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All testimonials are personally reviewed by Dr. Chris Reynolds and are posted only if deemed genuine. (Headers in bold type denote 2 or more testimonials)

Dry Hands, Scrapes & Eczema


First Aid


Glandular Fever

Healthier Hair

Hepatitis C

Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores)

Hidradenitis Suppurativa


Idiopathic Short Stature

Insect Bites And Stings

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Keratoses (Sunspots)

Leg And Foot Ulcers


Lichen Sclerosis

Memory & Concentration

Molluscum Contagiosum

Peripheral Neuropathy

Dry Hands, Childhood Scrapes & Eczema

This cream is amazing and is able to be used in many ways. I've used it for: extremely dry hands - an instant recovery - scrapes and grazes on little ones knees and heads. Eczema on my 2 y.o.'s face - fabulous and no steroids! Also, a really nasty bang to the bridge of the nose - with the use of ice and the cream she didn't have a swollen face and two black eyes. Arnica cream could not be used as the skin had been broken. a truly fabulous cream and a definite must for the First Aid Box.

J. B. Queensland, Australia

First Aid

We've had several years of experience using your wheatgrass products. It's the thing that we most often reach for in the first aid box. My husband recently burnt the back of his hand on a hot starter motor. A huge blister started to appear - cold water treatment and wheatgrass cream were applied and the following day there wasn't even a blister. I have had numerous wasp stings and the cream almost instantly relieves the intense pain and also reduces swelling. We've used it for the relief of strained muscles, sunburn, mouth ulcers and in fact just about any pain you can think of. It's something I would never want to be without. We keep it in the workshop, house, car glovebox and handbag, and even take it camping with us. The biggest problem is remembering that it is so useful and to use it! If in doubt, try it out. Thanks for such a practical product.

L. S. Australia. 15 May, 2008

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From a Doctor

Hullo Dr.Chris a patient of mine recently had great success with your creams in treating her chronic anal fistula. It was so wonderful to see her recovery.

Dr. R. D. Australia. 14 October, 2010

Just to let you know...I had a fistula and it was totally healed by your recovery cream. I cant believe it worked but i was amazed.

C. B. USA. 30 January, 2010

WO HOO! The surgeon says “no surgery” !! I have managed the fistula so well with pulped wheat grass compress and your cream that he can’t even feel the fistula channel any more (its healing closed after just 12 days) and does not see any infection. So he says “just keep an eye on it.” Of course he had no comment regarding my self treatment. I showed him a picture of what it looked like at the beginning (10/9/2009) with the white build up around the opening (which is all gone now). No comment.

D. W. USA. 23 October, 2009

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Glandular Fever

Regarding my daughter and her glandular fever and everything else she has wrong with her!!  We put her on the Supershot on double dose for 2 weeks and then reduced to normal dosage.

Well the results so far are amazing.  After the first week she told us that she was already feeling better and that people from her work were noticing and commenting.  It is now three weeks and she is glowing, I did get her the spray as well which she is using on her rashes and this is also settling them down.  She said she is feeling better in herself, she has not been sick since she has been on the Supershot, her rashes are improving and her skin is actually glowing she is looking great and feeling better. Thank you so much for helping her and giving her the miracle cure, first time in 4 years I have seen her looking so good.

M. F. Queensland, Australia. 5 February, 2009

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Healthier Hair Testimonial

Hello, I have dried out hair from the surf. I sometimes use moisturiser in my hair, but today tried Wheatgrass cream.. It is really great for moisturising hair. The dried ends are now glossy. Hair feels super soft and non frizzy.... Have also used as moisturiser on face and its excellent there too..

Ann. Australia. 19 December, 2006

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Hepatitis C Liver Cirrhosis Recovery

I believe the Supershots, and before that wheatgrass juice, have had a hand in my recovery from Hepatitus C. Although the HCV was finally knocked out by the experimental drug "telaprevir", it didn't hurt that I used Super shots daily. In the aftermath of my treatment, I continued using wheatgrass. My Hep C had progressed into Stage 3 cirrhosis. But, the Mayo Clinic during my last MRI on my liver, called to say, that the detailed MRI on my liver, did not show cirrhosis and they were investigating this since it was a rare event.

S. M.USA. 15 September, 2010

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Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores) Testimonial

I have had herpes since I was 19 years old. I have it both orally and vaginal.  I used to take the medicine that doctors would prescribe when I had an outbreak UNTIL I discovered wheatgrass.  It is a blood cleanser and since the virus is omitted into the bloodstream the wheatgrass knocks it right out of my system. I haven't taken the meds prescribed by physicians in over 6 years.  I decided to just try it one day and it knocked it out within a 2 day time period. I give praise to wheatgrass and all it's health benefits.

R. P. USA. 21 October, 2010

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa

The wheatgrass treatment is going very well. I have far less breakouts, and they seem to heal more quickly so I am really thrilled!

L. S. Australia. 21 December, 2009


I've been HIV+ for a couple of years but my blood results are still good enough not to start with medication. I've been using wheatgrass shots internally for a year or two and have always been happy with the results and will keep on doing that.

Thank you for your help.

R. B. Malaysia. 4 April, 2009

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Idiopathic Short Stature Testimonial

Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS) - ? Response to Wheatgrass

I wonder if the 'growth factor' that you mentioned about your formulation of the Wheatgrass SuperShot supplement helps children to grow taller. Our daughter, S, the second child of six children, appears to have stunted growth. At 14 years of age, S is shorter and much less developed physically than her younger sisters R (13 years old) and T (11 years old). I started S on the Wheatgrass Supershot, two shots daily and into the 2nd-3rd month, her school friends started to notice her growth and asked what she was taking, to which she proudly answered "Wheatgrass SuperShot". ( Prior to wheatgrass, I have tried others...Coral Calcium and Wakame Spirulina and lots of Vitamin C...nothing seems to trigger growth like the Supershot). Her friends with small frame built began placing orders for the Supershot supplements. We like to know is there any medical or nutritional evidence that Wheatgrass Supershot does help kids grow taller? While I do NOT know if its 'growth factor' helps spurt kid's growth, I do know that your Wheatgrass Supershot is very good for promoting healthy haemoglobin in red blood cells. It could well be that this benefit had corrected anemia (a possible condition linked to stunted growth) which may be a root problem for S since she is a fussy eater and she eats little meat compared to her siblings.

J. Y. Singapore. 1 August, 2007

Comment from Dr. Chris Reynolds

This is a very interesting report. It has been shown that barley grass extract increases growth hormone production in laboratory animals. It appears all the cereal grasses have similar therapeutic properties. Of course we can't extrapolate directly from rat experiments to humans, but I believe this could most likely explain much of the broad spectrum of biological activity derived from the cereal grasses.

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Insect Bites & Stings

well it does work, I was sceptical having had a Spider bite my right leg sweld to about 3 times its normal size then split open in 3 places, a month in hospital then convelesing at home for the next 18 months, well i ended up with these very open leg ulcers I tried all of the creams from the chemist over this period, the only thing that realy helped was Medi Honey but as soon as you touched the wound the little healing that had took place just disapeared.  I put the wheatgrass cream on my ulcers and if by magic after about two and a half weeks new skin started to form, it took another 6 months to heal the ulcers and another 6 month's to heal completly now you cannott tell that I had ever had a problem, I am 62 so no spring chicken I have recommended the Wheatgrass cream to lots of people nobody ever says it does not work I also take the super shots just a capfull a day and again after a few weeks I was felling real good, Wheatgrass does work give it a go you have nothing to loose.

B. B. Queensland. 15 July, 2009

I have been troubled with allergies to mossie bites and midge bites for years. The bite normally swells up and goes septic eventually. I was sick of using Stingoes and and calamine. (I have had to have antibiotics on some occasions.) I put some of the wheatgrass spray on the latest wounds. The results are amazing really, instead of the usual swell and ooze I have clean non itching, non swollen bites which are healing very well. The spray is transparent too so I do not get a "pink" or "white" smudge on my skin and clothing. Thank you very much for this wonderful spray.

A. C. New South Wales. 16 October, 2006

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Yes Wheatgrass shots work!
From about 17 I started having severe cramps in my stomach on average about once a week. It lasted a few years getting worse and worse until I went to the doctor hoping it wasn't anything serious. The doc advised me that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and while it was not serious the only option was to take some pills to take away the pain, however I had to wait for an attack before I could take the medication.
After hearing my complaints for a few months my father was fed up and gave me a bottle of the Wheatgrass shots. Torn between needing some relief and not wanting to prove my dad was right, I gave in and started taking a shot a day. After a few months I started to notice something, from the first week of taking the shots I had not had an attack. The pills sitting on my dresser weren't touched and are now in the bin. It is going on 2 years now and I still continue to take the shots. However I haven't told my dad yet.

G. M. Melbourne. 28 October, 2009

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Keratosis Testimonial

I am using SuperBalm at the moment to help heal some skin cancers I have had scraped & burned. They have healed so quickly. (as I figured they would.) Just brilliant.

L. B. Nowra, New South Wales. 22 September, 2009

Hi, I thought you might be interested to hear my recent experience with your Skin Recovery Cream. I purchased it for my wife to use on her ingrown toenails, to soften the skin to assist in the process of the nail growing forward and out. Her Podiatrist said not to use anything containing any form of acid. My wife is aware that wheatgrass contains Abscissic acid, so did not use it.
I had read some interesting reports on your forum re. the effectiveness of your extract on skin conditions. Merely as an experiment, I began applying your cream to a keratosis on my right temple. I've had it for about 10yrs, and it started as a 'freckle', but developed into a 12mm diameter dark, and crusty 'growth'. My skin cancer specialist said it was OK, it wasn't cancer, and that I'm just getting old. (53yrs of age.)

To cut a long story short, I've applied your cream to it 14 times in total, sporadically I must admit, and now it's barely visible. My wife is amazed. So am I. Before, it was at least 2mm high, and now after a couple of wks, my wife puts on a dab of the cream for me to rub in, because I can't feel where it was anymore. My only regret is that I started this so casually, I didn't even think to take a photo of it before I started application of the Skin Recovery Cream. I would urge others to take a pic of any intended site of application before-hand, in case they get similar results to mine. My wife now applies it to her face every night, and puts it on my moles on my face.
My wife wanted me to have surgery to remove the keratosis, as she said it was so outstanding visually, but the skin specialist refused. Now it's gone, after an unbelievably small number of applications. I am amazed.
Thanks. I hope this information is of some use to you, and others.

B. R. Australia. 11 May, 2009

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Leg And Foot Ulcers

Note: Leg ulcers can be notoriously difficult to manage. So far, there is no universal cure. Although wheatgrass has achieved marked improvement and complete healing in many cases, it does not work for everyone.
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

my husband hurt his shin about 6 yrs ago which developed into an ulcerated area.over the yrs he has had various treatments by dr to no avail.on researching treatments came across Dr Wheatgrass.ordered cream from ebay and been applying for about 2 weeks.the three small areas merged into 1 larger area approx 1inch sq.it is now healthy skin.in germany last week,bought special support stockings and was moulded with insoles for shoes.first time in 6yr the area has healed and he can walk long distances without any pain what so ever.its like a miracle and wish id known of this yrs ago. like to shout it from the rooftops. can't thank you enough now he has a life.thank you thank you thank you.

P. F. UK. 27 August, 2010

well it does work. I was sceptical having had a Spider bite my right leg sweld to about 3 times its normal size then split open in 3 places, a month in hospital then convelesing at home for the next 18 months, well i ended up with these very open leg ulcers I tried all of the creams from the chemist over this period, the only thing that realy helped was Medi Honey but as soon as you touched the wound the little healing that had took place just disapeared, well I put the Wheatgrass cream on my ulcers and if by magic after about two and a half weeks new skin started to form, it took another 6 months to heal the ulcers and another 6 month's to heal completley now you cannot tell that I had ever had a problem, I am 62 so no spring chicken I have recommended the Wheatgrass cream to lots of people nobody ever says it does not work.

B. B. Queensland. 15 July, 2009

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

My father's feet look better. Although the ulcers are still there, but they looked not so painful, my mother says he stopped complaining about the pain in his feet. Dark red part of his soles are improved, a nurse said the colour of his soles are getting better. I think wheatgrass skin recovery spray is working and hope it will keep on working.

Dr. M. T. Hiroshima, Japan. 26 January, 2009

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My 7 year old daughter, K. has Leukemia.  The treatment for Leukemia is 2˝ years for girls and 3˝ years for boys.  Being on Chemotherapy for years can be very destructive to the body.

When I purchased your products I must admit that I was really worried about it being a rip off.  You must know that I am completely delighted with your products. My daughter takes the Super shots every day, twice a day.  Your Recovery Cream is unbelievable.  K. got some sort of severe skin irritation from the chemo.  It was swollen, cracking and very red.  We applied the cream several times throughout a 48 hour period.  Much to my astonishment the irritation started to heal right away and disappeared after two days.  Now, she will let me know when an outbreak is starting to happen and your cream handles it immediately.  Never, would I have dreamed that a product would work so well.

K. is the star of the Oncology clinic because she does not look like a cancer patient.  Her skin is bright, eye's bright, physically she is strong and much to the amazement of the oncology team, she has had very little side effects for the amount of chemo she is getting.  We are doing quite a bit of alternatives and yours is primary.  The Oncologists had no problem approving your Super Shots because it is plant derived and not herbal.  Apparently, they do not allow any herbal products while on chemo.  Needless-to-say, K. loves the taste of your product and it does not cause her any stress to drink it whereas actual wheat grass juice could not be tolerated at all.

Many thanks.

D. W. Florida, USA. 17 June, 2008

10 September, 2008
K is doing well.  Another cancer child, that I referred, is on wheatgrass and his blood counts stabilized right away.

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Lichen Sclerosis Testimonials

Hi Dr Chris, I finally tried your wheatgrass gel for my lichen scleorus. I thought it would be easier to apply than the spray. So far it seems to have helped with the burning and itch.

D. K. USA. 11 March, 2010

I am glad I listened to your advice and stuck with the cream.  My vaginal area is looking so much better and I can  actually walk without looking like I have a "load" between my legs.  At night I can actually sleep.  However, it is not over by a long shot.  I still can't wear underwear or pants and can't do any kind of leg exercises as that rubbing seems to really irritate the problem.  Generally, I put some lotion on after a shower and found this is good all day (just as you said).  It still stings but I can put up with that.

M. B. USA. 7 March, 2010

From Colleen, Brunswick, NJ, USA on EarthClinic.com 29 March, 2009
I recently got wheatgrass cream from Australia. I find if I put this on a few nights a week the white spots disappear too and the skin heals. This stuff is amazing you can heal cuts and burns very quickly with it with generally no scarring. I also found that salt water baths help and Aloe Vera gel helps soothe, and tea tree oil ointment takes away itchiness.

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Memory & Concentration

I have been taking them (SuperShots) for almost two weeks now and notice that I can concentrate more clearly, and my short term memory seems to be better.

P. M. Australia. January, 2007

My energy levels have never been so high - and my memory seems to have improved!

Gavin. Rotherham, UK

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Peripheral Neuropathy

I am using the foam from juicing as external application for a number of conditions. Including Peripheral Neuropathy from class 2 diabetes. It seems to be helping to reduce the symptoms. Also a possible cancerous growth (undiagnosed proffessionally). Which cleared up after appearing to get worse.
The Derma wheat is good for healing cuts and abrasions but the raw fresh juice seems to be more effective for these other things. Even if there is a green tinge on the skin.

B. L. New Zealand. September, 2007

I use Superbalm each day on my feet. I am sure that it has arrested further deterioration in my peripheral neuropathy. I also use it on any spot that looks as if it could turn into a skin cancer, on the odd ache or pain I get and on any place that I have accidentally bumped myself.  It is magic stuff.

J. S. Queensland. 23 October, 2009

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