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All New Alkaline, Structured Water Stick

A Simple, Inexpensive, Portable Solution

To Greatly Improve The Quality Of YOUR Water.

Stainless Steel Outer Casing With Amazing Bio-Elements Inside

*Beware Of Cheap Imitations Made With Aluminium or Plastic Casing

Introductory Offer RRP $39.90

YOURS Now For Less Than Half Price Only $17.90 Each

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Alkaline Water Stick

  It's Simple And It Works

No Power Needed! Just a Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick

Don't risk it? Take the Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick with YOU on YOUR Travels

Alkaline water is extremely healthy and it may help to improve YOUR health without you even realising it.

You Won't Be Disappointed!

1 Stick Treats Up To 480L

 Outer Material: Stainless Steel
 Filter: Bio elements inside
 Usage: Alkalize and Ionize water
 Packaging: No Frills Plain Cellophane Wrapper

ISO 9001:2008

Alkaline Water Stick

What A Great, Inexpensive,  Healthy Gift Idea For The Ones You Love

Alkaline Water Stick Functions:

The Portable Water Stick can change any tap or bottled water into a High pH Rich in Antioxidants, Micro-Clustered, Oxygenated, Alkaline Drinking Water.

Alkaline Water sticks can last from 6 months to a year depending on the type of water being used and how often you use it.

*When a chlorine taste and/or smell is present it indicates the device is no longer working and needs to be replaced.

How does it work?

Alkaline Water Sticks contain Tourmaline Stone (Far-Infrared), Zeolite, Maifanshi Stone, Muyu Jade, Clay, Nano Silver Powder, Kaolin Rare Earth, and more. These materials create structured water making your water clean and tasty.

Tourmaline releases Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Minerals etc. that improve Skin Elasticity and Helps Promote Blood Circulation and Increases Metabolism.

Below is a description of some of the treatment materials.


Alkaline Water Stick


Drinking Alkaline Ionized water in conjunction with the consumption with more alkaline food intake has been accredited with having been helpful in the treatment of many conditions in addition to assisting people maintain good. In oriental countries Alkaline Ionized water has been enjoyed for many years in and now progressively more in the Western world as the beneficial effects are becoming more obvious.

Alkaline Water Stick

The Treated Water :Alkaline Water Stick

        Has smaller Molecular clusters which  promotes easier absorption.

        Becomes rich in Antioxidants, Ionization Healthy Minerals and Generates Negative Ions.

        Helps detoxify Alcohol and Tobacco.

        Balances the bodies pH and adds micro-nutrients.

        Purifies water and neutralizes Residual Chlorine and Heavy Metals.

        Drinking Alkaline Water increases your pH Value level.

        Can have an increased pH value of more than 9.

*And Much More

Alkaline Water Stick

How To Use The Alkaline Water Stick


1.    Prior to use of the Alkaline Water Stick: Place it in a plastic bottle    filled with clean water. Shake for about thirty seconds empty and repeat this twice more, in order to eliminate any loose minerals

2.    Fill the bottle again and shake for another thirty seconds. Allow to stand for 15-20 minutes prior to drinking.

3.    The more time the water is allowed to stand with the Ionic Stick submerged, the more intense the ionization and the greater the pH level. (Up to 9 or more)

4.    Use one stick to treat 500ml, increase the number of sticks if more water is desired and/0r  speed up the process.

5.    Use a plastic bag to store between uses.

The Alkaline Water Stick is only suitable for treating cold water. 

Do not use in electric jugs or with hot water.

Did you know?          

        Cancer cells must have an acidic environment in order to develop and are unable to stay alive in alkaline conditions.

        When the pH is balanced the majority of people experience considerably less pain. Including those who suffer from Arthritis and Fibro Myalgia along with many other debilitating disorders.

        The rate at which you age is determined by how acidic your blood is.

        Greying hair, wrinkling and sagging skin are all worsened by acid in your body.

Alkaline Water Purifier

PH Chart









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