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Dr Wheatgrass Treatment for Skin Conditions

Below are some skin ailments where I have often found Dr Wheatgrass extract to be very useful. Although there is no guarantee, it often works and, because it has a high margin of safety, is always worth trying.

Abscess Drainage
Dr Wheatgrass to surface of abscess & wait 10 minutes. This reduces pain of incision. Drain abscess. Apply Dr Wheatgrass to wound & surrounding inflamed tissues. Drainage wick unnecessary . Apply non-stick dressing (e.g. Melolin) and moderately firm bandage. Repeat in 24 hours.
Pain can cease overnight. Minimal discharge, inflammation & swelling. Wound closure in two or three days usually with daily dressing & Dr Wheatgrass application. Patient can usually self-treat with Dr Wheatgrass & dressing on day 3.

Acne vulgaris
Apply Dr Wheatgrass twice daily. Takes a week to several months. Persist. View Case History

Acne rosacea
Dr Wheatgrass daily to affected area. Persist. Dr Wheatgrass is the only therapeutic agent I know that can assist this condition. Erythema reduced, improved appearance.

Acute, painful rashes  Top
Apply Dr Wheatgrass sparingly to affected area. Can provide rapid, dramatic reduction of pain, swelling & blistering.

Alopecia areata
Apply Dr Wheatgrass cream or spray twice daily. Usually takes 2 or 3 months, but some good results can be expected. Dr Wheatgrass appears to have a positive effect on auto-immune conditions such as alopecia areata, psoriasis and acne rosacea.
Case History with photographs
Alopecia Areata Testimonial

Anal fissure
It is my view that anal fissure is most likely an auto-immune condition. Given that
Dr Wheatgrass often heals the fissure and relieves the patient's constipation, this is a reasonable concept. See The Cause & Treatment of Anal Fissure - A Different View
Apply small amount to anal canal twice a day with a cotton bud. Fissure can heal rapidly, often in 7 to 10 days. No adverse effects and usually very effective.

Burn contractures
Apply sparingly to contracture 3 times a day or more frequently. Contracture can soften in 15-20 minutes allowing increased mobilisation. Long term effect not known. Also worth trying on Dupuytren's contractures.

Apply immediately to burn area after first-aid. Apply light, non-stick dressing (eg Melolin). Change dressing daily. Pain reduction or elimination can occur within hours. Low or negligible infection & rapid healing with reduced scar formation. For these reasons, I believe
Dr Wheatgrass is of major medical importance as a treatment for burns, both superficial and deep. 

Apply every few hours. Can moderate symptoms.

Diabetic foot ulcers
Apply sparingly to ulcer once a day & cover with light non-stick dressing. If too painful, apply around ulcer. Can reduce pain & risk of infection. May induce healing & increase circulation to affected area.

Eczema/Dermatitis (See Treatment of Eczema)
Spray only recommended. Avoid creams, they are all capable of producing allergic reactions. Apply spray sparingly particularly to thick, fissured areas 2 or 3 times a day. Spray can be combined with 1% hydrocortisone in refractory cases.
Skin rapidly softens along fissures reducing pain & allowing improved movement of stiff, hypertrophic tissue.

Excision of skin lesions 
Smear small amount of Dr Wheatgrass over base of excision e.g. cyst, or over sutured skin. Cover firmly with non-stick dressing. Re-dress daily.
Minimal or no pain after local anesthetic wears off. Clean, blood-free open wound site next day, no adherence to dressing. Little ooze. Can prevent infection, with fast healing & reduced scarring.

Apply Dr Wheatgrass daily with light dressing. Antibiotics not usually required. Exudate can dry up in 48 hours. Lesion may take several weeks to resolve.

Herpes zoster
Use medication if indicated. Apply Dr Wheatgrass every 4 hours to developing or established rash. May assist & shorten healing process & ease pain.

Ingrown toenail
Apply Dr Wheatgrass to inflamed area & cover with light dressing once a day. Often marked reduction in pain & inflammation in a few days.

Injection sites
Apply Dr Wheatgrass immediately to injection site & cover with bandaid. Can prevent local pain, tenderness & swelling.

Jellyfish & insect bites & stings
Apply Dr Wheatgrass immediately to affected area. Can ease pain & reduce inflammation if applied early.

Lacerations & other open wounds
Apply Dr Wheatgrass to open wound or sutured lesion. Apply firm, non-stick dressing. Repeat daily. minimal seepage or blood loss. No adhesion to dressing. Rapid healing, swelling reduction & no wound infection observed.

Laser burns
Apply Dr Wheatgrass to burn site once a day. Can prevent & reduce inflammation & pain.

Molluscum contagiosum
Apply Dr Wheatgrass once daily. Lesions can resolve completely with continued use, usually within a few weeks. The only effective treatment I know of for this condition. Persist.

Apply to affected area.
Dr Wheatgrass almost invariably produces remarkable improvement, reducing pain, inflammation and swelling overnight. Antibiotics not required and extract prepares area for incision and drainage. However, pus tends to be absorbed and incision often unnecessary.

Dr Wheatgrass 3 times a day or more frequently to affected area. Can soften tissue & reduce swelling, tenderness and pain.

Phlebotomy, IV sites
Apply immediately after vein puncture. Can prevent bruising & inflammation. Ideal for venepuncturists.

Psoriasis (See
Case Histories with photographs )
Apply twice daily to affected areas. Persist. May take a couple of months for lesions to fade.
Usually itch disappears in first few days or weeks, then plaque becomes thinner with reduction in scale shedding. Lesions become smoother and in time, centre begins to fade.

Solar keratoses
Smear small amount of
Dr Wheatgrass on lesion twice daily. Can eradicate lesions in about 6 - 8 weeks. Also useful for basal cell carcinomas.

Slow healing bites
Dr Wheatgrass daily to wound with light non-stick dressing. Repeat daily.
Wound can dry quickly & heal within several weeks or sooner.

Dr Wheatgrass as soon as possible to affected area. Repeat 4 hourly. Can effect rapid pain & relief of inflammation. Helps remove peeling skin

Varicose ulcers  Top
Smear small amount of Dr Wheatgrass over ulcer bed & surrounding skin every 2 days. Apply non-stick light dressing. Compression not required. Pain reduction & cleansing of ulcer floor can occur with healing from wound edges & centre of ulcer. Skin surrounding ulcer thickens & strengthens. Simple self-care for patient. Cleansing agents, astringents, compression bandages not usually required. Highly cost effective. Can reduce need for hospitalisation.
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