cream to a keratosis on my right temple. I've had it for about 10yrs, and it started as a 'freckle', but developed into a 12mm diameter dark, and crusty 'growth'. My skin cancer specialist said it was OK, it wasn't cancer, and that I'm just getting old. (53yrs of age.)
To cut a long story short, I've applied your cream to it 14 times in total, sporadically I must admit, and now it's barely visible. My wife is amazed. So am I. Before, it was at least 2mm high, and now after a couple of wks, my wife puts on a dab of the cream for me to rub in, because I can't feel where it was anymore. My only regret is that I started this so casually, I didn't even think to take a photo of it before I started application of the Skin Recovery Cream. I would urge others to take a pic of any intended site of application before-hand, in case they get similar results to mine. My wife now applies it to her face every night, and puts it on my moles on my face.
My wife wanted me to have surgery to remove the keratosis, as she said it was so outstanding visually, but the skin specialist refused.
Now it's gone, after an unbelievably small number of applications. I am amazed. Thanks Dr. Chris, I hope this information is of some use to you, and others.

B. R. Australia. 9 May, 2009

In Queensland where I live, sunspots or solar keratoses are extremely due to excessive sun exposure. I have seen many patients with both arms, head and face literally covered with hundreds of them. The standard medical approach is to freeze these lesions off with liquid nitrogen. This may work, but scarring and thinning of the skin over a period of time renders it vulnerable to injury and infection.

My approach is somewhat different (I haven't used liquid nitrogen for many years), and that is for the patient to apply wheatgrass
SuperBalm once daily, and to persevere with the treatment. In my experience, the most usual outcome is for the lesions to disappear within three months or less as described in these two cases. Continued daily preventative use of wheatgrass also helps the damaged skin recover and regain its integrity while preventing development of new lesions.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

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Tattoos Testimonial

A month ago I decided to get a tattoo. I have had 3 done before and while I found getting them was quite fun the healing seemed to be the worst part.
I had started using wheatgrass cream for the odd cuts and scrapes but it wasn't until my dad suggested using as a healing cream for the tattoo that I realised what amazing stuff this cream is.
I got the tattoo done on my foot which as I was told by the tattoo artists that one of the most painful places to get them I immediately raced home and slathered the cream all over the tattooed area.
It was throbbing badly and bleeding a bit and I was worried about the pain keeping me up, but after an hour of having my foot wrapped in Glad Wrap to make sure that the cream didn't wipe off I found the pain started to dissipate and the next morning the pain was completely gone. I was in shock I couldn't believe that one cream could help me so much.
I was worried about infection but after two weeks of pain free and infection free the one tattoo was completely healed. I was advised 6 weeks by the tattooist but in two weeks I was ready for another one.

G. M. Australia. 30 September, 2010

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Thalassemia Testimonials

Can you urgently advise where in Sydney I can buy the Supershots from as my daughter has thalassemia and we have been relying on these for the past year. Thank you on producing a great product which is keeping my little girls Haemaglobin up and along with her energy levels. I really think it has been working wonders, her haemaglobin was at 61 in September last year and now it has increased to 75. We definately think it's because of the wheatgrass and we know she will be taking them for the rest of her life. (She is now 1½ years old)

S. T. NSW. Australia. 18 March, 2010

I am a Thalassaemia patient and have been taking wheatgrass Supershots since February, 2005. Since then I have seen a big improvement with my haemoglobin therefore receiving less units of blood as I am transfused every 3 weeks. My haemoglobin would be 105 on average and I would receive 3 units of blood or 4 units if I was less than 105. Now my haemoglobin is 112-115 more often and therefore I receive 2 units if I’m more than 110, which is a big PLUS for me!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work with developing the wheatgrass Supershots and to let you know it has certainly made a huge difference for me.

Yours sincerely.

E. T. Australia

Dear Doctor, I am using Wheatgrass SuperShot for my son, who is Thalassemia Intermediate. And also one of my relative S. B. who is an MS patient is also receiving Wheatgrass SuperShot from you in exchange of Feedback and I thankyou from bottom of my heart that my son and S. are responding well to the Wheatgrass SuperShot.

A. M. India. November, 2007

See reference: Wheat grass juice reduces transfusion requirements in patients with thalassemia major: a pilot study.

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Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with a medium level of Ulcerative Colitis 20 years ago and have been on the maximum dose of Salazopyrin for the full 20 years with poor results. After taking Dr Wheatgrass Supershots for a week my health was much improved.

Within 2 weeks my bowel movements are normal and with the approval of my own GP, I am reducing my dosage of Salazopyrin. The saving on my other medication is more than paying for the Supershots, let alone the other benefits of improved health and energy. In the two months I have been taking the Supershots, I have not had any diarrhoea, compared to previously being a weekly occurrence, with the related pain and bleeding. After previously trying other medication and alternative medicines, I would not try any other treatment. I have been totally healthy for two months for the first time in twenty years.

S. C. Queensland. Australia. 11 March, 2009

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Vaginal Disorders

Vaginal fissure

Hi i wanted to send you my account of the recovery cream because i thought it might help others.

A few months ago i developed a vaginal fissure, which was troublesome rather than painful. i did a lot of research on the net and found out that it was quite a common condition with no real cure - which was slightly depressing. I then found out that people with anal fissures had reported that recovery cream worked wonders. Literally I'd say within 3 days of using it the fissure completely cleared, quite miraculous, and it has prompted me to try the shots now for my immune system.

B. S. London. UK. 1 November, 2008

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» Wheatgrass research re-vaginal dystrophy.


I was searching your website to see if the wheatgrass cream is helpful on plantar warts...I found no testimonies but after it had cured my sons molluscum I thought I’d give it a shot on his plantar wart.  He is 6 years old and we applied it daily with a cotton tip and covered the plantar wart with a bandaid.  Within 3 weeks the plantar wart was big and red and angry and bleeding, week 4 it scabbed up, week 5 it simply fell off to reveal healthy skin underneath...there is a bit of a dent where the wart was but we will continue to apply it every day for another 2 weeks to make sure the virus is definitely gone...I will write again to confirm if we have cured this for good using your amazing product but so far, so good...my son’s plantar wart was on the end of his toe and was causing him great discomfort at school when he was running as it would hit the end of his shoe.  It no longer hurts at all and the good news is...other natural remedies ie. Apple cider vinegar, or burning/freezing are extremely painful – my son’s wart was less painful once we began using your remedy...thanks again...a very happy mum who’s facebook profile is now recommending Dr Wheatgrass cream to everyone...you’d better get ready for some mass production...the shops won’t be able to keep your stock up once people hear the news that it also cures plantar warts.

J. B. Queensland. Australia. 24 June, 2010

I wrote you back in June with a success story concerning using Dr Wheatgrass cream to cure my 6 year old son's plantar wart. I just wanted to let you know that we did continue to use the cream for around 1 week after the wart had fallen off and here we are, 2 months later and his toe (where the plantar wart had been) looks perfectly healthy, the dent is gone, you would never know he'd ever even had the plantar wart. Thanks again!

J. B. Queensland. Australia. 4 August, 2010

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