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DrWheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream

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DrWheatgrass SuperBalm

DrWheatgrass SuperBalm

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Stress (Aphthous) Ulcers

Aphthous ulcers (canker sores) are commonly related to stress.
Stress can suppress the body's immunity by raising levels of naturally produced steroids in the blood. This can result in a number of disorders including mouth or aphthous ulcers. These ulcers are usually quite painful, often multiple and do not respond to orthodox medical treatment. They are not due to infection.

Aphthous UlcerAlthough they usually disappear spontaneously in about 10 days without treatment, they can persist or frequently recur in a percentage of patients. Because Dr Wheatgrass is a potent immune stimulant, it can be quite effective first in relieving pain and secondly in reducing the duration and frequency of occurrence of aphthous ulcers. Hold some Dr Wheatgrass juice or related product such as Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots, in your mouth for two or three minutes three times a day if possible. It often works when nothing else does.
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

First Aid For Everyone

After eight decades waiting in the wings, the remarkable healing properties of Dr Wheatgrass are once again being recognised. During this period, wheatgrass/chlorophyll medical research has developed into a large body of evidence supporting its therapeutic benefits.
Dr Wheatgrass was used clinically by many physicians and surgeons in the 1930's and 40's. Fresh Dr Wheatgrass compresses and the juice itself were applied to post-operative wounds, fractures and severe burns with great success.
In 1940, Dr. Benjamin Gruskin in the American Journal of Surgery (view summary) sang the praises of chlorophyll for its ability to clear up foul smelling (human) odo
urs, neutralize streptococcal (bacterial) infections, heal wounds, hasten skin graft healing, cure chronic sinusitis, overcome inner-ear inflammation and infection, reduce varicose veins, heal leg ulcers, eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions, heal rectal sores, (e.g. anal fissure), successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, and cure advanced pyorrhea (gum infection).
I can personally vouch for most of the above as I have achieved similar results in clinical practice. Also, compared with other remedies,
Dr Wheatgrass is top of the list for injuries at home, school, work and on the playing field. It should be included in every first aid kit.
To quote wheatgrass guru and author of "Wheatgrass - Nature's Finest Medicine" Steve Meyerowitz:
"Wheatgrass is great to have around the house for cuts, bruises, rashes, burns and bangs. Make a bandage from gauze dipped in wheatgrass juice. Even better, re-dip the pulp and put a little under the bandage. If it is a large wound, wrap it in soaked gauze or pulp and protect it with a towel to prevent dripping."
Or, make life even easier. If you have any Dr
Wheatgrass topicals on hand - cream, gel, spray or balm - use that instead. I hope you won't need it, but if you do, I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.
Until you use Dr
Wheatgrass, it is hard to appreciate just how rapidly it reduces swellings, takes the sting out of burns and bites, and heals wounds, frequently without leaving scars. You don't need a prescription - and it works.
Dr. Chris Reynolds.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll - its therapeutic place in acute and suppurative disease. Preliminary report of clinical use and rationale. Gruskin B. Am. J. Surg. Jul 1940;49-55
Elimination of bacterial infections relies on two approaches:

  • destruction of bacteria by administering certain chemical compounds, and/or

  • building up the body’s resistance to bacteria.

The former approach is generally associated with a number of side-effects such as toxicity and irritability. This paves the way for other alternatives that have no adverse effects on the body. Chlorophyll is one such alternative that has been studied extensively for its use in treating infections either as a single therapy or in combination with chemical compounds. This paper reviews about 1200 cases ranging from acute infections of the upper respiratory tract to chronic lesions such as skin ulcers, sinuses and fistulae.
It has been suggested that chlorophyll inhibits the destructive actions of the bacterial toxins that destroy the walls of the cells and tissues in the human body. Furthermore, chlorophyll may suppress production of toxins by bacteria.
That chlorophyll has an indirect effect on bacteria is suggested by its ability to eliminate the foul odour of infected wounds. This effect has also been noted in cases of ulcerative carcinoma.
The safety of chlorophyll is well established and both oral and venous administration is free of adverse effects.
Chlorophyll accentuates healing of open skin wounds, skin grafts and deeper wounds such as  fistula, (an abnormal channel between an internal organ and the skin.) It is well tolerated and does not cause any irritation to the skin surface. For deeper wounds liquid chlorophyll can be used for irrigation.
According to two ear, nose and throat specialists who reviewed 1000 patients with acute and chronic sinusitis and rhinitis (e.g. colds, flu, hay fever), a single day’s treatment with chlorophyll packs inserted at the back of the nose cleared the infection in many of them. Chlorophyll was also helpful in clearing infections of the ear. The absence of any kind of toxicity was also noted. The specialists reported, “There is not a single case recorded in which either improvement or cure has not taken place.”
A dermatologist noted significant improvements with the regular application of chlorophyll ointment in patients suffering from various disorders of the skin, particularly varicose leg ulcers.
Chlorophyll was also found to be beneficial in treating infections of the rectum and uterine cervix.
Conditions such as osteomyelitis (infection and inflammation of the bones), post-operative infections, infections of the brain and other organs associated with formation of pus and bleeding from the gums have all been treated successfully with chlorophyll alone or in combination with other treatment modalities. Definite improvement in symptoms have been observed in patients suffering from these conditions.
The evidence from these reports is convincing and indicates the need for further  research to support the widespread use of chlorophyll as a therapeutic option for numerous disorders and conditions.

Burns. Get Better Results With Dr Wheatgrass

Some burns are much more severe than others, but I'm talking about first and second degree burns - the ones that don't usually require hospital admission, but may need a number of trips to your GP for initial treatment, analgesics, perhaps antibiotics and frequent regular dressings. If the burn is deep or it becomes infected, treatment could go on for a month or more and sometimes skin grafts are required.
How does one treat burns? And what about sunburn? Bright red shoulders and sleepless nights. Other than cooling the burn immediately by running cold water over it for 5 to 10 minutes, there is little if anything that makes much difference - except
Dr Wheatgrass. Let me illustrate using one of my own patients' experience.
An 18 year old university student approaching final examinations spilt boiling hot soup over her hand while waitressing at a nearby restaurant. She had what appeared to be second degree burns and the whole palm was affected. She was in severe pain. Desperate that her final examinations were imminent (she writes with the burnt hand), she was also facing eviction for overdue rent. If she didn't work, she would be on the street.
She would be at least two to three weeks off work. Painful, difficult daily dressing changes, wound debridement, pain management, infection risk and a possible allergic reaction from antibiotic creams crossed my mind as possibilities. High medical costs to her employer would also be on the cards. He would need replacement staff and expect an increase in workers' compensation insurance costs.
After soaking and cleansing the wound, I applied
Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream and a thick, firm dressing as protection and prescribed a strong analgesic. I told her she would most likely be able to return to work the next day, but she tearfully shook her head.
She came in early the next morning minus the bandage, looking very happy and ready for work. Her pain had disappeared around midnight. She had a full range of pain-free movement of the hand and fingers, and there was no tenderness over the burn, blistering or broken skin. The palm was mildly red, but that was all. Neither bandage nor antibiotics were required and much to her employer's relief, she resumed work immediately.
I have seen many burns recover as quickly and I often wonder if there are other equally effective topicals available.
Dr Wheatgrass reduces or prevents blistering and fluid loss, minimises the risk of bacterial infection and prevents scarring. Even if skin is lost, it regenerates much more quickly than by conventional treatments.
How does
Dr Wheatgrass achieve such remarkable healing? It is a potent natural anti-inflammatory, but it also appears to influence gene expression - the rate at which DNA produces various proteins involved in the healing process. Exactly what this process is, is unknown, but chlorophyll was used for burns treatment in the 30's (see research). Standard medical treatment for burns is application of silver sulfadiazine, an anti-bacterial cream. This helps prevent infection, but it does nothing for healing.
Imagine the potential savings to the insurance and health industries if doctors were open to using
Dr Wheatgrass for burns. It's cheap, effective, no prescription is required - and it works.
Kind regards,
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.
(Dr Wheatgrass)

Burns Testimonials

I have used the Dr Wheatgrass spray on a small child which burnt her hand on a boiling water the results were amazing. The Dr Wheatgrass Superbalm has helped people with pain.

Dr. L. V. Mumbai, India. 6 May, 2009

I have a tube of
Dr Wheatgrass cream and I absolutely use it on everything. A few days ago, I accidently spilt some boiled water on my hand, and boy did it hurt. I stuck my hand under the tap, and I could actually see a blister starting to form in the soft parts in the joins of the finger. As my hand is under the water, its going through my head that you cannot put anything on your burn. I thought no way, I am going to use my Dr Wheatgrass cream on it. Without a word of a lie, af
ter a few more applications, by morning there was no blisters. It was still red, but the blisters where gone. Absolutely amazing love it, and will be buying more Dr Wheatgrass products. I will make sure I always have these items on hand, I never want to run out of them.

Thank you for wonderful products and thankyou for letting me say how wonderful
Dr Wheatgrass is.

K & D. Australia. 25 March, 2009

Thank goodness I packed your
Dr Wheatgrass cream for our last family vacation. During the trip, I sustained a burn to the palm of my hand because a chef failed to remove the skewer from my entrée. Although I used a cloth napkin to grab the hot skewer it was hot enough to burn a hole through the napkin and left me with a nasty burn. I put ice on it immediately, dried my hand and then gently applied the Dr Wheatgrass cream from the tube I had in my purse.

I remembered from the insert I received with the cream, that you said it was a good first aid cream and boy did I need one. Needless to say I had more than a few nasty words for the owner of the restaurant, but have only praise your Dr Wheatgrass cream. I used it continually and my hand healed nicely without a scar. It was also great for insect bites. In spite of the burn, our vacation was great.

You make a good product that has many uses. I'd recommend it to anyone. They should have it at home and take it with them when they travel.

C. E. Missouri. USA. January, 2004

I have used your Dr Wheatgrass cream in the past, especially on my thumb which tends to cause me pain at times. It helps. I am a teacher and had it at work the other day while I was using the hot glue gun. I burned myself worse than I had ever done before. I remembered it was good for burns and put some on right away. Within about 2 hours I had no pain and the redness was almost completely gone. I was amazed.

Molly. USA. January, 2005

Your Dr Wheatgrass cream is pretty impressive - I splashed a big blob of boiling oil onto the back of my hand the other day, tried the cold water for few hours, started hurting as soon as I took it out, then aloe vera juice which stung like anything, then finally remembered the Dr Wheatgrass stuff - it worked like magic, stopped hurting after the second application, no worries at all , just slightly red mark!!

Dr. P. R. New South Wales, December, 2004

A Case Of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Almost every day in general practice, I see Dr Wheatgrass-generated “mini-miracles” – healing phenomena I never saw until I began using wheatgrass sprout extract in 1995. Here is an example.
A 35 year old piano salesman suffered a nasty shoulder injury at work a year earlier. His shoulder “froze”, was painful on movement and pain interrupted his sleep. Steroid injections and physiotherapy gave some temporary relief but had no effect on shoulder movement. The diagnosis? Shoulder impingement syndrome.  When I saw him, he was to have corrective surgery in 5 weeks - a last resort option.
This condition is very common and is thought to be caused by a pinching of one of the shoulder tendons between the top of the humerus (upper arm) and the part of the shoulder blade (acromion) that overlies this area. (See diagram).

Rotator CuffPain and limitation of movement are the prime symptoms of this condition, particularly when lifting or rotating the arm. This patient was unable to lift his arm higher than 60 degrees from the vertical and all other movements including rotation, were severely limited.

I had managed similar problems many times before, and the  audible, palpable crunching sound I detected on examination suggested that impingement might not be the problem. I have seen
Dr Wheatgrass loosen up  stiffness in osteoarthritic joints by softening the tissues around the joint - often within 10 - 20 minutes. This suggests it is not necessarily roughened joint surfaces that prevent movement, but the soft tissue - muscles, tendons etc. around the joint that stiffen it.

I applied a little
Dr Wheatgrass SuperBalm mostly over the tender areas and worked it in for a few minutes. About ten minutes later, the Piano Man’s shoulder was moving freely without pain, and the crunching had disappeared.  Needless to say, both patient and practice nurse were rather astonished.

The following day, the patient had enjoyed his first painless night's sleep for a year, and his shoulder movements were perfectly normal. Understandably, he couldn't see why he needed an operation. I suggested  he seek review by his orthopedic surgeon.
There are of course, numerous types of shoulder injury that will not respond to
Dr Wheatgrass the way this patient's did. But if there is a chance that Dr Wheatgrass MAY help you recover more quickly (from any injury), that it relaxes soft tissue stiffness and reduces inflammation, wouldn't you try it before consenting to an operation? I would.

Nosebleeds (Epistaxis)

Dr Wheatgrass is a powerful hemostatic agent i.e. it helps stop bleeding in open wounds, deep-seated bleeding in muscles and in the nasal passages.
For a blood nose, apply a small amount of
Dr Wheatgrass cream inside the bleeding nostril with a cotton bud/Q-tip, then hold the front of the nose with finger and thumb for a few minutes while breathing through the mouth.
Note: If the bleeding persists or recurs you should see your doctor.

Anticoagulants (Blood Thinners) And Bruising

Are you taking an anticoagulant (blood-thinning medicine) such as warfarin? Perhaps you know someone who is? Is bruising a problem?
If you injure yourself and you think a bruise is going to develop, apply
Dr Wheatgrass cream or balm as soon as you can over the injury site. Don't worry if the skin is broken, it is still perfectly safe to use. This will help stop the bleeding under the skin and bruising to disappear more quickly.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Groin Pain In Sport

Athletes frequently suffer from groin pain. This can have a profoundly negative effect on physical performance, mental attitude and the will to win - but it can be cured.
Usually labelled osteitis pubis or "OP", the pain most often originates from inflammation of the insertion of the large adductor muscles into the pubic bone deep in the groin – so-called adductor tendonitis. These muscles are located on the inside of the thigh and are responsible for pulling the leg in towards the midline. (See figure) Sometimes X-ray examination can show changes to this attachment area, but there is no consensus regarding their significance. Pain can occur while exercising or even at rest and the affected area may be very tender when pressed.

Adductor Muscles InsertionOne of the least understood injuries in sports medicine, OP creates heartsink for doctors, physiotherapists, trainers and other sports-related health professionals. Why? Because they know there is little can be done about it other than surgery which doesn't always work and that the athlete could be out of action for some time.
All manner of treatments are used by trainers, physiotherapists, etc. – ice, heat, rest, exercise, massage, anti-inflammatory medication - oral and topical. Results are usually disappointing and the condition often becomes chronic.
The following is a true story which prompted me to write this article.
Recently I saw a 40 year old jockey who had suffered groin pain since age 10.  The pain was so bad his quality of life was virtually ruined. Surgeons even explored inside his scrotum as they thought the pain may be coming from his testicle, but everything was normal.
My examination revealed marked limitation of leg movement and exquisite tenderness over the insertion of his adductor muscles. A classic case of OP!
I massaged in a little SuperBalm over the tender area. Ten minutes later he had full movement of his leg and walked without pain for the first time in 30 years. At follow up a month later, he remained pain-free.
Hard to believe, I know, but you have my word for it…and this patient was only one of many I have treated over the years who also recovered from OP using
Dr Wheatgrass.
How does it work?
Dr Wheatgrass can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This may have something to do with pain relief, but when it works so quickly as in this case, the cause of OP (generally regarded as disordered musculo-skeletal mechanics) needs to be reviewed. It can hardly be due solely to mechanical causes. One must therefore invoke another mechanism.
My theory, based on thousands of clinical observations and considerable research over 15 years, suggests there may be an autoimmune component to the pain of OP. When an individual is under sustained physical and mental pressure, the body's immune system can become compromised. The immune system then attacks normal tissue such as tendon attachments in OP and plantar fasciitis.
Dr Wheatgrass being a potent immunomodulator, is able to eliminate part or all of  this component.
This may or may not be so, but I think I'm on the right track simply because
Dr Wheatgrass can work very well for this condition.
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.
(Dr Wheatgrass)

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is a common, painful disorder.
The Achilles tendon is the one that attaches muscles from the back of the lower leg to the heel. This tendonitis usually affects runners, ballet dancers and other athletic individuals, but not always. It can cause considerable disability even in sedentary people.

There exists considerable "scientific" dogma declaring that overuse causes Achilles tendonitis and many other tendon problems such as tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis. Overuse may be a factor, but in my view is not likely the actual CAUSE of the condition. Pain is almost invariably a major symptom so one would reasonably expect to find inflammation affecting the painful areas of involvement.

However, a study performed by Swedish researchers Astrom et al ( "Chronic Achilles tendinopathy. A survey of surgical and histopathologic findings.") biopsied the Achilles tendons of 163 patients with tendonitis.

Interestingly they reported only degenerative changes in the tendon such as abnormal fibre structure and vascular proliferation, but, unexpectedly, there was no inflammation present. In fact they said, “Important features are a lack of inflammatory cells and a poor healing response.” These are signs of a poor immune response which suggests suppression of the individual’s immune status.

Therefore, one needs to look for another cause of the athletes’ pain and loss of function. It appears to me that auto-immunity (the body’s immune system attacking and damaging its own normal tissues) is more than likely the underlying cause of tendonitis, which is then AGGRAVATED by physical activity.

How can this happen?

We know that chronic stress, both physical and psychological can increase the level of natural steroids circulating in the bloodstream. This can significantly suppress the body’s immunity which may then lead to an auto-immune reaction. The targets for these attacks can include any of the body tissues, but it appears there is a predilection for specific sites e.g. the thyroid gland, the anal mucosa (anal fissure), the plantar fascia, the groin (osteitis pubis), tennis elbow and of course, the Achilles tendon.

How do I know this?

Since 1995 I have seen many long-standing cases of the abovementioned conditions (and more) that were totally unresponsive to numerous physical treatments, but which recovered, sometimes dramatically, to application of Dr Wheatgrass extract. Dr Wheatgrass can act as a potent immunomodulator and possibly eliminates pain by inhibiting hormones such as Substance P that are responsible for the sensation of pain. It may also modify any autoimmune reactions affecting the tendon.

One case in point was a middle-aged female who suffered from bilateral plantar fasciitis for 20 years yet became pain free overnight using Dr Wheatgrass? Impossible? Not at all, it happened to one of my patients. There have been numerous others. For some unknown reason, Achilles tendonitis usually takes longer to respond than other types of tendonitis, but if one perseveres, Dr Wheatgrass can often do the job when nothing else works.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Inflammation Absent In Achilles Tendonitis

Chronic Achilles tendinopathy. A survey of surgical and histopathologic findings.
Aström, M., Rausing, A. Clin. Orthop. 1995. Jul;(316):151-64
163 patients with chronic Achilles tendinopathy, 75% of whom were athletes, underwent biopsy of the painful tendon. Degenerative changes (tendinosis) characterized by abnormal fiber structure, focal hypercellularity, and vascular proliferation were noted in 90% of biopsy specimens. Fibrinogen was identified in most and partial tendon ruptures occurred in 19%. Increasing age and male gender were associated with more pronounced microscopical pathology. Important features were a lack of inflammatory cells and a poor healing response.

Dr. Chris Reynolds notes:
To me, the last sentence reveals the most important findings of this study. "itis" means inflammation, but this did not appear to exist in these patients and the healing mechanism was poor. If there is no inflammation, then what is the cause of the individual's pain which can often last for months or even years?
To me, it suggests a reduced immune response or immuno-suppression, possibly due to increased natural steroid levels resulting from prolonged physical and/or psychological stress. I believe autoimmunity is the underlying cause of many such disorders and physical activity simply an aggravating factor.
Dr Wheatgrass is a natural immunomodulator that has helped many patients recover from Achilles tendonitis and related conditions.

Dr Wheatgrass - food for thought as well as for a healthy body.

Instead of "chlorophyll", it is probably better to think "Growth Factor Activators".

The Dr Wheatgrass Dream Is Well And Truly Alive And Its Users Are Well!

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