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Magnetic Alkaline Water FlaskMagnetic Tourmaline Alkaline Water Flask

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Tourmaline Alkaline Water Flask

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Simply The Best And Cheapest In Australia

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Just pour water or mineral water into the flask and it will be transformed into activated, structured water in minutes.

Product information:Magnetic Alkaline Water Flask

1. SS304

2. Cup cap

3. Height: 20cm

4. Colour: silver, black, brown, or bright black, bright brown (Only Silver Currently In Stock)

It Is Said Some Of The Advantages Of Using Alkaline Water Filters Are:-

  • Many contaminants and bacteria are filtered out and chlorine reduced

  • Increases your hydration due to the decreased size of the molecules, which makes it simpler for blood cells to absorb

  • Raises the pH, which then reduces the body's acidity

  • Provides antioxidant potential by giving a low ORP to the water

  • Helps your body to improve the balance of alkaline/acid

  • Helps protect against viruses and bacteria

  • Destroys free radicals

  • Improved oxygenation of the blood improves mental clarity, sleep and boosts your energy - higher O2 and pH levels helps remove toxins at the cellular level

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