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Treatment of Psoriasis with Dr Wheatgrass

Psoriasis, generally regarded as being autoimmune in origin, often responds well to the immunodulatory effects of Dr Wheatgrass extract. Daily topical application (I use the liquid spray) helps boost the immunological status of the skin and, in time, clinical improvement is almost invariably observed. Some extract is also absorbed through the skin bestowing an added bonus of improved systemic immunological status. This appears to be  augmented by twice daily oral ingestion of the extract and the patient also enjoys better health and greater resistance to infection.

Clinically, pruritis or itch tends to diminish early (sometimes in two or three days) followed by thinning and flattening of plaque over several months. Following continued daily application, lesions begin to fade and can eventually disappear or reduce in number or size. Patients generally find that in time they can apply the extract on a needs basis rather than every day.

I recommend that treatment be continued for at least six to twelve months. So far, all my psoriatic patients have noticed significant improvement in this time, and only maintenance treatment on a needs basis has been all that was usually required. Many patients are eventually able to dispense with both oral medication and topical pharmaceuticals.

A Selection Of Case History

63 y.o. male, psoriasis 21 years - 12 months treatment with Dr Wheatgrass extract

Psoriasis in a 63 yo male present for 20 years. Numerous topical applications, UV, cortisone injections with little, if any improvement over the years except in summer.

The photograph on the left (after one month's treatment with Dr Wheatgrass spray twice daily - mid winter, Iowa) shows thick plaque, heavy scale formation, rough, thickened edges around lesions. By this stage, the patient's pruritis had significantly improved, and only required occasional topical steroid application.

Centre (6 months treatment with twice daily Dr Wheatgrass spray), plaque visibly thinner, lesions flattening and spreading, pinkish skin colour returning to lesion surface and edges more clearly defined. Most noticeable are the numerous "skin lines" forming, a sign that I believe shows that skin "normalisation" has begun. More "pseudolesions" have appeared, but these tend to become pale and disappear in time. At this stage, the patient's genital psoriasis, present for many years, had largely resolved.

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Right (9 months treatment with twice daily Dr Wheatgrass spray) Lesions flatter and fading, approaching normal skin colour. Significant improvement in appearance of lesions over treatment period. Condition remains well controlled with twice daily application of Dr Wheatgrass spray. (Note similar improvement in Patient R. S.)

Dr Wheatgrass Psoriasis Cure Dr Wheatgrass Psoriasis Cure Dr Wheatgrass Psoriasis Cure Dr Wheatgrass Psoriasis Cure
C. P.  19 Feb '03
1 month treatment WG Spray
C. P.  12 Jul '03
6 months treatment WG Spray
C. P. 22 Oct '03
9 months treatment WG Spray
C. P.  2 Feb '04
12 months treatment WG Spray
Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Cure
C. P.  19 Feb '03
1 month treatment
Dr Wheatgrass Spray
C. P.  27 Apr '03
3 months treatment
Dr Wheatgrass Spray
C. P.  12 Jul '03
6 months treatment
Dr Wheatgrass Spray. Note large areas of new skin formation and resolution of psoriatic plaque and scale.
C. P. 2 Feb '04
12 months treatment
Dr Wheatgrass Spray

Psoriasis Testimonial
C. P. 14 October, 2003

At this point I really don't care what any of the skeptics have to say. I know what I am experiencing and I am more encouraged by the progress than I have been in many years. I am very greatly in your debt for your interest and for giving me a chance to try the Dr Wheatgrass.

As I have told you before, even my dermatologist (who is one of the most respected in Iowa) has said in the past that I have been the hardest case to treat he has ever seen. He has had patients with more and wider spread psoriasis than mine, but they have responded to treatment much better than I ever have. He has even tried the cortisone injections with the expectation they would reduce or eliminate the worst plaque areas. They did not respond at all.
2 February, 2004 after 12 months' treatment with Dr Wheatgrass srpay

I have now been using the ******* Dr Wheatgrass spray for one year. I stopped using the three topical steroids I applied daily when I started using the Dr Wheatgrass spray. The first thing that I noticed was a distinct thinning of the plaques. Before very long all of the thick plaques were gone. I was somewhat concerned when I seemed to be developing new small lesions and the large one on my back looked as if it was spreading but with no thick plaque. Then I was informed about the rebound effect that many people experience after stopping topical steroid use. Through the months my large lesions have become smaller and many of the little ones have disappeared completely. I have developed normal skin in the centre of the large lesion on left leg. I no longer have any thick plaque areas at all. My wife says she has not seen nearly as much dead skin on the sheets and a reduction of dust, which is mainly dead skin, in the house. She usually applies the Dr Wheatgrass for me because it is very difficult for me to reach the area on my back.

If my lesions continue to improve as they have been I look forward to most of them completely disappearing in time. Even if they do not, the absence of the thick plaque, the reduction of itching and the fact that the lesions no longer bleed, drain and hurt as they once did is a miracle to me. Add to that the fact that the Dr Wheatgrass contains no potentially dangerous steroids or dangerous chemicals convinces me that the Dr Wheatgrass is a winner at every level.

43 y.o. male, psoriasis 10 years - 12 months treatment with Dr Wheatgrass spray

This man suffered debilitating adverse reactions to psoriatic medication such as Neotigasone with little improvement in his skin. He also had marked pruritis and scaling largely unresponsive to  Daivonex and Novasone. Prior to treatment with wheatgrass extract, he ceased all medications and topical applications.

In the September 2002 photograph, the patient had applied the Dr Wheatgrass spray to his left forearm and elbow only. Note the absence of plaque and scale on this arm compared with the untreated one. Lesions are reddish, flat and beginning to heal. Later, in March 2003, the left arm shows almost complete resolution of lesions while the right, although improved, is lagging due to the delay in commencement of Dr Wheatgrass treatment.

It is worth noting that pruritis ceased in both forearms one week after commencement of Dr Wheatgrass treatment even though only the left forearm was treated. This suggests skin absorption of biological actives from the Dr Wheatgrass extract with consequent systemic immunomodulation? Grass Juice Factor effect.

Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Cure Psoriasis Cure
Prior to commencement of treatment Three months 7 months 12 months
Psoriasis Cure
5 months 12 months


R. S. Melbourne, Australia February, 2003

I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Dr Wheatgrass cream & spray for the treatment and control of my psoriasis. 

As you know I have suffered from psoriasis on my arms and legs for several years, as well as on other places occasionally.  In that time I have received several different treatments including steroid creams and lotions (Daivonex and Novasone) and used other potentially dangerous medicines (Neotigason) in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms.

Although these controlled the severity of the psoriasis they left me unhappy and reluctant to continue with them due to the side effects of extreme dryness, the inability to totally stop the flaking and itching or to improve my appearance. I was also concerned over the long term health impacts of some of the treatments.

Since I have started using the Dr Wheatgrass cream & spray I no longer have to be concerned about these issues.  Over the past 7 months the size and thickness of all my patches have decreased and the redness has faded to an amazing degree. However the greatest benefit has been the reduction of the itch and the flaking skin.  I am now almost never driven to scratch and when I do have an itch it is only very mild and disappears with treatment.

I have used both the cream and spray and find the spray a particularly easy treatment to apply that is required only once a day to keep my condition under control. The cream is also useful as it moistens my skin patches as well and doesn't leave unsightly stains on my clothes as other creams had.

One of the greatest benefits is that when applying the treatment I don't have to cover every patch to treat the problem as the treatment works around the area it is applied to.

I am extremely happy using the Dr Wheatgrass extract and their excellent healing properties have made my life better. I earnestly recommend that others try this product and experience for themselves the difference it can make to their health and life.

With grateful thanks

23 y.o. female, psoriasis 9 years - 19 days treatment with Dr Wheatgrass spray

The photographs below show lesions on the anterior abdominal wall of a 23 year old female whose psoriasis was unresponsive to numerous treatment modalities and which had been present for nine years. The photograph on the right was taken 19 days after the one on the left (20 Feb '03) after twice daily application of Dr Wheatgrass extract. Note the generalised fading and confluence of lesions and scale reduction (arrow). The patient's itch disappeared four days after commencement of treatment. She remains in contact and, although some lesions remain, they continue to fade and the itch has not returned. She also reports resurgence of self-confidence.

Day 1Psoriasis Cure

Day 19Psoriasis Cure

Dr Wheatgrass - food for thought as well as for a healthy body.

Instead of "chlorophyll", it is probably better to think "Growth Factor Activators".

The Dr Wheatgrass Dream Is Well And Truly Alive And Its Users Are Well!

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