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All testimonials are personally reviewed by Dr. Chris Reynolds and are posted only if deemed genuine. (Headers in bold type denote 2 or more testimonials)

Abscesses & Infected Cysts

Acanthosis Nigricans


Alopecia Areata

Anal Fissure


Anxiety & Mood

Back Pain


Bleeding Tooth Socket


Cafe Au Lait Spot

Chafing & Bleeding Skin


Chondrodermatitis Chronica Helicis

Cosmetic Uses

Cracked Heels

Cradle Cap


Dry Skin

Abscesses & Infected Cysts

Just some feedback on the use of the cream on my (infected) sebaceous cyst. I was a bit skeptical as the cyst was so inflamed and pus coming out all the time, but I started applying it anyway. For 2 days nothing much happened, but then at night time it started hurting so badly that when I gently touched it, the whole thing basically exploded in my hand and it took me 10 mins before the pus stopped coming out. Since then, the cyst has gone flatter and flatter with minimal discharge. I must say I am very impressed with the results. I know it's not a major medical condition but it had bothered me for a couple of weeks and I was planning on surgical removal, but the problem has been taken care of. Thanks so much!

R. B. Thailand. 18 April, 2009

I am writing from Los Angeles to share my testimonial with you. About a year ago I discovered a lump under my armpit and went to the dermatologist. It turned out to be an enlarged cyst which became infected and the Dr. removed the lymph gland on the spot. The wound was packed with gauze so it could heal from the inside out and I had to change the packing. It was painful and I never wanted to go through that again.
UNFORTUNATELY, even though I'm healthy it happened AGAIN but this time under my right arm. I knew it was another cyst and this one became enlarged fast. I lost my medical insurance in-between so I couldn't go back to my Dr. I had purchased your DR WHEATGRASS CREAM (which was supposed to be for my face) but I decided to put it under my arm like a topical cream. The cyst which was once RED, painful and hugely swollen came down by HALF its size the next day. I couldn't believe it. I think reading the testimonies on this site stuck in the back of my head and gave me the idea to try it that way. After approx. three days it was completely gone. I was amazed, truly amazed! I have never taken the time to write a company with a testimonial EVER, but then again I've never had a personal experience that made a difference! THANK YOU for this wonderful, quality product. Who knew WHEATGRASS contains such HEALING properties!

Melinda. Los Angeles, Ca. 2 June, 2008

P.S. My theory is that the cysts were from using anti-perspirant products w/ ALUMINUM CHLOROHYDRATE in them. I'm thinking is that it can't be good for you.

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Acanthosis Nigricans Testimonial

I was born with one of the most embarrassing and possibly the worst skin condition there is. It's called Acanthosis Nigrican. My normal skin color is very light and the Acanthosis is extremely noticeable. The acanthosis covers about 80 percent of my body and I've never been able to take off my shirt in public or wear a t-shirt due to my Acanthosis Nigrican condition. I always have to wear long sleeves during the hot NYC summer time to cover myself, and believe it or not, people stare at me less with long sleeves than me wearing short sleeves.

I had tried several dermatologists and many different types of creams, including Salicylic Acid Lotion and nothing has worked for me. The doctors have no explanation to what is causing the Acanthosis Nigrican because I'm not overweight. The Doctors just keep telling me that I just have to learn to live with Acanthosis.

After years of reading about Acanthosis on the internet and looking for some kind of cure, I stumbled across this miracle cream and I must say WOW! I had used this Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream for only one week and the results are just incredible!

I'-m not 100% Acanthosis free, but I'm definitely improving and I'm hoping to give more positive updates about this cream, since I had only used it for only one week. I definitely recommend this cream to every one!

C. G. USA. 26 May, 2010

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Acne Testimonials

My teenage daughter uses the cream on her face pimples and it greatly reduces the outbreak, which is essential for her self esteem.

T. B. Queensland, Australia. 16 October, 2009

I wanted to send in my thanks for your wheatgrass spray, which I use regularly as a spritzer on my face. I was initially recommended it to calm my sensitive and reaction-prone skin, and in the months I've been using it I have a noticed a visible improvement in the quality of my skin - it has much greater clarity, acne scarring from adult acne has faded discernibly and it is noticeably softer.
A lovely product - leaves more expensive cosmetic brands for dead in terms of results.
I can also recommend the Dr Wheatgrass cream for anal fissures. I was initially extremely sceptical about so-called 'wonder creams' and doubted this would work, but within a week, pain was reduced and healing had begun. This was after months of symptoms.''
H. W. Melbourne, Australia. 9 December, 2008

I just started using the wheatgrass gel on my acne. I am 26 years old and have been going to a dermatologist for years. However, recently my differin cream and minocycline just haven't been keeping my face clear. The differin cream is way expensive too! I drink plenty of water and take my vitamins, but still have occasional major breakouts around my chin and neck. A week ago I spied the wheatgrass gel on my vanity and thougt what the heck. Maybe it will work. Well, it has! The big acne has gone away and most of the red spots are gone. It has only been a week and I look better now than I have in months of using differin. Thank you!!! I hope that this will continue to work. I have very sensitive skin and expected the acne to get worse. What a pleasant suprise. :)

B. C. USA. 15 November, 2008

Hi. I recently trialled the wheatgrass cream at a convention and found it helped with reducing the severity of my acne.

P. N. Queensland. Australia

I've used your product for my pimples and acne scarring and my face looks so smooth as my scars have practically all gone, and I have no more acne. It is just unbelievable. This is the best skin product I have ever used.

A. C. Queensland, Australia.

Have to tell you, I just received the spray and the lotion and have only used it for like 2 days and already I see a difference. I bought it for razor bumps and also for acne on my butt. I can not believe what this product has done -- it has succeeded where even a doctor's scripts have not. No more manufactured medicine from doctors for me. These are great products. I am hooked. Thank you!

W. M. USA January 2004

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Alopecia Areata Testimonials

Last December, my mother noticed a bald patch about 3cm diameter on the back of my head. A few weeks later, I realized I was losing a lot of hair. There were lots of bald patches now. My parents suggested I should go to the doctor, but I was reluctant to do so because I thought there was not much they could do about it.

My hair kept falling out. One day I realized I had lost almost half of my hair, the bald patches got bigger and I could no longer cover them up with my own hair. I decided to see the doctor who explained about alopecia and gave me wheatgrass cream for treatment. I was told it could take a long time to treat this problem and the treatment might not work.

I applied the cream once every day just before bed. At first it did not seem to have any effect and I kept losing my hair. The bald patches were more prominent than before so I was very worried at this stage. However, after that initial phase, in about 1 month, I noticed it was definitely getting better. The hair grew about 1cm, still very short, but it was new hair! The new hair covered most of my bald patch on top of my head. When I saw the doctor next time, the size of the patch was about 2cm diameter.

The new short hair kept growing. Thin soft hair now became normal hair and most of the bald patch had gone. I am very happy and thrilled to see myself in the mirror every day. I really appreciate having my own hair again. Finally, I would like to say thank you to the doctor and the wheatgrass cream.

K. T. Melbourne. Australia. March, 2002.

I have frequent pimple on my head. just recover from hair loss of small round patch after using wheatgrass spray recommended by local natural therapist in Singapore. I was wondering what can I apply for the pimple.

H. N. Singapore 27-Feb-2008

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Anti-Ageing Testimonials

Thinking I was developing a skin cancer on my shoulder, I took myself to the GP to check out the painless, red, raised mark. He diagnosed me with seborrheic keratosis, a large "sign of ageing" which would eventually turn dark brown.
Horrified at this "sign of ageing" I started applying the wheatgrass recovery cream morning and night, and even to my surprise, it disappered completely. Even more surprised was my GP when I showed him next time I was in his office.

R. A. Australia. 27 August, 2010

Hi Dr. Chris, thought you might be interested to hear my recent experience with your Skin Recovery Cream.
I had read some interesting reports on your forum re. the effectiveness of your extract on skin conditions. Merely as an experiment, I began applying your cream to a keratosis on my right temple. I've had it for about 10yrs, and it started as a 'freckle', but developed into a 12mm diameter dark, and crusty 'growth'. My skin cancer specialist said it was OK, it wasn't cancer, and that I'm just getting old. (53yrs of age.)
To cut a long story short, I've applied your cream to it 14 times in total, sporadically I must admit, and now it's barely visible. My wife is amazed. So am I. Before, it was at least 2mm high, and now after a couple of wks, my wife puts on a dab of the cream for me to rub in, because I can't feel where it was anymore. My only regret is that I started this so casually, I didn't even think to take a photo of it before I started application of the Skin Recovery Cream. I would urge others to take a pic of any intended site of application before-hand, in case they get similar results to mine. My wife now applies it to her face every night, and puts it on my moles on my face.
My wife wanted me to have surgery to remove the keratosis, as she said it was so outstanding visually, but the skin specialist refused.
Now it's gone, after an unbelievably small number of applications. I am amazed. Thanks Dr. Chris, I hope this information is of some use to you, and others.

B. R. Australia. 9 May, 2009

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Anxiety & Mood

Hello Dr. I was wondering if you would know why chlorophyll is effective in treating anxiety and increasing attention? It was quite by accident that I found chlorophyll to have this therapeutic effect. I found a reference to chlorophyll (wheatgrass, chlorella) in a juice fasting book. I was beginning a fast (Master Cleanse) and decided to add chlorophyll to my morning drink. I was absolutely amazed at how relaxed I became! I was also able to concentrate much more effectively. Since then I've switched to Mega Chlorophyll by World Organic 100mg capsules twice daily. I have bipolar disorder and ADD and have been 100% more successful in turning in assignments on time at school. I've been using the chlorophyll for about a year now in tandem with my prescription meds. I raved on and on about it so much that my mom tried it as well (she's a worrier) and it has also decreased her anxiety. I haven't been able to find any studies or references to chlorophyll in treating anxiety. Perhaps it's time to begin some research? Thanks!

K. 28 November, 2008

I just wanted to write to say thankyou for your excellent products and informative website. I have been giving my toddler supershots and wheatgrass spray for about 6 weeks and her skin is 2 to 3 times better. She still has eczema but it doesn't seem to bother her much and she sleeps through the night. But most importantly she seems so much happier, her mood has improved by leaps and bounds. She used to be sad and grizzly a fair bit of the time but now she is more outgoing and happy almost all the time.

A. Australia. 8 February, 2009

I have taken your Supershots for the last month and keep saying to family & friends how much better I feel! I am not doing anything different than what I was prior to taking the supershots, so I can only come to the conclusion it must be your wonderful formulation. I am a dedicated user of your products and can't live without them!!

C. H. Australia. 23 February, 2009

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Back Pain Testimonial

I did a lot of heavy work by moving stones in my garden. I suffered pain in my upper and lower back and was intending to book into the chiropractor after the weekend.
A friend rubbed some of Dr Wheatgrass cream on my back and I was totally amazed when about one hour later the pain was gone.
I will be buying this product as a standby for any future occourrences. Thank you.

J. C. Australia. September, 2007

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Bedsores Testimonial

The spray has healed mum's bedsores wonderfully - so say all of us carers (nurses and her doctor included).

M. H. Victoria, Australia. 16 December, 2008

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Bleeding Tooth Socket

I have another use for Wheatgrass Spray. Recently I had a rather nasty extraction of a large molar. I sprayed the socket several times each day and it healed beautifully in a very short time.
Keep it coming.

S. L. Melbourne. 1 May, 2007

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Burns Testimonials

I have used the wheatgrass spray on a small child which burnt her hand on a boiling water the results were amazing. The Superbalm has helped people with pain.

Dr. L. V. Mumbai, India. 6 May, 2009

I have a tube of wheatgrass cream and I absolutely use it on everything. A few days ago, I accidently spilt some boiled water on my hand, and boy did it hurt. I stuck my hand under the tap, and I could actually see a blister starting to form in the soft parts in the joins of the finger. As my hand is under the water, its going through my head that you cannot put anything on your burn. I thought no way, I am going to use my wheatgrass cream on it. Without a word of a lie, afer a few more applications, by morning there was no blisters. It was still red, but the blisters where gone. Absolutely amazing love it, and will be buying more wheatgrass products. I will make sure I always have these items on hand, I never want to run out of them.
Thank you for wonderful products and thankyou for letting me say how wonderful wheatgrass is.

K & D. Australia. 25 March, 2009

Thank goodness I packed your wheatgrass cream for our last family vacation. During the trip, I sustained a burn to the palm of my hand because a chef failed to remove the skewer from my entrée. Although I used a cloth napkin to grab the hot skewer it was hot enough to burn a hole through the napkin and left me with a nasty burn. I put ice on it immediately, dried my hand and then gently applied the wheatgrass cream from the tube I had in my purse.

I remembered from the insert I received with the cream, that you said it was a good first aid cream and boy did I need one. Needless to say I had more than a few nasty words for the owner of the restaurant, but have only praise your wheatgrass cream. I used it continually and my hand healed nicely without a scar. It was also great for insect bites. In spite of the burn, our vacation was great.

You make a good product that has many uses. I'd recommend it to anyone. They should have it at home and take it with them when they travel.

C. E. Missouri. USA. January, 2004

I have used your cream in the past, especially on my thumb which tends to cause me pain at times. It helps. I am a teacher and had it at work the other day while I was using the hot glue gun. I burned myself worse than I had ever done before. I remembered it was good for burns and put some on right away. Within about 2 hours I hadno pain and the redness was almost completely gone. I was amazed.

Molly. USA. January, 2005

Your wheatgrass cream is pretty impressive - I splashed a big blob of boiling oil onto the back of my hand the other day, tried the cold water for few hours, started hurting as soon as I took it out, then aloe vera juice which stung like anything, then finally remembered the wheatgrass stuff - it worked like magic, stopped hurting after the second application, no worries at all , just slightly red mark!!

Dr. P. R. New South Wales, December, 2004

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Cafe Au Lait Spot Testimonial

During the 1960's I developed a skin spot on the lower side of my right leg. This has been confirmed by my medical practitioner as a CAFE AU LAIT blemish. It appeared for many years as a small brown dry skin rash about 10mm in diameter. It slowly expanded in size and in mid 2003 was over 60mm in diameter and dark brown in colour . Although never causing pain or discomfort its appearance and greater size was of concern to me. I obtained Wheatgrass Recovery Cream and treated this spot each day for about six weeks. The result is about 80% reduction in the size of this ugly spot, with original skin colour showing through. I can thoroughly recommend this product.

W. L. Perth W.A January, 2004

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Chafing & Bleeding Skin Testimonials

Our aunt/sister had a skin condition that made the skin on her fingers peel, bleed, and chafe. We sampled the Wheatgrass Active Recovery Cream and we began to see results instantly. Her hands are now beautiful. Now we all use the cream, and we love it.

The P Family. Victoria, Australia. (Countersigned by a JP)

My mum has on a couple of occasions had really bad chaffing under her bust line, and under her stomach where she has had an operation, the other day it was raw, red and very inflamed. I sprayed the wheatgrass on the area, which did sting on the initial applications. But within 3 days, (using the spray morning and night after a shower), it has totally recovered, the redness is now just a light brown colour, but the result is really amazing. I suggest other people use it for chaffing. It really works, and will continue using it as a preventative.

C. Wellington. New Zealand. 17 March, 2008

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Cancer & Chemotherapy Testimonials

I can't tell you how much the wheatgrass shots have been helping me with energy and in dealing with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. A newly diagnosed co-worker saw the big change in me and I explained, she promptly purchased 12 bottles. Supershots is HOT! And I love it, cause it gives me back a little bit of who I used to be.

L. O. New York, USA. 20 August, 2010

Two years ago I chanced upon your website while searching the internet for something to relieve my teenage son's anal fissure. Not only did the cream work to relieve symptoms but it also healed the fissure much to my son's relief as conventional medicines had been unable to do that. Since then your wheatgrass cream has become a daily stalwart in our household used to relieve a multitude of ailments much to doctor's and chemist's surprise. Simple sore throats and aching ears can be relieved by spreading cream on swollen glands and around tender ears. Eye infections, pimples, cuts, abrasions, skin blemishes, stretch marks and general aches and pains have all been stopped in their tracks. Menopausal women have found relief using the cream as a lubricant and migraines have been helped by massaging cream on tender spots around the eyes and head including the scalp.
Most amazingly though I have used it on myself for radiotherapy burns,bone metastases from breast cancer, sore joints and tender spots and it has helped alleviate pain and heal tender areas much to my oncologists amazement.
Your wheatgrass cream is wonderful and we cannot live without it. Thankyou bringing us this fantastic product and your wheatgrass shots are also used by all to boost our immune systems and keep us fit and well.

M. C. Australia. 22 October, 2007

Thank you for the Supershots. My reaction to the Bisphosphonate infusion was much milder this month. I am especially grateful that my mouth stayed normal and did not lose its top layer of cells. The joints in my fingers also stayed normal instead of bright red and incredibly painful. There was nausea and fatigue but I have those anyway!

M. S. Western Australia. 19 March, 2007

My husband has been going through Chemotherapy for the last 9 weeks and one of the many side affects is sores on his lips. They where quite a mess, bleeding every time he tried to eat. The nurse treating him gave him some cream they used at the hospital, but did not work. I bought some "wheatgrass" and within 2 days they looked kissable again. We were amazed and so was the nurse. She got the name of it so she could recommend it to any other Chemo patients with these side effects. Thankyou so much!

S. M. Australia. 9 February, 2007

I purchased your Super shots, Skin Recovery Cream and the Skin Recovery spray. My 7 year old daughter, K. has Leukemia.  The treatment for Leukemia is 2½ years for girls and 3½ years for boys.  Being on Chemotherapy for years can be very destructive to the body.

When I purchased your products I must admit that I was really worried about it being a rip off.  You must know that I am completely delighted with your products. My daughter takes the Super shots every day, twice a day.  Your Recovery Cream is unbelievable.  K. got some sort of severe skin irritation from the chemo.  It was swollen, cracking and very red.  We applied the cream several times throughout a 48 hour period.  Much to my astonishment the irritation started to heal right away and disappeared after two days.  Now, she will let me know when an outbreak is starting to happen and your cream handles it immediately.  Never, would I have dreamed that a product would work so well.

K. is the star of the Oncology clinic because she does not look like a cancer patient.  Her skin is bright, eye's bright, physically she is strong and much to the amazement of the oncology team, she has had very little side effects for the amount of chemo she is getting.  We are doing quite a bit of alternatives and yours is primary.  The Oncologists had no problem approving your Super Shots because it is plant derived and not herbal.  Apparently, they do not allow any herbal products while on chemo.  Needless-to-say, K. loves the taste of your product and it does not cause her any stress to drink it whereas actual wheat grass juice could not be tolerated at all.

Many thanks to you.  (Photograph of happy, smiling K. in swimming pool was attached)

D. W. Florida, USA. 17 June, 2008

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Chondrodermatitis Chronica Helicis

I have been using the gel for the past 6 months for Chandro Dermatitis Nodularis Helicis and would like to let you know that it has not healed the condition but has certainly helped remarkably. THANK YOU.

E. G. South Australia, 15 August, 2008

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Wheatgrass - A Great Cosmetic

... hands soft to touch

Dear wonderful cream manufacturer who has made my hands soft to touch. My name is Sarah and I am just a tad wrapped in your wheatgrass cream. It is just fabulous! I have constantly had problems with creams all of my life. I use them for a week or so then I become allergic to them, coming out in little red spots. Not so with your cream - THANK YOU! My husband was hating holding my hands because they were so rough. The cream also cleared up an odd problem my mother was having on her chest. She had bright red spots that were very sore, that were not responding to any creams she tried from the chemist. The wheatgrass cream showed significant improvement in a few days.

S. H. Tasmania

Wheatgrass As A Toner
For the past week I have been using the wheatgrass spray as a toner. I cleanse my face at night of my makeup then I spray the wheatgrass spray all over my face and neck. I spray quite a bit on and let it dry naturally. Once my skin is dry it feels absolutely amazing and silky soft. But the interesting thing is it reduced my pores around my nose! So it really firms and tightens the skin and I think it makes an awesome toner, so now Im going to use it every night as a toner.

C. V. Australia. August, 2007

A Cosmetician's View
Professionally, I use the spray after doing bikini waxes, or underarm waxes. I use the cream on my acne clients at the end of their facial as the final product before sunblock. I also use the cream after doing lip and brow waxes, soothes the skin really nice.


Blackhead Cleanser
Unbelievable! Your wheatgrass Cream is the best blackhead remover in the world! Three days and they'd gone. If only I'd taken closeup photos before using it! Thank you for a wonderful product!

A. C.  Shepparton. Victoria

I'm a bloke and I get pretty bad shaving rash. Have done for years and nothing seems to help. But your skin recovery spray did the trick. Got a face and neck like a baby's bum now. I'm recommending it to my mates, but they reckon wheatgrass is for cows! Thanks doc.

Alex. Northern Territory. Australia

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Cracked Heels

We live about thirty miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and winters are especially hard on the skin--particularly on the feet. My heels would actually harden and crack. That was before using your Wheatgrass Recovery Cream. Now, the skin on my feet (and on my wife's) is no longer hard, dry or cracked. It is soft and pliable, as it should be.

G. M. USA. 12 January, 2009

I just bought my second bottle of wheatgrass spray. It's pretty amazing. My cracked heels have healed and are on their way to becoming soft again. I use it on my face as well instead of a toner, and I mix it into my moisturizer.
My hair gets a spray too, which conditions it so well.
Good stuff!

N. T. Victoria, Australia. 6 August, 2008

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Cradle Cap

I have been applying the WG cream to my sons head for cradle cap. I have been using it for 1 week and it is almost completely gone. I had been applying oil at every feed time now I just apply WG cream once or twice a day.

H. D. Australia. August, 2007

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Wheatgrass And Diabetes

I was a supplier of organic wheatgrass on the Central Coast NSW Australia, for about three years. Whilst growing and supplying I became curious about the effects that wheatgrass would have on diabetics (as it tastes so sweet) so I asked my daughter's employer who is diabetic (stable control) if she would try it for me so we could see how it affected her levels. She took 30 mls the first day and her levels dropped from 13.5 to 11.5 in half an hour then that night she went home and ate an ice cream (which I do not advocate). To our surprise her levels were down to 9.5 the next morning.
So she started on a program of 30 mls daily, her levels stayed at 9.5 till I introduced frozen wheatgrass out of convenience. Her levels dropped to 4.2 on 60mls per day. Her levels have remained the same even though she has stopped taking wheatgrass some years ago.
I also have a friend who is a surgeon here in Australia. She is an insulin dependent diabetic (she also took 30mls of wheatgrass daily for one week but it made her sick). Anyway her level prior to taking the juice was 19.5. Her level dropped to 7.2 the next morning (she took frozen wheatgrass from the start) she has taken frozen juice every two months and her level has stayed down to 7.5. I wondering if any one else has done any investigating to the effects of wheatgrass juice on diabetics that may have had the same results that you might know of. I would appricate your letting me know.

J. C. New South Wales. 11 August, 2006

Dr. Chris' comment:

I support your view that wheatgrass can lower sugar levels in diabetics, both insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent. The reason being I have seen similar results in a number of diabetics taking my wheatgrass extract. The first time I observed this was in 1995, and there have been many more since then.

Medical research and my own observations suggest that wheatgrass is most likely a powerful stimulator of human growth factors. This is seen in many instances such as rapid skin recovery, wound healing and increased production of blood elements by the bone marrow. There are many similarities with what is happening to your diabetics and the activity of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), which influences most, if not all, the body's cells in a positive way. (See external link) Most importantly, IGF-1 has an insulin-like effect on blood sugar. It reduces glucose levels and helps to stabilise them. Also, the Factor has a direct effect on removing excess fat tissue from the body, which is possibly why so many regular wheatgrass drinkers observe weight reduction.

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Dry Skin, Burn, Acne, Anal Fissure, Testimonial

I am absolutely astonished by this cream. I do not wish to tell people about my problem, but I came to this clinic because my anal fissure and hemorrhoid was so painful. I also have a lot of acne with dry skin.

When the doctor gave me this cream I was very skeptical. Do I use the same cream for my hemorrhoid and acne? Does he just give out this cream for anything? I also did not believe in Australian medicine, which often does not suit Japanese skin condition. I have been to numerous chemist and tried so many things supposed to be good for dry skin but none of them had any significant effect on my dry skin or acne. So I decided to try this cream.

To my great surprise, my fissure was healed and stopped bleeding and the pain went. My dry skin has been restored to normal level and acne has improved as well.

I also used this cream for the burn I suffered while I was working at Japanese Restaurant with amazing effect. I have always found any cuts, bruise, abrasion slow healing, leaving scars since I was a child. I thought I would have another scar for this burn. Then I remember the instruction for this cream, which says it can be used for burns and I applied the cream twice a day. I could not believe the rate of healing which I have never experienced before and I hardly see any scar now.

Doctor said this cream works for many things and I now know he was right. I am really grateful to the doctor, the staff at the clinic and the cream. Thank you very much. I wish a lot more people with skin problems could use this cream.

Keiko T. Melbourne, Australia. November 2002

Dr Wheatgrass - food for thought as well as for a healthy body.

Instead of "chlorophyll", it is probably better to think "Growth Factor Activators".

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