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DrWheatgrass SuperBalm

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Dr Wheatgrass is a highly effective natural remedy that can be used for many conditions. Extensive medical and scientific research since the 1930's shows that Dr Wheatgrass can facilitate and hasten the natural healing process.

The safety, low cost and virtual absence of adverse effects using Dr Wheatgrass products for healing, makes it ideal for use by everyone - health practitioners and general public alike.
Dr Wheatgrass contains numerous important health-giving bio-actives. Clinical observation shows how rapidly many of them are absorbed through the skin and the mucous membrane covering the oral cavity.

About Dr Wheatgrass

In 1995, Dr. Chris Reynolds (Dr Wheatgrass), a general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia, discovered that an extract of wheatgrass had quite extraordinary healing powers in a number of medical conditions such as burns, wound healing, fractures and numerous skin conditions such as steroid-dependent eczema and molluscum contagiosum. He also noted many of his patients gained considerably more energy and stamina after using wheatgrass, and felt generally much better in themselves after drinking a diluted form of the wheatgrass extract. This is the same extract used today in Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots.

Over the ensuing years, Dr. Reynolds (Dr Wheatgrass) went on to discover many other medical uses for the wheatgrass extract and conveyed many of his observations and discussed his ideas on how he thought wheatgrass achieves its success as a healing agent. He believes this has little to do with the nutritional value of wheatgrass. Instead, it is more likely due to the effects of the powerful Grass Juice Factor. This can have very positive effects on both the skin and the body's immune status.

It was this concept that prompted Dr. Chris (Dr Wheatgrass) to establish the Company in February, 2002 to research and develop health-related Dr Wheatgrass-based products.

Because it was a totally different idea to anything ever considered before for wheatgrass, he knew the wheatgrass immunity concept was not going to be an easy one to get across to prospective clients. Even with a multi-million dollar advertising budget, (which he didn't have) it would still have been difficult.

But he need not have worried. Slowly but surely, word of mouth about his Dr Wheatgrass products found a way forward. The simple fact that the skin products - a Dr Wheatgrass Cream and Dr Wheatgrass Spray - were having such dramatic effects in a large percentage of his clients (see testimonials) was sufficient to sell the Dr Wheatgrass products. Word spread, the idea caught on, and now, after only a few years, these topical wheatgrass products and immune-boosting Dr Wheatgrass SuperShots are now selling worldwide.

Introduction By Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S. (Dr Wheatgrass)

Since 1995 I have successfully used a specially formulated Dr Wheatgrass extract for both topical and systemic use in numerous medical conditions in approximately 30,000 patients attending my clinic. Many of my clinical observations are supported by both formal clinical trials and anecdotal evidence from a number of sources.

I have little doubt that my Dr Wheatgrass extract works as a natural immunomodulator assisting the body to heal itself. This concept would most likely be anathema to most practising doctors, as it was to me before I discovered for myself how important it can be in healing. Since then, my use of standard pharmaceuticals has reduced dramatically. Many more of my patients recover more quickly, adverse effects are virtually non-existent, and my sense of fulfilment as a doctor, absent for many disillusioned years tied to pharmaceutical-based medical practice, has been rekindled.

Any health practitioner or lay person can help his or her patients or friends with the information available on these pages. Dr Wheatgrass, in cream or liquid form, is a safe, general purpose active healing agent that can significantly facilitate the work of hands-on health professionals. Taken orally, it can significantly boost the immune system and help prevent disease.

Numerous clinical observations such as rapid re-epithelialisation of wounds, burns and fracture healing suggest that Dr Wheatgrass probably works by activating growth factors. There are four main areas in which it excels:

  • As an anti-inflammatory

  • As a wound healer

  • As a hemostatic/hemolytic agent

  • As a skin & connective tissue softener

There are therefore many clinical uses to which it can be put, particularly as a first aid cream and topical analgesic, where, to my knowledge it has no peers.  Use it sparingly, not because it is harmful in any way, but because a little goes a long way.  For acute conditions, it is best to apply Dr Wheatgrass as soon as possible after injury or onset of symptoms.

There are a number of medical and surgical specialties, particularly plastic and general surgery, dermatology, orthopedics and burns units, where many patients could greatly benefit if Dr Wheatgrass was used as a healing agent. For example, in post-operative wound healing, post-laser therapy, healing and pain management in fractures and, most importantly in my view, in the treatment of burns.

Dr Wheatgrass has been used either internally or externally for centuries as a therapeutic substance and is known to have a powerful and positive effect on the immune system. Unlike some immune stimulants such as echinacea which can sometimes have adverse effects and should not be taken over long periods, Dr Wheatgrass is very safe and can be taken indefinitely. However, some individuals cannot tolerate the taste and can become nauseous at times. Its use can also result in outstanding and sometimes quite phenomenal therapeutic outcomes. Adverse effects, if they occur, are extremely rare.

The following pages outline some successful clinical experiences with Dr Wheatgrass. Of course it does not work every time, but nothing does. All it needs is an open mind and a degree of imagination to discover how useful it can be for your patients.

Because Dr Wheatgrass has such a broad spectrum of activity, there is no individual who could not in some way benefit from the healing properties of Dr Wheatgrass.

Numerous clinical uses for Dr Wheatgrass are well known.  They have been recorded frequently since the 1930's when Dr Wheatgrass and other cereal grasses were intensively researched in the US and Japan.

More information about the science and the therapeutic effects of Dr Wheatgrass can be found here.

By Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.


Dr Wheatgrass Extract Contains Higher Antioxidant Levels Than Fresh Wheatgrass Juice

As you know, antioxidants are a much discussed topic and there is a formidable amount of information about them on the internet as a quick search will quickly demonstrate.

Basically, as oxygen is used up by the body’s normal metabolic processes, potentially damaging chemicals called ‘free radicals’ are produced. Environmental chemicals can also increase free radical levels. In turn, the free radicals attack other cells in the body, oxidizing them and causing damage. This oxidizing process is somewhat similar to when the cut surface of an apple turns brown when exposed to the air.

Damage can affect cell membranes, DNA and other cellular structures. This can lead to such untoward developments as:

  • premature ageing.

  • cancer.

  • arterial damage.

  • arthritis.

  • cataracts in the eye.

  • and some nervous disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Antioxidants help to neutralize the adverse effects of free radicals, so our diet needs to contain high enough levels to help prevent or slow these developments. Because Dr Wheatgrass is antioxidant-rich, taking it daily is one way of helping your body stay healthy.

Recent Antioxidant Research
n 2006 a group of Indian scientists (Kulkarni et. al.) performed an important study prompted by the knowledge that “the search is on for plant products with high antioxidant activities”.

Antioxidant levels (phenolic and flavonoid compounds) of water-based (i.e. wheatgrass juice) and alcohol-based extractions of wheatgrass were measured from plants grown under different growing conditions over periods from 6 to 15 days. These conditions included tap water, tap water with nutrients, soil and tap water and soil with nutrients.

These extracts were compared with a commercially available wheatgrass tablet. The scientists found antioxidant levels were

  • Highest at the end of the growing period (15 days).

  • Up to 250% higher in alcohol-extracted solutions compared with freshly juiced wheatgrass.

  • Highest in soil with nutrients.

  • Higher than many natural extracts and vegetables.

  • Significantly lower in the wheatgrass tablet compared with both fresh juice and alcohol-extracted solutions.

During the processing of my own Dr Wheatgrass extract, one of the steps involves alcohol extraction. From what I have observed in patient recovery clinically since 1995, I have no doubt Dr Wheatgrass has a very positive effect on the human body and on the skin. The benefits from daily ingestion of Dr Wheatgrass can really make a difference to one's health while many have enjoyed healthier skin after topical application.

Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

The Grass Juice Factor


Researchers have described many of the biologically active substances in Dr Wheatgrass, but have yet to ascertain the exact nature of the elusive 'Grass Juice Factor'. It is known to be present in all the cereal grasses and a number of other plants such as peas, cabbage, spinach and white clover. In cereal grasses, it is known to be in highest concentration in the young grass and diminishes as the plant ages.

Among other properties, the Factor has powerful growth and fertility effects in experimental animals. In one case, pigs were fed cereal grass supplements for seven weeks and gained weight rapidly. Weight gain stopped almost immediately the cereal grass was withdrawn and replaced with a mineralised milk diet only. When cereal grass was reintroduced, rapid weight gain resumed.

Medical Applications

Clinical and research evidence has shown this 'factor' to have, among other properties, a powerful effect on the regeneration of damaged skin and improvement in health in general. Since 1995, Dr. Chris Reynolds (Dr Wheatgrass), a Melbourne-based family physician has observed numerous healing phenomena when using a wheatgrass extract for a broad spectrum of medical conditions such as wound-healing, burns, fractures, soft tissue injuries, anal fissure and molluscum contagiosum to name a few. Clearly there was "something happening" that begged an explanation.

These findings prompted him to attempt to formulate a possible physiological mechanism that might explain at least some of his observations. Researchers had already described numerous biological actives in cereal grasses, but none of them seemed to explain the apparently enormously broad spectrum of conditions that improved using wheatgrass. Nor did they explain the sometimes astonishing rate that healing occurred.

It eventually came to him that the most likely way in which wheatgrass worked was by facilitating the body's own natural ability to heal itself. After all, that's how it appeared for instance with burns. Initially, pain was relieved soon after application. Then, overnight, a new surface became visible over the open burn that appeared to seal it and isolate it from the surrounding germ-laden air. No anitbiotics were required, and healing was rapid and uncomplicated from that point on, with minimal scarring. Having treated burns for some 25 years, he was left with no doubt that the natural healing process was being significantly enhanced by the wheatgrass, compared with previous clinical experience.

How Does It Work?

Clearly, something was happening with his patients' immune system. It was being supported, facilitated and apparently strengthened. Wheatgrass was also working for auto-immune conditions such as acne rosacea, psoriasis and in some cases multiple sclerosis. These and many other observations led him to believe wheatgrass was acting as an immunostimulant or immunomodulator. In other words, the wheatgrass was helping the body to "normalise" tissue damaged by its own immune cells that are normally expected to heal, but for some reason go wrong and turn against the body.

Review of the medical research surrounding the cereal grasses revealed numerous references to the healing effects of chlorophyll, the much touted molecule that supposedly has an important role in physical healing. Now Dr. Reynolds (Dr Wheatgrass), by observing thousands of wheatgrass "healing episodes" was able to duplicate many of the clinical results researchers had shown in the past such as burns recovery, wound and fracture healing and many others.

But there was no chlorophyll in the extract he was using! The question then remained as to what was actually causing these phenomena. Dr. Reynolds' (Dr Wheatgrass) guess? The Grass Juice Factor. But what on earth is it, and how do we find it? After all, scientists have been trying to identify it since the 1930's.

Well, it appears the most likely explanation of the ability of Dr Wheatgrass to facilitate the healing process is due to the presence of Growth Factor Activators. These are small molecules that stimulate growth factor activity. There are many types of growth factor in the body that are responsible for cell growth, recovery, repair and many other functions. One of their major functions is control of the immune response and the immune status of the individual. They are also responsible for tissue repair and the production of blood elements by bone marrow and other blood producing cells.

A Scientific Breakthrough

Recently in Melbourne, at a prestigious research laboratory, DNA technology developed for the Human Genome Project was used to detect the presence of a specific biological activity of Dr. Reynolds' Wheatgrass extract. This was a world first for a herbal substance and the result was outstanding, exceeding all expectations!

The importance of this discovery is that it brings us closer to discovering exactly what the Grass Juice Factor is, and possibly, in the near future, exactly how it works.

It may be possible to detect Growth Factor Activators (The Grass Juice Factor) which could readily explain the increased production of fetal hemoglobin in the research mentioned above. If this succeeds, it will almost certainly lead to greater understanding of how the body heals itself and how that process can be accelerated - naturally.In the American Journal of Surgery in 1940, Benjamin Cruskin, M.D., recommends chlorophyll for its antiseptic benefits.

The article suggests the following clinical uses for chlorophyll: "to clear up foul-smelling odours, neutralize streptococcal infections, heal wounds, hasten skin grafting, cure chronic sinusitis, overcome ear inflammation and infections, reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers, eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions, heal rectal sores, successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, reduce typhoid fever, and cure advanced pyorrhea in many cases."

Dr Wheatgrass, Growth Factors & The Grass Juice Factor

By Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B.,B.S.

Through various scientific and clinical studies and my own modest contribution, we know of many healing properties of Dr Wheatgrass. After all, it must be one of the most useful and effective home remedies available and is a boon to any health practitioner who is prepared to try it.

But, even though it has been extensively analysed and studied, we don't yet know how or why it works so well. The Grass Juice Factor was first discovered in the 1930’s. Although its substantially positive effects on growth and fertility were recognized at the time, the molecule or molecules responsible have never been identified.

Cereal grass has been shown to stimulate the release of human growth hormone and prolactin from anterior pituitary cells in laboratory animals. The pituitary is the gland at the base of the brain that controls the body's hormonal system. This influences growth and numerous other physiological and biochemical functions of the body. It also has powerful antioxidant effects.

Human growth hormone stimulates growth factors that are responsible for numerous physiological and immunological processes in humans and animals. For example:

  • Immunomodulation ("normalisation" of damaged cells and tissues)

  • Bone growth

  • Protein synthesis in muscle and other tissue

  • Antioxidant effects

  • Enhances fat metabolism to reduce weight

  • Stabilizes blood glucose

  • Preserves nerve cell function

  • Joint protection

  • Anti-atherosclerotic effects

  • Enhances immunity

  • Restores skin thickness

  • In ageing, they help delay frailty, muscle atrophy, relative obesity, and increased frequency of fractures

All of the above effects have been observed and recorded by medical scientists and practitioners. My own research and broad clinical experience using a wheatgrass extract suggests the presence of multiple growth factor activity such as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, (demonstrates many of the effects mentioned above), Fibrocyte Growth Factor (wound healing) and Hemangiopoietin Growth Factor (stimulates bone marrow blood-producing activity and new blood vessel growth).

In other words, it appears the Grass Juice Factor is more likely a group of biologically active precursors (chemical compounds that lead to other, usually more stable products) rather than a single molecule. These precursors may in some way stimulate various growth factors (there are many), which could in turn explain why Dr Wheatgrass has such a broad spectrum of activity.

The point is that although one can't ignore the nutritional benefits of Dr Wheatgrass, I strongly believe that the most important elements in Dr Wheatgrass are the small, as yet unidentified biologically active molecules that give you and millions of others who take Dr Wheatgrass daily, continuing good health.

The wheatgrass extract I use contains lower concentrations of nutritional elements, but it still works. For example, take the “rush” that many people get immediately they take Dr Wheatgrass. This also occurs with the extract. One would not expect a nutrient to work that quickly, so there has to be some other biological active(s) responsible. I believe it is the rapid absorption of these biological actives through the mucous membrane in the mouth that, because they enter the bloodstream almost instantaneously, there is a rapid boost to the body’s immunity and ultimately many other benefits. That's why you need to hold Dr Wheatgrass in whatever form in your mouth for a minute or two to obtain maximum benefit.

Dr Wheatgrass - food for thought as well as for a healthy body.

Instead of "chlorophyll", it is probably better to think "Growth Factor Activators".

The Dr Wheatgrass Dream Is Well And Truly Alive And Its Users Are Well!

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