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EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation ProtectionNEW!! Scalar Energy EMR/EMF/EMP

Anti Radiation Phone Shield Stickers

The Ultimate First-Line Defence Against Electronic Pollution.

The Rolls Royce Of Radiation Protection Devices

Chip Size: 5cm height x 3cm width (They Can Be Cut To Size)

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation Protection


"EMF Pollution may be the most significant form of pollution that human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible."

Scalar Energy: The New Age Of Healing
Scalar energy is the energy of the future and is also known as healing energy. It helps maintain the body's bio-field by promoting a positive flow of energy. Scalar energy also restores energy that has been weakened by daily exposure to negative energies such as radiation from mobile phones, television, computer, x-ray, microwave and electrical appliances. The Scalar energy in the Scalar pendant does not diminish. In fact, it can help provide human beings consistent energy for a lifetime. Scalar energy is known throughout the world for its medicinal utilities and is now used to treat all manner of ailments.

Want To Know More See What These Reputable Sources Have To Say About The Problem


Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

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The Solution Is Here EMR/EMF/EMP Protective Shields

Just Imagine A Radiation Free Environment.

The power never diminishes or deteriorates....it remains constant.

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation Protection

Cook Your Food With Microwaves

Not Your Brain!!!


This May Well Prove To Be The Inexpensive, Healthy, Drug Free Option For Personal Protection From Harmful Invisible Radiation Sources.

Quantum Energy Anti Radiation Sticker

25 x Mobile Phone And Appliance Stickers

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation Protection

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Buy Yours Now Only $19.95

Enjoy A Radiation Free Environment

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Positive feedback rating My parcel arrived yesterday J Many thanks for your generosity.  I put the pendant to use straight away!  Being an energy worker and therefore sensitive to energy I could feel it at work
Positive feedback rating Great product! Works wonders by harmonising the aural frequencies and emf wavelengths. Brilliant price. Well done.. Peace 2 u all!
Positive feedback rating Brilliant! No more procrastinating! I have a new lease on life. TY so much :D
Positive feedback rating Great product sent quickly awesome seller of amazing products
Positive feedback rating Great quality product
Positive feedback rating Super product, arrived after three days from the other side of the world amazing
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Now you can protect yourself and your family with SCALAR ENERGY SHIELDS!

The world suffers from "electromagnetic contamination", "e-smog", or "Electromagnetic pollution". The widespread use of technology that radiates EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field), EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation), and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) fields that constantly bombards the human body affecting its Bio-field.

All cell phone users are exposed to the danger of Radiation, it is everywhere, almost as common as the air you breathe. If you're like the typical person living in modern society, there is not a time during your typical day when you are not exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). This type of environment has never existed in the human history before.

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation Protection

Cell Phones may trigger many brain diseases including brain cancer and Alzheimers.THE SCALAR ENERGY EMR SHIELD is a product of Advanced Japanese Technology and a solution to 21st century harmful electromagnetic waves pollution. Infused with Bio Ceramics capable of emitting Scalar Energy. FIR and Negative Ions.

Cook Your Food With Microwaves

Not Your Brain!!!

The Scalar Energy. FIR and Negative Ions produced by the attachment eliminates and nullifies the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from your everyday devices.

"Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA"

Cellular telephones and effects on the brain: the head as an antenna and brain tissue as a radio receiver.

Headache and other neuropsychological symptoms occur in users of cellular telephones, and controversy exists concerning risks for brain cancer. We hypothesize these effects result from the head serving as an antenna and brain tissue as a radio receiver. Brain cells and tissues demodulate the cell-phone's various frequencies from the radio frequency carrier. Low audio frequencies in the ranges of alpha and beta waves affect these waves and thereby influence brain function.

The effect of microwaves from a mobile phone has an impact on the stability of cells in the body. The main effects are neurological, causing headaches, memory loss and also sleeping disorders.

Researchers found that volunteers had a disturbed sleep pattern for as much as 50 minutes after being exposed to the radiation. Even a short exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones has an effect on brain physiology.

THE SCALAR ENERGY EMR SHIELD is a simple little sticker, especially designed for easy application and convenient to use on any part of Mobile Phones, TV's, Computers, Microwave Ovens, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Other Electrical Appliances.

Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your love ones are protected against harmful electromagnetic waves and their health and safety is not compromised.EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation Protection

Mobile Phones 'Harm Blood Cells':

Mobile phone radiation may damage cells by increasing the forces they exert on each other, scientists have said.

Mobile Phones 'Alter Human DNA':

·         Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA, a laboratory study has shown.

·         Cell phones can affect sperm quality, Researcher says keeping a cell phone on talk mode in a pocket can decrease sperm quality, according to new research from the Cleveland clinic.

Mobile Phone Radiation 'Damages Memory' Study:

Exposure to mobile phone radiation worsens the short-term memory of rats, according to a new Swedish study.

Brain cancer 'Linked To Youngsters Using Cell Phone':

An international group of scientists is calling on Canada and other countries to bring in tougher safety standards for cell phone use after a Swedish team found a fivefold elevated risk of malignant brain tumours in children who begin using mobile phones before the age of 20.

Cell phone Radiation 'Effects, Brain Tumours and Children':

In a meta-analysis published in the May 2008 issue of the International Journal of Oncology, Swedish researchers found significant associations between long-term cell phone use and brain tumour risk.

Research Shows that the electromagnetic fields have a significant disruptive effect on the natural energy levels of your body. They magnify your body's "flight or fight" responses, compounding your adrenal loads from other stresses and significantly reduce your ability to cope effectively. The unhealthy levels of EMF pollution to which we are now exposed every day,

have been proven to:-

·         Disrupt your natural energy levels

·         Trigger stress responses

·         Impair your body's natural ability to heal

·         Contribute to your energy depletion and fatigue

·         Contribute to the onset of migraines and headaches

The Effects Of Radiation On Our Physical Health
Increases the risk of cancer up to 50-90% (Source: Hardell, 2009, the Kurds 2009)
Increases the risk of lymph node tumours up to 50-60% (Source: Sadetzki 2008)
Increases the risk of migraine and vertigo 10-20% (Source: Schuz 2009)
Impaired immune system in the body and cause the easy entry of the disease in (Olle Johansson, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden Received 23 August 2008, accepted 30 January 2009)

For a more comprehensive understanding of scalar energy, refer to the book “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy”, written by Dr. Siva Poobalasingam MD and Nisha Lakshmanan M.A.

The Solution EMR/EMF/EMP Protective Shields

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation Protection

How To Use And Where?
To feel the tremendous effects of negative ions, simply remove the EMR Shield and apply to the surface of electronic goods. See the list below and the points to apply EMR Shield:

* Mobile - Paste to the battery to extend life and to reduce the radiation output.

* Laptop - Paste to the battery and another above the top of the screen to reduce radiation and glare.

* Television - Paste 2 EMR Shields on each of the four sides of behind the screen.

* Fridge - Paste 2 EMR Shields to the side of the refrigerator and 1 more in the fridge to encourage the flow.

* Lamp - Paste on any part of the lamp near the bulb.

* AC - Apply 2 EMR Shields near the sides of air-con to increase the flow of fresh air.

* Mp4 Player and small gadgets - Paste to the section near the battery to extend battery life and reduce the radiation output.

* Microwave Oven / Grill - Apply 2 Shields to the back of the oven to minimize radiation and reduce the use of electricity.

* Charges the cell energy level in our bodies to 70-90 mini volts, the optimum for healthy cellular activity.

* Reduces the heat created by radiation from mobile phones (No more burning sensation).

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation ProtectionFUNCTIONS:

Reduces Radiation And Removes Unnecessary EMR/EMF/EMP Waves From Electronic Devices That Have A SCALAR ENERGY SHIELD Attached.

Removes EMP - EMR  - Radiation -  And Unnecessary EMF Waves

1. Absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves by using special Bio Ceramics that reduce mobile phone radiation injury on the human brain by up to  96.43%.

2. Extend the service life of rechargeable battery by up to three times.

3. Quicker charge - save on charging time.

4. Restore the battery capacity and extend the standby 0.5-1.5 times.

It Is Thought, Reduced Radiation Exposure:-

·         Reduces Stress

·         Reduces Back Pain

·         Improves Body Energy

·         Lowers Blood Pressure

·         Greatly Reduces Snoring

·         Increases Blood Circulation

·         Enables A Good Night Sleep

·         Enhances Sports Performance

·         Helps To Relax Tense Muscles

·         Reduces Migraine And Headache

·         Enhances Body Supply Of Oxygen

·         Normalises Physiological Functions

·         Improves Concentration And Focus

·         Helps Recover From Sports Fatigue

·         Reduces Sweat And Sweaty Odours

·         Strengthens The Body's Immune System

·         Relieves Persistent Aching In Neck And Shoulder

The Effects Of Radiation On Our Physical Health
Increases the risk of cancer up to 50-90% (Source: Hardell, 2009, the Kurds 2009)
Increases the risk of lymph node tumours up to 50-60% (Source: Sadetzki 2008)
Increases the risk of migraine and vertigo 10-20% (Source: Schuz 2009)
Impaired immune system in the body and cause the easy entry of the disease in (Olle Johansson, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden Received 23 August 2008, accepted 30 January 2009)

Recent Work

A bio-physicist and an advisory panel member to the National Institute of Health in the United States, was instrumental in establishing the term bio-field. According to her these forms of energy are crucial to human health.
She defines the bio-field as an “extremely weak yet complex, electromagnetic field of the organism hypothesized to involve electro-magnetic bio-information for regulating homeo dynamics.”  According to her definition these energy forms help maintain the proper functioning of the human body. More significantly, the acceptance and recognition of this definition provides a scientific explanation for energy medicine therapies, like acupuncture, bio-field therapies, electro-magnetic therapies and homeopathy.

For a more comprehensive understanding of scalar energy, refer to the book “Optimum Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy”, written by Dr. Siva Poobalasingam MD and Nisha Lakshmanan M.A.

The Medical Connection

Just how EMF's affect humans is still not entirely understood (and will never be admitted by the Industry or by Government). Researchers are trying to pinpoint ways in which EMF's might cause cells to grow and multiply abnormally.

EMR-EMF-EMP Personal Radiation ProtectionSome studies suggest EMF's may promote cancer by interfering with the transmission of calcium across the cell membrane, this flow governs such processes as muscle contraction, egg fertilisation, cell division, and growth.

EMF's may also disturb a cell's ability to process hormone, enzyme, and other biological signals that regulate normal growth.

EMF's are known to affect nerve impulses. Melatonin, a regulatory hormone secreted by the pineal gland near the brain, ordinarily stimulates immune responses and may suppress tumour growth. Reduced melatonin production has been linked to breast and prostate cancer. Melatonin secretion in turn is controlled by norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Receptors for its relative, the hormone epinephrine, are disturbed by EMF's.

A San Antonio researcher discovered human cancer cells exposed to 60 Hz fields (the frequency of a high-voltage line) grew as much as 24 times as fast as unexposed cells and showed greatly increased resistance to destruction by the cells of the body's defence system.

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