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"First, do no harm"
Sir William Osler

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"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not "Eureka" (I've found it!), but "That's funny..."
Isaac Asimov

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Dr Wheatgrass For Bones & Joints

The efficacy of Dr Wheatgrass in the management of bone and joint disorders is due to its powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It can significantly help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, and check subcutaneous and cutaneous bleeding quickly, thereby enhancing the natural healing process. This applies particularly to the healing of fractures where swelling settles very quickly, subcutaneous bleeding ceases and healing of the fracture itself appears to be quicker than normal. Pain can also be markedly reduced. Even applying Dr Wheatgrass to the skin at each end of overlying plaster or splints can achieve similar results.

In osteoarthritis, patients frequently report warmth in and around the joint a short while after application. Usually this is followed by increased mobility of the joint i.e. within 10 to 20 minutes. This can be quite dramatic. (See Case History Below)

As with any “natural” product, it pays to persist with chronic conditions for at least three months before ceasing treatment.

If closed fracture, apply immediately to suspected fracture site before splinting. Apply around the wound if skin broken. If plaster already applied, smear Dr Wheatgrass over skin at both ends of plaster 3 times a day. Can produce marked reduction in swelling, bruising & pain & hasten healing. (Case History Below)

Gout, acute & acute on chronic
Apply every 3 or 4 hours. Maintain hyperuricemic therapy. Can facilitate anti-inflammatory effect of hyperuricemics & shorten attack. Continue daily application to assist prevention of further attacks.

Apply small amount of Dr Wheatgrass near joint margin. Local warmth often experienced within first 10 minutes or so. Frequently increased joint movement during same period. Continue daily usage. Appears to have direct softening effect on collagen/soft tissues. (See Case History Below)

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Pre-tibial injuries
Apply to open wound & over swollen area & cover with light non-stick dressing. Repeat daily. Marked swelling reduction can occur with rapid healing in otherwise difficult area.

Apply to tender area 2 or 3 times a day. I have used Dr Wheatgrass effectively in numerous patients with resolution of pain usually within a week. I have had no treatment failures. Considering the difficulties experienced in treating this condition, I believe this is an important breakthrough in treatment.

Case History - Osteoarthritis

An 80 year old woman suffered from a stiff, painful, grossly swollen monoarthritis of the knee, which no longer responded to NSAIDS or intra-articular steroids. The joint surfaces were completely destroyed and knee-joint replacement was ruled out. The patient was told she would never move the joint again and to learn to live with the pain as nothing more could be done for her. Unable to drive a car for eight years because of pain and stiffness, she had also not slept for 6 months because of hyperesthesia over the medial aspect of the knee.  Approximately 15 minutes after applying the Dr Wheatgrass cream to the joint margins, she had regained almost a full range of pain-free movement and walked out of the consulting room without her stick.

She remained pain-free for about a month and continued to use the Dr Wheatgrass cream every day. However the pain returned, but she remained free of joint stiffness several months afterwards.

Having seen this phenomenon of rapid return of joint movement in numerous osteoarthritis sufferers, one wonders what kind of biochemical, neuro-humoral or other pathway could be involved. It appears that it is not one that medical science has so far attempted to elucidate, describe or explain. If such a mechanism can be determined it could result in a major breakthrough in the treatment of this often crippling disease.

The most important aspect of rapid increase in joint movement in this case is that the severely degenerated joint surfaces appeared to have little to do with the cause of joint stiffness. It is clearly more to do with stiffening of soft tissue around the joint - a strong departure from classical medical teaching.

Case Histories - Fractures

CASE # 1
An elderly female suffered severe, debilitating pain from a sub-capital fracture of the humerus. The pain was refractory to standard analgesics, and she was deteriorating clinically. Hospital admission was considered. However, following application of Dr Wheatgrass, she obtained rapid relief (within five to ten minutes) of pain. Analgesia lasted approximately four hours and remained equally effective several months later.

CASE # 2
A nine year old boy fell off the playgym at school and suffered a fractured elbow, not badly displaced, but very swollen and painful. The fracture was reduced and the limb immobilised in a collar and cuff. Dr Wheatgrass spray and cream were applied frequently over and around the exposed elbow. The first night, the boy woke at midnight complaining of pain, more cream and spray were applied and he slept till morning. He remained pain-free and pain-free and at day five, swelling had markedly reduced and bruising was only just visible. Excellent and rapid healing occurred.

Comment: In the first case, I scoffed at the patient's account of a "topical analgesic" telling her if there was such a thing, then the medical profession would know about it. But I was quite wrong. It did work, and, given her state of exhaustion, weight loss and depression her pain nearly killed her. So the Dr Wheatgrass actually saved her life. I'm just glad that I took heed of what she told me, because that's when I began using Dr Wheatgrass therapeutically for the first time. I've been using it successfully ever since. It is a pity that doctors could learn about the therapeutic benefits of Dr Wheatgrass if they chose to, but, like the young boy in Case # 2 whose orthopedic surgeon was not even interested, most medicos I know ridicule it - and me as well. And that's without having tried it! They must know something I don't. 
Happy to say, increasing numbers of medical practitioners are realising what a valuable therapeutic tool they have available to them, and are achieving successful outcomes accordingly.

The Wheatgrass Dream Is Well And Truly Alive And Its Users Are Well!

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