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State Of The Art

Computerised Multi Purpose

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

Cold Corona Generators Produce Much Purer Ozone Than UV Machines

And Last Much Longer

Based On Nikola Tesla’s Original Invention

The Best Machines At The Best Prices

From The Multi Machine That Produces 500 mg/p/h

Up To The 10,000 mg/p/h Machine

All Professional Cleaner's Must See This

Professional Cleaner Secrets

The Prices Below Include Delivery

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Cold Corona Ozone Generators

500 mg/p/h

For Household Use


Ozone Multi 500 Mg/P/H
Cold Corona Ozone Generators

A Massive 10-12,000 mg/p/h

Plenty For Those Big Jobs


Industrial 10,000 mg/p/h

Normal Retail Price $289.00

Buy It Now $189.95

Normal Retail Price $2,190.00

Buy It Now $1,790.00

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

A massive 7,000 mg/p/h

Plenty For Those Big Jobs


Industrial Air 7,000 mg/p/h

Normal Retail Price $1,199.00

Buy It Now $799.00

A Couple Of Snippets Below That Are Worth A Look

Fluoride Dangers Information

Ozone: A Wide-Spectrum Healer
by Gary Null, Ph.D.

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The Versatile 500 mg/p/h Will

Remove Chlorine and Many Other Toxins From Your Water Much Safer

Remove Toxins and Impurities in Your Air, Water and Food Healthier

Remove Mould and Bad Smells Naturally Don't just mask them

Make Your Water, Air and Food Pure`n´Clean Save $$$$$$$$

Disinfect and Sanitize After Flood or Fire Safer and Cleaner

Make Your Own Bottled Water You will taste the difference

Remove Pesticides From Fruit and Vegetables Help Detox

Computer Controlled for Continuous Use Set and Forget

Ideal For Ozonating Oils And Honey Healthy

Reduces Calories in Food Weight Loss



With These

  Must Have

State of the Art Cold Corona Ozone Generators

The Pure`n´Clean Ozone Water Purification Systems Require No Chemicals.


Very Cost-Effective For Long-Term Applications.

Buy Your Own Pure 'n' Clean Multi Purpose Computerised Ozone Generator

Ozone Formation via Corona Discharge

Ozone Formation

An electrical discharge (a spark) splits an oxygen molecule into two oxygen atoms. (Electrical discharge is also referred to as corona discharge.) These unstable oxygen atoms combine with other oxygen molecules. This combination forms ozone.

Lightning strikes the ground 100-times a second on the earth.  This is how mother nature produces ozone to destroy odours and contaminants.

The Ozone Generator takes oxygen from the air and converts it into very safe levels of ozone.

Ozone will remove contaminants and chemical by-products, which cause poor water and air quality and unpleasant odours.

Ozone is natural unlike harsh chemicals. It starts as oxygen and finishes as oxygen.

These Ozone Generators substantially reduce chemical usage and cost only a few cents a day to operate.

Ozone can be used in such diverse areas as cooling towers, agriculture, drinking water, therapy pools, aquariums, nurseries and general water and air treatment applications.


Ozone Can Be Used To Remove Odours From:

·         Crime Scenes

·         Cigarette Smell From Vehicles

·         Death Scenes

·         Blood & Feces Odour Removal

·         Mould, Mildew

·         Fire Damage, Smoke

·         Pet Smells

·         Paint Smells (Occupants Can Occupy The Building Immediately After It Is Painted)

·         Bathrooms

·         Classrooms

·         Boats, Ships, Aircraft, Trucks, Pantechs

·         Funeral Parlours

·         Wheelie Bins, Skip Bins

·         Bowling Allies And Pubs (Deodorisation Of Alcohol, Smoke Odours And Bowling Shoes)

·         In The Kitchen An Ozone Generator Can Sanitise The Work Surfaces And Clear The Air Of Cooking Odours

·         Ozone Does Not Kill Dust Mites But Neutralizes The Dust Mite Faeces That Cause Irritation And Allergies

·         If There Is Illness In The Home Ozone Will Sanitise The Environment And Help Prevent The Spread Of Infection

·         Clean The Air Of Pollutants That Affect Asthma Sufferers

The Uses Are Endless

Ozone not only safely destroys the odour molecules, it also kills airborne bacteria.

Ozone also effectively removes odour from furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings. The result is a clean, safe and fresh environment.


We Will Deliver World Wide

Why is Cold Corona Discharge Method the Best?

Some Of The Advantages Of The Cold Corona-Discharge Method Are: greater sustainability of the unit, higher, purer ozone production and lower running costs.

1. Corona discharge ozone generators use ambient air thereby doubling the ozone output per given volume of dry air
2. Small construction allows the generator to be installed in virtually any area
3. Creates a more pure form of ozone without creating other harmful or irritating gases
4. Corona cell life can exceed ten years
5. Create higher quantities of ozone
6. More cost-effective than UV-ozone generation
7. Can operate much longer than UV-ozone generators

Ozone The Natural Purifier You Can Trust

In Nature Lightning Creates Ozone

Ozone LogoOzone LogoOzone Not Only Purifies Water It Also Eliminates Abnormal

 Colours, Tastes And Odours With No Chemical Residue

In Just Minutes

150 times more powerful than chlorine.

3,500 times faster acting than chlorine.

Leaves no toxic or carcinogenic by-products.

When ozone is used to treat our drinking water, it effectively eliminates abnormal colour, taste, and odour. Chlorine, used in most facilities as a disinfectant, has recently been found in scientific studies to have a tendency to create carcinogens as it breaks down.

For this reason there is increased pressure to reduce or eliminate chlorine as a primary disinfectant to water. Many cities, are now using ozone to disinfect their water supplies.

Ozone is 150 times more powerful than chlorine and acts 3,500 times faster than chlorine.

Ozone also eliminates harmful metals, by causing these metals to clump together which allows them to be large enough to filter out.

Because of ozone’s short life, it quickly converts to pure oxygen and thus adds much needed oxygen to the water.

Since the Pure`n´Clean ozone water purification system requires no chemicals, it is healthier for you and is very cost-effective for long-term applications.

Ozone Is Also Perfect For Aquariums

Ozone Use in Aquariums

 We've asked many aquarists what they believed using ozone accomplished in their aquaria. The list is always headed by increased water clarity, but also includes other possibilities set out below, in no particular order:

1.      Increased water clarity (even if it had been very clear before ozone)

2.      Increased light penetration

3.      Decreased yellowness Goldfish Ozone

4.      Decreased algae

5.      Decreased cyanobacteria

6.      Balances skimmate production

7.      Increased ORP

8.      Reduced nitrate

9.      Decreased pathogenic bacteria

10.    Reduced circulating toxins

11.    Cleaner (purer) water

Technical Specs: Multi Purpose Ozone 500 mg/p/h Air And Water Purifier

Input: AC120V/220V Cold Corona Ozone Generator Power: 15W
Size: 200x160x105mm Air Source: Ambient Air
Box: 230x170x120mm Air Sterilizing: 40M3/15 min.
N/G Weight: 1.10kg Water Sterilizing: 10L/15min
Ozone Output: 500mg/h Working Time: 10/20/30/45/60 min.
Ozone Density: 0.45mg/L Pausing Time: 20/30/60/120/180 min.
Output: 2/L/P/M Accessories: Stone Diffusers, Tube, Hook

Fully Programmable Computer Controlled

Currently Only $189.95 Price Includes Delivery

(1) 20 minutes for room air sterilizing.

(2) 20 minutes for water sterilizing.

(3) 20 minutes to remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables.

(4) 10 minutes to remove all kinds of bad smells in rooms or refrigerator.

Ozone, Mother Nature’s Purifier The Pure`n´Clean Ozone Generators

Best in Their Class.

Technical Specs: Home Or Industrial 10,000 mg/p/h Air And Water Purifier

Input: AC120V/220V

Cold Corona Ozone Generators

Power: 120W
Size: 375x470x180mm Air Source: Ambient Air
Box: 490x420x220mm Air Sterilizing: 500M3/15min
N/G Weight: 10.00kg Water Sterilizing: 200L/15min
Ozone Output: 10-12,000mg/h Working Time: Manual Or Auto
Ozone Density: 5.5-7mg/L Pausing Time: Manual Or Auto
Output: 40/L/P/M Accessories: Tube

Operates Continuously Or By Timer

Currently Only $1,790.00 Price Includes Delivery

(1) 5 minutes for room air sterilizing.

(2) 5 minutes for water sterilizing.

(3) 5 minutes to remove pesticides from fruit and vegetables.

(4) 2 minutes to remove all kinds of bad smells in rooms or refrigerator.

Technical Specifications: Home Or Industrial 7,000 mg/p/h Air Purifier


AC 240V

Cold Corona Ozone Generators





Air Source:

Ambient Air



Area Sterilizing:

240M3 15 min.

N/G Weight:


Discharge Type:


Ozone Output:


Working Time:

Manual Or Auto

Ozone Density:


Pausing Time:

Manual Or Remote

Fully Portable:


Fan Output:


Operates Continuously Or By Timer

Currently Only $799.00 Price Includes Delivery

Ozone, Mother Nature’s Purifier The Pure`n´Clean Ozone Generators Best in Their Class.

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