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Chlorine Free Shower Filters Packaging

Simply The Best Shower You Will Ever Have!

With Our EcoFriendly, Poison Free, PURESPA Shower Water Filters

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If you are looking for a healthier, sweeter smelling bath room at reasonable cost, this filter is for you.

Plus You Will SAVE MONEY On Soap Shampoo, And Conditioner.

No more showers with that horrid swimming pool smell.

Just Imagine A Chlorine Free And Reduced Fluoride Shower.

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Shower Water Filter HBB-SF

Chlorine Free Shower Filter Packaging

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Outside Australia


Outside Australia

Scientists consider chlorine to be one of the most toxic elements found in nature, yet you come in contact with it every day! We even drink and bathe in it.

(Chlorinated Water MSDS)

Removal Rate

NO. Items Unit Raw Water Filtered Out Removal
1  Lead


0.047 0.001 98.9%
2  Mercury 0.00475 0.00012 97.5%
3  Cadmium 0.0334 0.0015 95.5%
4  Chromium 0.088 0.012 86.4%
5  Residual Chlorine 0.4 0.005 99.4%
6  Trichloromethane 0.0476 0.0061 87.2%
7  Carbon Tetrachloride 0.00058 0.0001 91.4%

People try to avoid chlorine by filtering or ozonating tap water or by drinking bottled water however only part of the problem is being addressed as most of our daily chlorine exposure is from showering!

If you are looking for a healthier, sweeter smelling bath room at reasonable cost, this filter is for you.

Shower Water FilterWe are devoted to supplying you with the best water filtration equipment and other natural products possible. Pure, clean, safe water is one of the world's leading health issues for this century.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of adult diseases and 50% of children deaths are related to the quality of water. The high amount of impurity, suspended, rust, heavy metals, chlorine, firedamp-trichloride, germs and viruses are all detrimental to your health.
More and more people are becoming aware that not only is the food they consume affecting their quality of life, but also the water they drink and use is equally vital if not even more so.
People absorb more chlorine while bathing with hot water than by drinking water as the hot water produces fumes that is being inhaled into the respiratory system.
Furthermore, the firedamp-trichloride and tetrachloride-carbon prevalent in non-filtered water catalysts for cancer, while chloride and heavy metal are dangerous for viscous (internal organs in the main cavities of the body, i.e. the intestines), increases scurf (flaky skin, i.e. dandruff), hasten skin aging, lifeless limply hair, whelk (pimple), eczema, and many other ailments. This is especially detrimental for the newborn and older children's skin.

PURESPA shower water filters generate clean water from tap water. They effectively remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulphide, bacteria, algae, fungi, odour, sediment, mould, arsenic, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), THMs, MTBEs, VOCs, chloramines, sodium, nitrate, micro-organisms lime, and scale, reduces fluoride and much more. PURESPA's speciallyChlorine free Shower Filterformulated KDF filter media effectively removes up to 99.9% or more chlorine and greatly reduces fluoride from shower water. Once water contacts with the KDF filter media, converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc chloride. This effectively reduces damage to hair and skin, and slows down fading of colour treated hair. It even balances pH of the water. If you are looking for a  healthier, sweeter smelling bath room at reasonable cost, this filter is for you.

Strongly recommended for people with sensitive skin and/or known health issues and everyone else, its a great preventative from toxic build-up and overload.


Hot water quickly opens up the pores of our skin and we absorb up to 600% more chlorinated chemicals, than we would from drinking un-filtered water all day.

Chlorine, is a powerful bleach and kills off the beneficial bacteria found on the surface of our skin, which in turn reduces our body's natural defence against skin disorders.

There is strong evidence indicating that chlorine exacerbates the following conditions;




         psoriasis / eczema

         skin rashes

         sinus conditions

Enhanced pH balance and the negative ions generated by the Energy SPA shower filter is another advantage as they remove other undesirable odours.

The human body should be slightly alkaline in order to build an alkaline reserve for acid-forming conditions such as stress, lack of exercise, or poor dietary habits.

Negative ions are imperceptible, odourless, and tasteless molecules that we inhale in great quantities in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieve stress, helping to alleviate depression, and enhance our daytime energy levels.

YOU will use less soap, shampoo, and conditioner and skin moisturiser.

YOU will SAVE the price of the Energy SPA shower filter in months and help the environment at the same time.

Energy SPA shower filters are easy to install and inexpensive to buy.

Complete Reduction

Using PURESPA shower water filters helps safeguard your health by eliminating dangerous toxic chemicals

Complete Reduction

Relief for those with chemical allergies and dermatitis problems by using PURESPA shower water filters

Complete Reduction

Keeps skin soft and moist eliminating harsh drying effects of Chlorine by using PURESPA shower water filters

Complete Reduction

Leaves hair soft and shiny by using PURESPA shower water filters

Shower Water FilterMost shower filters sold here in Australia only have 1 or at maximum 2 filtering medium (mainly only KDF and/or carbon and SALT. Salt is not a filtering medium it is an absorbent material but not a filtering medium) whereas PURESPA Filters use 4 - don't be fooled into buying inferior units.

Independently most shower filter purchasers have purchased around 2 or 3 units, only to be disappointed by the claims, UNTIL they buy a PURESPA Filter, regarded as best on the market for ease of use, ease of installation, a cleaner, fresher, showering experience, so why waste more $$$ on inferior units? Dont be disappointed, get your PURESPA Filter today and see why many thousands of users keep using our filter.


Simple to install. No special tools required.

Simply attach PURESPA shower water filter to the base of your steel shower hose, or between your existing showerhead and the water pipe, thus filtering all the impurities from the water before it reaches you.

The filter cartridge typically only need replacing in 8 to 12 months, depending on your water quality and frequency of use.

Capacity usage of 40,000 litres that is less than 0.002975 cents per litre.


  • Removes harmful chlorine and its by-products from your shower

  • Relieves skin ailments and dandruff

  • Softer, more manageable hair

  • Less fading on colour-treated hair

  • Shiny hair and healthier scalp

  • Ideal for infants, adults and pets

  • Filters ensure all nasties are removed

  • Super easy to install to any shower fixtures

  • Can be used with water heaters; able to withstand high temperature and heat up to 95C

  • Capacity usage of 40,000 litres that is less than 0.002975 cents per litre

  • Replaceable cartridge filter life of 8-12 months, depending on usage

  • Effective for both hot and cold water

  • Sleek design with chrome finish outer casing


1. This Shower Filter in part utilises the patented KDF process made up of high-purity copper-zinc formulated media from the U.S, at its core to clear the water of chlorine, odours, bacteria, rust, sulfureted hydrogen and heavy metal ions and other impurities, reduce any pesticide and other chemicals content found in water that can cause cancer, softening the water in the process, reduce furring and protect the cleanness of the shower water.

2. Prolonged use reduces allergic reaction, allows the hair to breathe well and become more manageable.

3. It also cleans the skin deeper making it healthy, soft and full of lustre, helps prevent inflamed swelling, such as a pimple or pustule condyloma and muscle flabbiness due to aging.


KDF performs excellently at removing chlorine and becomes catalyzed in the presence of hot water. It is also a bacteriostatic filtration media that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also helps prevent bacterial growth in carbon filtration media when the two are combined. Activated carbon has long been known for its effectiveness at removing chlorine along with a wide spectrum of chemicals including VOC's (volatile organic compounds) including herbicides and pesticides, many of which are are in most water catchment areas and many are carcinogenic.


The HBB-SF shower filter unit is a single cartridge unit giving you 4 stages of filtration see specifications below.

  1. The first stage. Micro-filtration: Removes sediment, rust, sand, and other solids to protect KDF filter.

  2. The second stage - USA high-tech material KDF: KDF is made from brass and zinc of high-purity and filters the water via Oxidation-reduction (REDOX). KDF: Removes up to 99% of chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, micro-organisms, scale and water-soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and iron; kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

  3. The third stage of each filter is a high quality granular activated carbon (GAC): that absorbs any pollution in the water. Activated Carbon: Further removes chlorine, organic contaminants, etc.

  4. The fourth stage is a micro-filter that removes any carbon material from the water to ensure the freshness and purity of the resultant water.

PURESPA Patented Shower Water Filter Manufacturers adhere to stringent quality control, assured by the following:

Shower Water Filter Endorsements

Shower Water Filter

Over time by using the PURESPA shower filter, your skin and hair will regain and maintain its lustre and softness. And by using the PURESPA shower filter it will help prevent skin problems.

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