Ferritin Levels

  Ferritin Levels  
  11 yo Male 13 yo Female
Mar-03   1421
Aug-03   1348
13-May-04 2144 1331
Jul-04 2200 1700
Sep-04 1940 1335
Oct-04 1863 1248
Nov-04 1748 1040
Jan-05 1746 1080
1. No change in ferritin in the female 3 months after commencing deferiprone (L1)
2. Significant increase in ferritin in female after commencing Dr Wheatgrass extract
3. Decreases of 18% and 19% in baseline (13 May '04) ferritin levels in the male and female respectively after commencing Dr Wheatgrass extract
4. Any interpretation of these results at this stage would be totally speculative.

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